Our Staff

Allison O'Reilly (she/her)
Station Manager
Desperate for a change from small town life in the Maritimes, Allison took the train to Montreal and never looked back (eventually stumbling upon CJLO along the way). A lover of all things radio, she was involved with CHMA 106.9 in Sackville, New Brunswick for the duration of her time at Mount Allison University. After studying Broadcast Journalism in Halifax, she jumped from station to station along Nova Scotia’s South Shore, reporting local news. She has been with CJLO since 2017 as Program Director before taking the leap to manager. In her spare time, you can find her watching bad television or listening to shoegaze. She plays bass in a few local bands and is also two-thirds through a Nursing degree (which she will finish someday, she promises).
Cameron McIntyre (he/him)
Program Director
Cam's history in radio started at CHMA 106.9FM, a community campus radio station in Sackville, New Brunswick. Funny story: he actually met our Station Manager Allison for the first time at a CHMA party. While there, Cam had a couple of music shows focusing mostly on experimental and punk music. He started doing talk radio when he moved to Montreal to get a Master's degree in philosophy and met the Audio Penpals. Their show focused on topics related to Montreal's disability community and coordinating it taught me a lot about how to support others making radio. He can also talk about painting and cooking all day, and he loves a good non-fiction book. 
Volunteer Coordinator
Lisa Rupnik (she/her)
Head Music Director
Since 2018, Lisa has worn many hats at CJLO (both figuratively and literally). Besides hosting her show The Last Stop, she has worked as the station’s Music Librarian, wrote for the online magazine and DJ’d at special events. She is also an avid record collector, a “no nonsense” film lover and feels that her personality can be best defined by her two favourite bands: YMO and Sparks.
Megan, Hip Hop Director
Megan Dams
Hip Hop Music Director
Growing up just outside of Toronto, ON, Megan Dams moved to Montreal in 2018 to attend Concordia’s Communication Studies program, specializing in Sound Production. She started volunteering with CJLO in 2021 to bring more of the music she was surrounded by in Toronto to the Montreal scene, starting her own R&B/Hip-Hop show on the station called Purple Hour. Megan is passionate about diversifying the programming here at CJLO and building up our Hip-Hop & R&B music libraries, as well as supporting local Montreal/Canadian talent in these genres. When not listening to PARTYNEXTDOOR, Megan can be found watching foreign indie films, eating shawarma, and buying creepy looking candelabras.
Kelly, World Music Director
Kelly Belfo
World Music Director
World Music Director since 2003, Kelly Belfo helped build the world music department from the ground up. From CJLO's world music library now overflowing with great music from Montreal and abroad to a stellar Saturday line-up of music from the Caribbean and around the world, it is no wonder that CJLO is highly recognized in the world music scene. CJLO world music department also work closely with Festival International Nuits D'Afrique, Mundial Montreal, and Montreal International Reggae Festival.
Andrew, Metal Music Director
Andrew Wieler
Metal Music Director
Andrew, host of Grade A Explosives, oversees the metal section of the station. He enjoys sleeping and usually doesn't want to talk to anyone. Don't be fooled though, he can also chat your ear off about metal, indie rock, robot uprisings, or industrial music.
Kaitlyn, Magazine Editor
Kaitlyn DiBartolo (she/her)
Magazine Editor
Falling into a deep infatuation with the word “nostalgia” in her early adolescence, Kaitlyn found her way to Lana Del Rey’s music at probably too young of an age. She studies English Literature at Concordia University and has since her CEGEP days; when and where she discovered that her Melancholy could be justified by the Romantic poets. Her upbringing in the suburbs has only refined her appreciation for the city of Montreal, appreciating every tawny brick in the wall and every rusted staircase she passes by. Her admiration for the city combined with her belief in community is what binds her to CJLO, where she explores the many facets of journalism. She can be seen reading Gail Scott’s “Heroine” or being solaced by the moon.
Jennifer, Associate Content Editor
Jennifer Zipper (they/them)
Associate Content Editor
A recent graduate of Concordia University’s Communication Studies program, Jen was first drawn to CJLO as a volunteer due to the closeness of the community and the chance to discover local artists. Outside of campus radio work, you can find them binge-watching full seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, watching musical theatre productions, cooking, and buying way too many scented candles.
Zack, Production Director
Zack Bruce (he/him)
Production Director
After studying Audio Engineering in Halifax NS, Zack moved to Montreal in 2016 and first joined the CJLO team in 2019. He oversees the operation of CJLO’s production studio, and runs live recording sessions with local and touring acts. Outside of CJLO, Zack is active in the local scene as a recording/mixing engineer & producer.
Remi, Equipment Manager
Remi Caron (he/him)
Equipment Manager
Remi Caron has been with CJLO for close to three years hosting At The Movies (With Iconic Sounds), a show that is part movie talk and part playing some of the iconic soundtracks or scores to cinema. In addition he has been CJLO's Equipment Manager for two years. His two favourite directors of all time would be Martin Scorsese and Stanley Kubrick. You can also find Remi in the CJLO vault organizing the various genre sections, which he claims is a Zen experience. His philosophy on life is that you never start off the morning without a good coffee. Also he is open to having discussions about the latest releases in theatres.
News Director
Angelica, Art Director
Angelica Calcagnile
Art Director
Whether a cheaply photocopied black & white flyer, or a large fancy poster printed with the finest metallic inks, Angelica believes everything deserves to to be beautiful, and she's been using her professional experience in graphic design, marketing and production to provide the bulk of CJLO's branding and design work since 2001. She also hosts BVST, billed the best (and worst) of rock'n'roll, country, punk and metal, which is the longest continually running show on CJLO.
Jason, RPM Music Director
Jason Regy
RPM Music Director
After volunteering at CSKY - John Abbott College's student radio station, he decided to try his hand at being a radio host at CJLO. Since starting Rigged Sessions, he has garnered the attention of many producers and DJs - some of who have played at major festivals and signed their tracks to major labels, or even own their own labels - as well as record labels of many electronic genres! As he developed a friendship with them, some of them decided to create guest mixes on his show! Rigged Jasn combines his DJing skills with his (supposedly really attractive) radio voice, his connections to the industry as well as his motto - there's something for everyone when it comes to electronic music - to provide a unique radio experience which no one else has been able to provide through Rigged Sessions.
Volunteer Coordinator for Third Language Programming and International Students