Music Reviews

Earthless - From The Ages

From The Ages is the newest release from Earthless, a San Diego trio consisting of guitarist Isaiah Mitchell, bassist Mike Eginton and drummer Mario Rubalcaba. It’s been six years since their last release, and these psych/prog-rockers have come back with an atmosphere exploding four-track LP, which runs about 60 minutes long.

Moonface - Julia With Blue Jeans On

Moonface's latest album Julia With Blue Jeans On is, more than anything else, insanely and ridiculously beautiful. Spencer Krug's slightly strange, lovely lyrics and a piano, letting the songs stand with honesty and strong imagery, clearer than I am used to with his previous work. 

Ty Segall - Sleeper


In Sleeper, Ty Segall puts down the expected electric and effects-ladened fuzz and instead picks up the acoustic guitar, resulting in an accessible and introspective LP. This is an intimate album, one in which he invites us into his most personal space, which, as it happens, is inhabited by a disturbed presence.

New Swears - Funny Isn't Real

Inquisitive stoned hipster asks : "So, what kind of music does your band play?" 

Also stoned hipster musician replies : "Uh.. I don't know... rock I guess.."

The world of rock and roll is about as dirty as my pile of socks that pay homage to my unbearable laziness. There are so many different sub genres and styles to take into consideration when you're describing the sound of your favourite rock band. New Swears falls into a category that isn't serious by any means, but they are tight as fuck.

Grouper - The Man Who Died In His Boat


Some albums must be heard on a good system in order to capture minor nuances in sound. The Man Who Died In His Boat, the latest release from Liz Harris better known as Grouper, demands a proper listen. Harris' ethereal voice, combined with simple guitar strums and multi-layered drones envelops the listener like a dense fog.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II


I had never really heard Unknown Mortal Orchestra before listening to this album. I joked with some people at the station that it sounded like it should be a name for a metal band but it is far from it - I found this album to be quite boring really. 

Balacade - Malaise Era


Sometimes an album can trigger a memory of a time in your life, mostly likely because you incessantly listened to it. Other times, albums can sound familiar upon first listen, bring back a flood of memories even though you've never heard the songs. This is exactly what Balacade's new release Malaise Era offers. When I first listened to the album it took back back to the summer of 2004, when Grandaddy's Sumday and Dios' self-titled album were the soundtrack of evenings spent with friends around a campfire.

LISTEN TO : Palm Fête - Eyes


Palm Fête throws you back to summertime on a hot, breezy beach - cool, calm and collected. Listen to the brand new track, "Eyes".