Ollie North – Bringer


Ollie North’s latest EP Bringer resonates a beautiful folksy aesthetic, which is firmly grounded in an urban sensibility. The softness and warmth of his sounds mix to construct a dreamy atmosphere, while his unassuming voice, almost hidden in the music, adds a homely comforting feel for the listener. 

The first track on the EP, “Bringer”, starts off with tons of energy conveyed through the fullness of the sounds and the slightly distorted vocals. The guitar sparkles adding an uplifting feel to the song.   

“Arabesque I” is a short musical interlude, the track flowering with sounds throughout.

The EP concludes with the subdued “Nearernesses”, a song structured around a canvass of repeating loops, interwoven with a variety sounds pulsing in and out from beginning to end. The vocal phrasing of the song is beautifully done.   

Bringer is a three-track EP that gives you just a little taste of the potential of Ollie North; the layered and rich sounds create a full and pleasant atmosphere. The EP leaves you wanting more.