Music Reviews

Balacade - Malaise Era


Sometimes an album can trigger a memory of a time in your life, mostly likely because you incessantly listened to it. Other times, albums can sound familiar upon first listen, bring back a flood of memories even though you've never heard the songs. This is exactly what Balacade's new release Malaise Era offers. When I first listened to the album it took back back to the summer of 2004, when Grandaddy's Sumday and Dios' self-titled album were the soundtrack of evenings spent with friends around a campfire.

LISTEN TO : Palm Fête - Eyes


Palm Fête throws you back to summertime on a hot, breezy beach - cool, calm and collected. Listen to the brand new track, "Eyes". 


Violent Future - Street Prowler (PREVIEW TRACK)


Check out the first release off Violent Future's self titled and debut release. Immaculate production for a heavy set EP soon to be released and reviewed. Listen here.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Psychedelic Pill


On Psychedelic Pill, Neil Young reminisces about the good old days. It is the first double album he has recorded, and is his longest album to date – it is nearly an hour and a half long.

Alt-J - An Awesome Wave

Alt-J spends a lot of time explaining their name. If you type alt and j on a Mac keyboard, you'll get a triangle. But what does that have to do with slick indie pop? Well nothing, but apparently it has a deeper meaning for the band. The symbol is used in math to mean slow change, which they decided best represents their new sound after dropping their original name, the Films. It's all conceptual nonsense for a band whose music is far from conceptual.

Ollie North – Bringer


Ollie North’s latest EP Bringer resonates a beautiful folksy aesthetic, which is firmly grounded in an urban sensibility. The softness and warmth of his sounds mix to construct a dreamy atmosphere, while his unassuming voice, almost hidden in the music, adds a homely comforting feel for the listener. 

Animal Collective - Centipede Hz

Centipede Hz is the ninth full length album from Animal Collective from Baltimore, Maryland. It was announced that on August 19th at 9:00PM eastern time, the band's online radio show would debut their new highly anticipated record in its entirety. 

Black Walls - Acedia

Maybe it's the summertime that's making me fall in love with this folk record, but the new release "Acedia" by Black Walls has been making me press repeat over and over again. The moody singer-songwriter Ken Reaume is able to pull off an 808 in a folk record like it's no big deal.

Psychemagik – Healin’ Feelin’

Psychemagik’s Healin’ Feelin’, a series of re-edits of songs, delivers a thumping four on the floor groove experience throughout its 10-track playlist. The album is heavily influenced by funk and disco music. It’s the kind of thing you would expect to hear at an after party or maybe just as easily while lounging around enjoying a few summertime cocktails. The aesthetics added to these re-interpretations are fun and playful.