Music Reviews

Ollie North – Bringer


Ollie North’s latest EP Bringer resonates a beautiful folksy aesthetic, which is firmly grounded in an urban sensibility. The softness and warmth of his sounds mix to construct a dreamy atmosphere, while his unassuming voice, almost hidden in the music, adds a homely comforting feel for the listener. 

Animal Collective - Centipede Hz

Centipede Hz is the ninth full length album from Animal Collective from Baltimore, Maryland. It was announced that on August 19th at 9:00PM eastern time, the band's online radio show would debut their new highly anticipated record in its entirety. 

Black Walls - Acedia

Maybe it's the summertime that's making me fall in love with this folk record, but the new release "Acedia" by Black Walls has been making me press repeat over and over again. The moody singer-songwriter Ken Reaume is able to pull off an 808 in a folk record like it's no big deal.

Psychemagik – Healin’ Feelin’

Psychemagik’s Healin’ Feelin’, a series of re-edits of songs, delivers a thumping four on the floor groove experience throughout its 10-track playlist. The album is heavily influenced by funk and disco music. It’s the kind of thing you would expect to hear at an after party or maybe just as easily while lounging around enjoying a few summertime cocktails. The aesthetics added to these re-interpretations are fun and playful.

Sweet Lights – Sweet Lights

Sweet Lights marks the first full length LP for Shai Halperin under the Sweet Lights name. This is a beautifully produced, if not an occasionally eerie, 11-track success. The Pink Floyd and Beatles influences are put on display throughout the album, their aesthetic invoked imaginatively, which could seem like simply an homage to them if not for the fact that Halperin takes control and makes the sound his own. Vocally, Halperin almost seems to plead to be heard, his delicate voice sliding through the music where at any moment, with no notice, it could get lost without a trace.