Black Walls - Acedia

Maybe it's the summertime that's making me fall in love with this folk record, but the new release "Acedia" by Black Walls has been making me press repeat over and over again. The moody singer-songwriter Ken Reaume is able to pull off an 808 in a folk record like it's no big deal.

Move the fuck over, Bon Iver... Black Walls keep it real. From start to finish, the entire record has a haunting sense of abandonment and unresolved matters in the most simple delivery. Occasionally looping his guitar on tracks like "Pines", Reaume surrounds any listener with light etheric flare and dubbed vocals in stereo to make you feel on the edge of your seat. I think I love this man. Polyphasic's Brandon Hocura has impecable production skills that are key to making this record a success. On top of that, James Flames (Zola Jesus, Blank Dogs) has mastered Acedia to curate a shiny, well balanced finish. 

I almost gave up on folk music, swear to god. I thought it was the end.

Then you made me fall in love with you, Ken Reaume. Yes, I will sleep with you.