Music Reviews

PSYCROPTIC - Ob(servant)

By Jess V. and Jake W. - The Incinerator - 09/26/2008

KAIL - True Hollywood Squares

By Brian Joseph - Phantastiq Cypha - 04/21/2008


By Simon Howell - A Listening Ear - 06/03/2008

GUTTER DEMONS - Misery, Madness & Murder Lullabies

By Jackie Hall - Bridge the Gap - 05/13/2008

It is rare that I embark on the task of writing album reviews…or any kind of review for that matter. My mother raised me with the saying, “if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all.” While anyone who has listened to BridgetheGap before knows that I don’t follow these wise words so well when speaking, I do try when writing -- it is a time to be more reflective. Anyways, I’ve finally heard a new album worth writing about, and the best part is that the band in question is from Montreal.

JEUNESSE APATRIDE - Larmes aux poings

By Jackie Hall - Bridge the Gap - 05/16/2008

I have a superstitious Irish granny. She believes that all bad things come in sets of three.  However, I think that her belief in the number three may also be the case for good things happening in sets of three. In the last month, I’ve been to three record release shows for three local acts and have been pleasantly surprised on all three occasions. 


By Adrian “A-Dubs” Warner - Eclectricity - 09/11/2007

I discovered Substantial a few years ago when I saw his name on a 12” single posse cut. I found him and the others on the track to be typical, talented underground rappers. When I heard he released a full length CD, I was very intrigued. Then, when I heard the first few tracks of Sacrifice, I discovered he was perhaps a bit more talented than I thought. He has a track named “That Damn Good” and I am inclined to agree.


By Simon Howell - The Listening Ear - 03/08/2008

Vancouver band Ladyhawk's self-titled debut was a bit of a revelation. Here, lo and behold, was an honest-to-goodness emotionally driven rock band with a chunky, early-‘90s indie-rock sound, that didn't sound at all contrived. Better yet, they had great songs to back up their chutzpah and passion. Shots finds them, like label mates Okkervil River, continuing to find solace and strength in sounds left behind by their hipper contemporaries.


By Comma Chameleon - Semicolon Cancer; - 03/04/2008

WINSLOW - Easy Access EP

By Omar Goodness - Hooked On Sonics - 03/01/2008

Mixing a variety of pop punk styles, local punk pop quartet, Winslow have put together a nice batch of catchy hook-driven tunes on their debut six song EP. The lead off track, and the best of the bunch, "Another Stiff in a Jacket," has some great jerky guitar work reminiscent of early ‘90s So-Cal skate punk; the Get Up Kids-esque "Next Time Around" skips along with a nice piano line and melody, and closer "Arthur Rightus" speeds through at a brisk pace, reminiscent of early Blink 182 and Face to Face.

HOT CHIP - Made in the Dark

By Simon Howell - The Listening Ear - 02/04/2008

VHERNEN - Vhernen

By Jessica Valentine - The Incinerator - 12/29/2007

Hearing the sounds of howling wind and rainfall to introduce a black metal album is in no way unexpected. Being confronted a minute later with the growing sigh of an electric cello, however, is -- that is, unless you’ve already taken a peek at the insert art of Vhernen’s self-titled debut full-length album. I must say, the surprise is a pleasant one.

PATHS OF POSSESSION - The End of the Hour

By Jessica Valentine - The Incinerator - 10/17/2007

If you're considering getting into Paths of Possession, chances are you're a fan of famed vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher's work with Cannibal Corpse. I'll say this now: If you're looking for your next "Hammer Smashed Face," inquire elsewhere.

MGMT - Oracular Spectacular

By Simon Howell - The Listening Ear - 01/22/2008

"I'm feeling rough, I'm feeling raw / I'm in the prime of my life." Beginnings don't get much more confident than "Time to Pretend," the ebullient opener to Brooklyn synth-pop duo MGMT's (pronounced "management") debut album. The track explodes with Technicolor synths, Dave Fridmann's typically commanding production work and an infectious sense of purpose -- even as it tosses out inanities about getting "models for wives." It's a sign either of brilliant things to come, or a band a little too eager to grab your attention.