Two-Year Carnival – Blue Blood

Blue Blood is a six-track EP released by Montreal’s own Two-Year Carnival. The album is unmistakably rock with its pounding drums and punchy bass, but there are elements coated throughout the tracks that give this album an air of theater and flair. The first thing that struck me about the EP was the comedic and dramatic sensibilities layered within. The vocals are more spoken than sung; their cadence seems almost melodramatic (in the I’m not taking myself too seriously way), at the same time they are fun and light-hearted. Truth be told, the vocals may be maddening to some people. While at first listen, I was a little put off by them, after going through the EP a few times, they grew on me, especially in the theatrical context the band seems to work in. Finally, the use of the violin as the predominant lead instrument gives Two-Year Carnival a distinctive sound.

Musically, the interplay between the keys and the violin are fantastic and act as a real highlight to the EP; the violin often snaking around and through the keys, drums and bass.

“Black-Sea Mojito” starts us off with a playful desire for more crushed mint leaves in our drink. “Curry Spice Used To Be Nice” and “Jupiter (The Son Of The Sun)” really showcases the violin; its sounds allow you to ride the emotional ups and down of the songs.

The EP ends strongly with the fast-paced and exciting “4 Everything!!!” but its abrupt end leaves you wanting more from the band. While Two-year Carnival may not be for everybody, it’s nice to see a band trying different things musically, especially since that band is local. The EP has a homemade quality to it, which isn’t a criticism. In fact it’s what makes this album more accessible, especially considering the artsy aesthetic running through it.