Submit Music

You never know what the CJLO vault will turn up!

CJLO accepts submissions from anyone and any genre!

Please contact the appropriate Music Director for your genre. Do not submit your music to the Station Manager or Program Director or contact them about tracking your records, as they will not be able to help you.


Make sure your CDs have a SPINE with the artist name clearly indicated on it. We understand budgetary constraints etc, and if you don't wanna send us a full artwork copy, that's ok.


We do play vinyl on the air, but if possible please include a digital copy of the vinyl for airplay as well (mp3, or a CD-R burn of the wax).

Digital Submissions

If you would like to submit a couple mp3s to give us a taste of your music before sending us more or a hardcopy, feel free to do so by emailing the respective MDs. One or two mp3s versus a full album download is pretty much guaranteed a quick listen.

Release Information

A one-sheet is always good to submit with your music. That's about as simple as it sounds: One sheet of paper with all the relevant information regarding you and your music.