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You never know what the CJLO vault will turn up!

CJLO accepts submissions from anyone and any genre!

CJLO 1690AM is in partnership with the National Campus and Community Radio Association as part of a National Music Director program. By providing your music here, we will make it available to the entire network of campus and community radio stations using the !earshot Digital Distribution system (!earshot Distro), giving you access to 70+ stations across the country. While submitting your music to CJLO will make it accessible to all other campus and community stations, we still encourage you to touch base with any station that is of particular interest to you.

Please read and complete the form below to submit your release for national distribution. You can also continue to submit music directly to our music directors

Important Information

Broadcast Rights

By submitting this release, you are providing Broadcast Rights to our station and those that we share this release with. It is important that the person providing us with the release is a rights holder and specifically is able to grant us the broadcasting rights.

Accepting Singles

CJLO 1690AM will share your singles with our Campus and Community Radio partners by adding it to the Earshot! Distro.

Discoverability Labels

Labels are used to help programmers find music that fits their themes, whether those are based on genre, identity, temporality, location, etc. Many stations and programmers are also looking to increase the diversity of music in their rotation and programs. We cannot assume any artists’ identities or backgrounds and so we have provided a number of general and non-exhaustive tags. We invite you to self-disclose any information about you as an artist that may help programmers to meet this goal.

Who Has Access?

This station makes its library available to our volunteer programmers. Releases are also added to !earshot Distro, making it available to the staff and programmers at non-profit stations across Canada. The releases are not made publicly available.

For information on PHYSICAL AND DIRECT SUBMISSIONS, please see below.

Purpose of the National Music Director Partnership

The purpose of the NMDP is to streamline how music is submitted to campus and community radio stations. Not all stations are made equal, and we all operate under different circumstances and priorities. Few stations have full-time, salaried music directors, while others recruit willing volunteers to sift through the mountains of mail we receive every day. Most stations exist somewhere in the between. This disparity makes it difficult for stations with less resources to obtain new music for their programming, and it also frustrates the efforts made by the music industry (artists, labels, publicists) to get their music into everyone’s hands. The NMDP strives to provide a new alternative — a one-stop-shop for all submissions, with the use of the NCRA’s !earshot Distro Distribution System, built with the purpose of serving as a national repository of music and programming that can be easily accessible to all campus and community radio stations. But this shift requires us and the music industry to start doing away with our old habits and procedures and to begin to form new ones that better serve the state of independent music today.

While all participating stations play a role in maintaining the !earshot Distro, and any music submitted to CJLO or any other partnered station will find its way into its database, we encourage you to submit your music directly to the !EDDS. Not only will it expedite the process of making your music available to the whole sector, but it gives you full control of how you’d like to be tagged and represented on the airwaves, which is a vital component of this initiative. Furthermore, we encourage artists, publicists and labels to join !EDDS to share their music with the Canadian community and campus radio sector as it is a much more affordable, accessible, and reliable method of dispersal.

If you wish to learn more about it !earshot Distro and/or register to use it, you can do so here.

Physical and Direct Submissions

Please contact the appropriate Music Director for your genre to send your digital or physical music. Do not submit your music to the Station Manager or Program Director or contact them about tracking your records, as they will not be able to help you.


Make sure your CDs have a SPINE with the artist name clearly indicated on it. We understand budgetary constraints etc, and if you don't wanna send us a full artwork copy, that's ok. If possible please include a digital copy of the album for airplay as well (mp3s are preferred), and/or submit it via the form above.


We do play vinyl on the air, but if possible please include a digital copy of the vinyl for airplay as well (mp3, or a CD-R burn of the wax).

Release Information

A one-sheet is always good to submit with your music. That's about as simple as it sounds: One sheet of paper with all the relevant information regarding you and your music.


CJLO 1690AM Reports a weekly Top 30 to the following charts:

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CJLO 1690AM, like many stations, is not able to consistently take tracking phone calls, and tracking emails are answered at the music director’s availability and discretion. But there is a solution! You can sign-up for the department’s semi-official charts and tracking newsletter. It goes out once a week and includes the week’s charts, the most recent adds, and an update from the CJLO music dept. You can sign up for the newsletter below: