Submit Music

CJLO accepts submissions from anyone and any genre! We accept CDs & CD-Rs, as well as vinyl in all 12", 7", and 10" formats.

Please contact the appropriate Music Director for your genre. Do not submit your music to the Station Manager or Program Director or contact them about tracking your records, as they will not be able to help you.


Make sure your CDs have a SPINE with the artist name clearly indicated on it. We understand budgetary constraints etc, and if you don't wanna send us a full artwork copy, that's ok (though, of course, we're all music nerds here, we love the artwork - gives us something to flip through while we play your tunes, AND something to talk about on air), we do accept barebones promo copies, BUT bear in mind, if your CD doesn't have a spine, it will be hard to find when filed with all the other New Releases we get. For example: thin paper sleeves make it nearly impossible to differentiate who the artist is when it's sandwiched in a sea of CD jewel cases/digipaks


We do play vinyl on the air, but if possible please include a digital copy of the vinyl for airplay as well (mp3, or a CD-R burn of the wax). There are a few key vinyl junkies here so we always love getting this stuff and most of the vinyl we receive gets some airplay.

Digital Submissions

Submit things digitally at your own risk. While some of our Music Directors love receiving digital samples, some do not. Digital submissions sometimes end up on the bottom of the review pile for MDs as we get a bunch of hardcopy CDs that get priority for reviewing for rotation contention.

If you would like to submit a couple mp3s to give us a taste of your music before sending us more or a hardcopy, feel free to do so by emailing the respective MDs. One or two mp3s versus a full album download is pretty much guaranteed a quick listen.

Release Information

A one-sheet is always good to submit with your music. That's about as simple as it sounds: One sheet of paper with all the relevant information regarding you and your music (ie: short bio, release info, some relevant press quotes, contact info, and a few key tracks you think are the main ones we should focus on to get a good idea about your music). Don't bother putting together a whole glossy folder/portfolio with pictures, your full autobiography, and a zillion press clippings. Save our time, and more importantly, save YOUR money.

And Remember...

We are a NON-commercial format radio station. That means if yer band loooooves Nickelback, Top-40 pop, or you love the heyday of nu-metal and rap-rock...stay away. Your record will end up in our giveaway bin, and our MDs will share some choice words about your musical taste in the office. We're jerks like that.