Home Movies - PG-13

PG-13 is the latest release by Oshawa’s Michael Milosh, formerly of By Devine Right, under the Home Movies moniker. To be frank, this particular album doesn’t do it for me, and while the album grew on me after listening to it several times, it wasn’t enough to influence my initial reactions to the album. I find that there are few elements that work for me; in general I find the album lacks a sense of cohesiveness. Different idea threads strung along leaving me confused as to where Home Movies is coming from and where they are going. There is a mish mash of influences found throughout the album but presented in a way that leaves you feeling as if Home Movies haven’t quite figured themselves out yet; they are asking a lot of the listener in this regard.

Additionally, I don’t find the LP terribly accessible. It’s as if the album is one big inside joke that I’m not privy too, which makes it seem as if the joke is on me, the listener.

Musically, the album relies on the guitar work of Milosh, who presents himself as quite capable if unspectacular. There is a rawness found throughout, amplified by Milosh’s raspy and at times screeching voice, which is a real strength. Tracks like “Melon Collies”, “Headlines” and “Pisstank Serenade” give us a glimmer of what Home Movies can do, the energy they have and the kind of fun they try to project, but on a twelve-track album, these highlights are few and far between.