Concert Reviews

A Loud and Hypnotic Night with Ride at Theatre Fairmount

In a Montreal spring, many days you look up, sure it’s about to start raining, the sky dark, and atmospheric pressure pressing down on you so much you almost feel under the weather, but the clouds never open, and that release of rain is never found. This was the case on Monday, May 13th, when Ride came to Fairmount Theatre with its equally pummelling guitars and abrasive sound. 

Oneohtrix Point Never (+ Puppet) Create Magic at Theatre Fairmount

Brooklyn-based experimental producer and composer Oneohtrix Point Never (aka Daniel Lopatin) returned to Montreal for the first time since 2018 this past Monday, finishing off the tour of his 2023 record Again with a sold-out show at Theatre Fairmount. 

An Intimate Evening with Slaughter Beach, Dog

Slaughter Beach, Dog’s (“SBD”) sold-out show at Le Ministère was both cozy and intimate. Instead of touring with the usual ensemble, SBD’s North American solo tour was led by none other than Jake Ewald. As one of the founding members of Modern Baseball, Jake is no stranger to the indie-rock genre. In fact, his past work with Modern Baseball and his current solo tour under the SBD banner are indicative of his role in defining the genre throughout the past decade. 

MIKE and Crew: Theatre Fairmount hosts an abstract hip-hop marathon

When I first heard MIKE in 2020, I was, as most first-time listeners are, surprised. At first glance, MIKE seems to be not much more than your average abstract hip-hop artist. Slurred bars laid over disjointed, chopped-up soul samples fill most of the rappers' tracks, but after a few minutes, it seems to transform. MIKE’s flows seem almost spiritual like he is nonchalantly tapping into a higher power to put any listener into some sort of jazz-rap trance. There is a friendliness buried in the soul chops and introspective bars, like a warm hug from someone you've known since childhood. With all this, it's easy to see how MIKE has hugely influenced the hip-hop scene.

Monday Nights are for Psychedelic Rock with the Allah-Las

The Allah-Las, alongside their opener Maston - who is also their keyboardist - brought over some soothing and nostalgic sounds to a receptive crowd at the Beanfield Theatre. On a chilly Monday night in Montreal, the audience immersed themselves into the Californian psychedelic rock band’s one-hour set. A musical oasis for those who have been lucky enough to stumble upon them, the Allah-Las leaves their listeners with a sense of nostalgia for a time and place most have never experienced, but long for through the band’s music.

Oneohtrix Point Never Returns to Montreal

The last time Oneohtrix Point Never played a show in Montreal was 2018. Suffice to say, a lot has changed since then.

PinkPantheress Redefines Pop for a New Generation at Theatre Beanfield

Pop music seems to be in the midst of a revival of sorts. Every month, a new “internet queen of pop” seems to emerge from the constant content explosion that is TikTok, from Renee Rapp to Chappell Roan. While these artists are all pumping out fantastic back-to-back cuts, one consistently stands out from the crowd: PinkPantheress. I was introduced to PinkPantheress, as much of her fanbase was, in the summer of 2021. Breaking onto the scene with a generational run of five back-to-back singles within 3 months, it felt like nowhere on the internet was safe from her frightfully catchy hooks.

Tiny Habits at Studio TD: A Trio Whose Unparalleled Vocalization Has Created a Folk-Pop Music Group Like No Other

Imagine meeting your three best friends in post-secondary school, sharing and exploring mutual passions during the dawn of adult life and two years later turning friendly amusement and aimless conversation into a full-blown career and lifeline. Standing on stage, hand-in-hand in front of a venue of sardined-audience members was such a journey of the ever-growing, Tiny Habits. 

Destroyer Plays an Intimate, Sold-Out Set at Bar Le Ritz

Dan Bejar’s Destoryer is one of Western Canada’s biggest names in indie rock. Recording music for over twenty five years, Destroyer’s lush instrumentation and whimsical lyricism has seen many different genre shifts over the years, spanning from indie-folk to synth-heavy art pop, as Bejar and band navigate shifting inspirations and moods. 

Alice Phoebe Lou Blossoms at La Tulipe

Alice Phoebe Lou’s solo show at Montréal’s La Tulipe was certainly not one to miss, one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended. The sweetness and soulfulness that emanate from her raw vocals and lyrics are embodied by the person she is, a winsome presence who is tooth-achingly sweet, and oozes love and emotion.

Ciel Noir: A Packed Night of Moody Darkness with Codeine, Duster, Pelada, Model/Actriz and Snow Strippers

Not much can convince me to go out on a Sunday night, let alone out of my immediate neighbourhood, and above that, after I spent the day moving all my belongings to a new apartment. However, this particular late March Sunday promised a truly jam-packed show of slowcore legends, exhilarating DJs, and up-and-coming rock bands. So, trying to ignore my lumbar pain, I headed out for the night to witness Ciel Noir, a one-day festival produced by Blue Skies Turn Black, featuring five acts you’ll likely never see on the same bill again.

Truck Violence Signs Off An Explosive Night At Traxide

When you plan to go see a concert you probably follow the usual formula of buying your tickets in advance online, looking up the venue the same day of the event, and pulling up early to save your spot in line. Traxide, however, is not this kind of venue. 

Arlo Parks at Théâtre Beanfield: A True Scream, Cry and Dance

“It's so cruel what your mind can do,” a deep-cut lyric sung by R&B and Soul singer Arlo Parks, has been one of many phrases from the artists’ discography that has vastly resonated with Gen Z’s complex lives. In pure honesty and comfort, Park’s music crafts hardships and catastrophe in a mosaic of connection to one’s body and mind, emphasizing a message of collectivity, originality and self-empowerment.

Loving Waxes Nostalgic at Foufounes Électrique

When I heard Loving, a small Canadian band from Victoria, British Columbia, was playing Montréal's iconic Foufounes Électrique, located in the heart of the Montréal nightlife district on Ste Catherine Est, I knew I had to grab tickets. Loving’s music has been a staple in my playlists for years, with quaint, lullaby-esque melodies by producer and multi-instrumentalist, David Parry, and ever-comforting and relatable lyrics by brothers, Lucas and Jesse Henderson. Their radiantly nostalgic sound is like a taste of home, and as their name suggests, you can practically hear the love emanating from the heart of the band.