Growing Vegetables to Make Music: An interview with Shaina Hayes

CJLO DJ Lumina sits down with local artist Shaina Hayes to talk; childlike wonder, farming and finding inspiration in the “non-creative.” 


I'm wondering, what was the inspiration for the name, Kindergarten Heart and what does this title mean to you?

Cadence Weapon on His New Album, Social Media, and Politics: “I Like to Stay Uncompromised”

Rapper, producer, author, and former poet laureate Rollie Pemberton - better known as Cadence Weapon - released his sixth studio album, ROLLERCOASTER, this spring via MNRK Music.

Having emerged as an artist who gave voice to issues of systemic inequality and racial disparity, particularly among Canada’s Black communities, with his 2021 Polaris Prize-winning fifth album Parallel World, Cadence Weapon returns with an urgency, addressing the dizzying contradictions of modern culture and technology with both precision and irreverence.

Interview with Karin Hazé, Founder of 75 SHOTS

The Under The Radar film event takes place from March 29th until April 1st, 2024, and highlights queer BIPOC stories that often get marginalized and underrepresented through film and other multidisciplinary works of art. This hybrid event features voices that speak out against the persecution of LGBTQ+ rights. The goal of the series is to highlight the stories and also support the artists by offering subscriptions to the collection of videos that will go towards 75 SHOTS Pocket Cinema, a non-profit organization dedicated to shutting down hatred and persecution through the power of cinema.

At The Movies Interview with Adrian Wills, Director of A Quiet Girl

Remi interviews Adrian Wills about his film A Quiet Girl streaming on the National Film Board of Canada's website as of March 25th. In A Quiet Girl, adopted Montreal filmmaker Adrian Wills discovers, on camera and in real time, the startling truths of his complex beginnings in Newfoundland. Shocking details drive Wills to the core of his birth mother’s resilience, and ultimately his own. In this moving feature documentary that combines 16mm footage and contemporary images with deeply personal conversations, Wills’ voyage transforms from an urgent search for identity into a quest to give a quiet girl her voice.

Seum Live at CJLO

Montreal manages to produce a bunch of loud, angry, aggressive, noisy, sludgy bands, and, due to the nature of the city, sometimes those bands don't even come from the city itself. Such is the case with the French expats contained within the seedy underbelly of Seum.

Last year, on March 12th, right after the release of their latest record, Double Double, the trio came into the CJLO studios and performed a live session inside our recording studio, The Oven.

But, because they are unquestionably diligent, and love you so much that they want to provide you with as much music as is possible, they have taken this session and are releasing it on their Bandcamp so you can enjoy the delightfully disgusting sounds that they produce.

Bars, Beats and Hip-Hops Underground Rebirth: An Interview With Maxo

I recently read an article on what hip-hop fans and industry professionals have called the “death of hip-hop,” covering how for the first half of this year, not a single hip-hop song or album claimed the number one spot on the Billboard 200 or Hot 100. Any true hip-hop fan can tell you that this is a terribly inaccurate and surface-level analysis of the state of the genre.

RIDM 2023: Interview with Artistic Co-Director Marlene Edoyan

Remi interviews Artistic Co-Director of this year’s RIDM festival Marlene Edoyan. The 26th edition brings together documentary lovers from November 15th-26th through thought-provoking and socialy relevant films.

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Interview with Stolen Time Director Helene Klodawsky

Remi interviews director Helene Klodawsky about her new film Stolen Time, screening as part of this year’s RIDM film festival on November 19th at 3 PM at Cinema Du Musée. Stolen Time follows the cases of elder right lawyer Melissa Miller as she and her clients navigate the complicated legal proceedings against for-profit nursing homes. The film shines a light on the ack of accountability and transparency in the for-profit sector of nursing homes.


At The Movies (With Iconic Sounds) is hosted by Remi and co-hosted by Danny every Tuesday Mornings from 8-9 AM only on CJLO 1690 AM.

Fuming Mouth’s Mark Whelan on Touring in Canada and Last Day of Sun

“Halloween is fucking over!” screamed Fuming Mouth frontman Mark Whelan as he threw a plush Jack Skellington doll onto the stage floor. While the singer/guitarist shouldn’t need an excuse to curb-stomp Halloween decorations that overstay their welcome, the Nov. 3 concert at Foufounes Électriques marks a new era for the group with the release of their sophomore album Last Day of Sun.

Interview: Amy Miller and Manufacturing the Threat

At The Movies Host Remi sits down with Amy Miller the director of Manufacturing the Threat, a new documentary film screening in Cinema du Parc this Friday (August 25th) and the following week. 


This is Going to be Ryan Olcott’s Year: An Interview

“I felt awkward and weird most of the time because I didn't know shit, but now I know shit,” Ryan Olcott tells me, referring to how much has changed since he and his band, 12 Rods, last released new music. “My Year (This is Going to Be)”, came as a happy surprise to a devout, yet ever-growing fan base upon its release back in April; being the first new 12 Rods single in over 20 years.  I had the opportunity to talk with the Minneapolis musician, producer, singer, and lyricist over what lapsed into a two-hour phone call to inquire about his latest album If We Stayed Alive, releasing July 7.

Image+Nation Film Festival: an Interview

From November 17th-27th Image+Nation, one of Canada’s pioneering film festival of queer stories, returned to the city. This year the festival celebrated a milestone anniversary of 35 years. The festival’s mission is to represent, protect and prepare the present and future generations of queer storytellers and media makers. The festival features new and emerging filmmakers from Canada, Quebec and across the globe.

The Montreal International Documentary Festival: an Interview

The Montreal International Documentary Film Festival, or better known as "RIDM", strikes again this year for its 25th anniversary. Beginning November 17 and running until the 27th, it is not to be overlooked. This year, the retrospective of the festival focuses on Brazil and its filmmakers; to celebreate cinema and bring political awareness into the programing. 

August in Blue: Interview with Hip-Hop Music Director Megan Dams

This week CJLO is celebrating the last genre week of the year, August in Blue, dedicated to appreciating the longstanding stake the blues has in society and the arts.

Ideas of Space: Tess Roby Emerges From her Chrysalis

Art knows Spring as the metaphorical time of rebirth and Tess Roby’s sophomore album Ideas of Space is no exception.