Our Staff

Francella, Station Manager
Francella Fiallos
Station Manager
Originally from Ottawa by way of Halifax, Francella's love of campus radio began at Carleton University where she completed her Bachelor of Journalism. Later, she worked for the National Campus and Community Radio Association and the CBC Parliamentary Bureau before moving to Halifax. She was the programming and development director at CKDU-FM, Dalhousie University's campus radio station. She currently sits on the board of directors for Debaser, a DIY arts organization based in Ottawa. In this photo, Francella is holding a copy of Moondog Matinee by The Band. Please talk to her about The Band.
Allison, Program Director
Allison O'Reilly
Program Director
Desperate for a change from small town life in the Maritimes, Allison took the train to Montreal and never looked back (eventually stumbling upon CJLO along the way). A lover of all things radio, she was involved with CHMA 106.9 in Sackville, New Brunswick for the duration of her time at Mount Allison University. After studying Broadcast Journalism in Halifax, she jumped from station to station along Nova Scotia’s South Shore, reporting local news. In her spare time, you can find her watching bad television or listening to shoegaze. Don’t ask her why she has a science degree, because she doesn’t know either.
Jessica, Funding, Outreach and Promotions Director
Jessica Jaschek
Funding, Outreach & Promotions Director
Born and raised in Montreal, Jessica's background is rooted in community initiatives and outreach. Having graduated from Concordia University in 2018 with a Double Major in Journalism and Women Studies, she applies her knowledge in building lasting communal relationships amongst local initiatives, organizations and businesses to expand community voices and CJLO's mandate of supporting the local scene.
Volunteer Coordinator
Liza Volodchenko
Volunteer Coordinator
Travelling all the way from Ukraine, Liza has now settled in Montreal for more than a decade. Holding numerous cultural heritages in her pockets, she values the importance of local communities. After working in a corporate environment and collaborating with multiple non-profit organizations, she was drawn to pursue a degree in communications at Concordia coupled with volunteering for CJLO Radio and Magazine. Liza firmly believes that talents should be supported and all music deserves to be heard.
Head Music Director Director
Calvin Cashen
Interim Head Music Director
Hailing from a small town in Dallas, Texas, Calvin made his way to Montreal in 2015 to study Journalism and Communications at Concordia. He hosts The Waiting Room alongside his good friend Erin and is currently working as CJLO’s Interim Head Music Director. A recent graduate, Calvin hopes to use his musical expertise to elevate the presence of community radio and the underground artists that comprise it. Aside from his zealous passion for all things music, Calvin enjoys watching trashy TV shows, playing video games and complaining about the trials of daily life.
Amrew, Hip Hop Music Director
Amrew Weekes
Hip Hop Music Director
Also known as Lady Oracle, Amrew is one half of The Limelight, the longest running hip hop show on CJLO. Also a full time DJ which she credits to being at CJLO (she learned to DJ on the turntables at the station and made connections with artists / promoters in the city thanks to her show). Aside from DJing, she like cooking, being in nature, and chilling with good friends and family.
Kelly, World Music Director
Kelly Belfo
World Music Director
World Music Director since 2003, Kelly Belfo helped build the world music department from the ground up. From CJLO's world music library now overflowing with great music from Montreal and abroad to a stellar Saturday line-up of music from the Caribbean and around the world, it is no wonder that CJLO is highly recognized in the world music scene. CJLO world music department also work closely with Festival International Nuits D'Afrique, Mundial Montreal, and Montreal International Reggae Festival.
Andrew, Metal Music Director
Andrew Wieler
Metal Music Director
Andrew, host of Grade A Explosives, oversees the metal section of the station. He enjoys sleeping and usually doesn't want to talk to anyone. Don't be fooled though, he can also chat your ear off about metal, indie rock, robot uprisings, or industrial music.
RPM Music Director
Jean-Philippe Giroux
RPM Music Director
Jean-Philippe Giroux is a recent graduate in journalism from Concordia University. He previously studied Conflict Studies and Human Rights at the University of Ottawa. He started in 2019 at CJLO as the host of Hidden Gems and his most recent show Les Moutons Noirs. Giroux loves documentaries, poetry and writing. Musically, he enjoys many genres from folk to experimental pop music.
Fiona, Magazine Editor
Fiona Harrison-Roberts
Magazine Editor
After graduating from high school in 2016, Fiona made her way to Montreal to pursue her undergraduate studies. As a Journalism major, Fiona re-discovered her love for radio and writing. Now she co-hosts a movie review show called Moonstruck.
Hunter, Associate Content Editor
Hunter Walwaski
Associate Content Editor
British Columbia-born, but longtime Montrealer, Hunter is fuelled by a perpetual hunger for all things loud, fast, and thrashin', and likes to live at that same pace. He co-hosts The Iron Club, owns more black band t-shirts than the best of 'em, and lives for the Halloween season. If you happen to catch this basement-dweller outside in the sun, feel free to pick his brain about cult 80s speed metal bands. He is currently studying Journalism at Concordia University.
Jennifer, Associate Content Editor
Jennifer Zipper
Associate Content Editor
Jen was first drawn to CJLO in 2017 as a volunteer, due to the closeness of the community and the chance to discover local artists. She is currently completing a BA in Communication Studies at Concordia University. Outside of her campus radio work, she's also a big fan of musical theatre, anything that matches the fall aesthetic, and indie pop.
Production Director
Remi, Equipment Manager
Remi Caron
Equipment Manager
Remi Caron has been with CJLO for close to three years hosting At The Movies (With Iconic Sounds), a show that is part movie talk and part playing some of the iconic soundtracks or scores to cinema. In addition he has been CJLO's Equipment Manager for two years. His two favourite directors of all time would be Martin Scorsese and Stanley Kubrick. You can also find Remi in the CJLO vault organizing the various genre sections, which he claims is a Zen experience. His philosophy on life is that you never start off the morning without a good coffee. Also he is open to having discussions about the latest releases in theatres.
Shin Ling Low
Shin Ling Low
Shin Ling is a Malaysian and Japanese multidisciplinary artist who loves expanding and finding new ways to create art through photography, videography, poetry, singing, and playing the ukulele. Outside of making and planning cool videos for CJLO, they offer PWYC (pay-what-you-can) photoshoots in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal, and occasionally performs music and spoken word poetry. A strong believer that art should be an experience of healing, empathy, and connection, she explores thoughts and ideas that are authentic to her experience in her work; these include gender, race, sexuality, and mental health. She is also currently completing a Communication Studies program at Concordia.
Luca, News Director
Luca Caruso-Maro
News Director
Luca is from Toronto, he moved to Montreal to study film making and eventually landed in a journalism major. He's passionate about art making of all kinds, and spends a lot of time emailing and cleaning his apartment.
Angelica, Art Director
Angelica Calcagnile
Art Director
Whether a cheaply photocopied black & white flyer, or a large fancy poster printed with the finest metallic inks, Angelica believes everything deserves to to be beautiful, and she's been using her professional experience in graphic design, marketing and production to provide the bulk of CJLO's branding and design work since 2001. She also hosts BVST, billed the best (and worst) of rock'n'roll, country, punk and metal, which is the longest continually running show on CJLO.
Moira Donovan
Moira Donovan
CRFC Audio Storyteller Resident
Moira Donovan is a journalist and radio producer based on the East Coast, with a body of work focused on the environment and climate change. She's produced radio documentaries for CBC's Quirks & Quarks, The Doc Project and Atlantic Voice, as well as through the Centre for Art Tapes' Media Arts Scholarship program in Halifax.
Zoe Bailly-Stetson
Zoé Bailly-Stetson
CRFC Audio Production Assistant
Zoé is an Australian-French artist living in Montréal. A recent communications graduate from Concordia, she explores testimony as tool for social change. She enjoys working collaboratively to shape interviews into performance art, video or audio docs.