11th Annual CJLO Diego Award Winners

Here's to another amazing year of independent radio at CJLO 1690 AM!

The CJLO Diego Awards is an annual awards ceremony created to celebrate a year of hard work and quality programming at CJLO 1690 AM, and to celebrate the spirit of community/college radio, which is THE driving force behind the support of independent music, artists, and grass-roots communities in Montreal and the world at large.

Rob Naylor, Lizanne Murphy, and Emilio Greco Jr on The Starting Rotation today from 11AM - 1PM!

As if having a Green Bay Packer on the show last week wasn't enough, this week The Starting Rotation is having a slew of guests talking to them.

First, Montreal actor Rob Naylor (from Arthur and 19-2) will be co-hosting with the team and talking with Lizanne Murphy from the Canadian Women's National Basketball team, who incidentally won gold at the PanAm games last week, and with kickboxer Emilio Greco Jr about his upcoming bout.  All this along with the sports coverage you've come to expect from the highest rated sports radio show according to the readers of Cult MTL.

Tune in from 11AM - 1PM right here at CJLO!

Ant Man: The Superhero of Comedies

Sadly when the time came to catch the premiere of Ant-Man at Fantasia, I had to miss out because of work. Thursday night was the official film premiere and the theatre was packed for the first showing, that was presented in a 3D Dolby Atmos theatre. The crowd was gleamed with excitement as they traded Marvel factoids that made me wish I brought the Marvel Encyclopedia from my coffee table. Everyone including myself is asking the question will the comedic actor of the Judd Apatow franchise of films pull it off. All eyes were on Paul Rudd to make everyone forget Seth Rogen started in The Green Hornet.

Metal Monday: Heavy Montreal guide

Heavy Montreal (though c'mon, wasn't Heavy MTL kind of a cooler name?) is less than two weeks away, and we at CJLO are no slouches when it comes to doing stuff with the festival. In addition to giving away passes on air (which you can still win on Friday, July 31 on Beyond That Graveyard III from 9 - midnight and Grade A Explosives on Sunday, August 2 from 4 - 6PM), we've been doing interviews on site for the past two years and have always had an awesome time of doing so. Before I start let me say that a lot of this is lifted from the Heavy FAQ page located here: http://info.heavymontreal.com/.

Primus & the Chocolate Factory @ Metropolis

"Primus Suce!"

Primus & the Chocolate Factory @ Metropolis July 15, 2015 - Presented by Greenland Productions & Evenko

Green Bay Packer Andy Mulumba on The Starting Rotation: Today @ 12:30

Today, on a special edition of The Starting Rotation, the team will talk to Andy Mulumba of NFL's Green Bay Packers! Around 12:30pm, Mulumba will join the TSR crew and we'll talk about stuff like his upbringing, time in the NFL, and this conference he's having at Concordia this Saturday. Tune into TSR, for all your best sports talk- 11am to 1pm, every Thursday!

Osheaga 2015: 10th Anniversary Preview!

Summer would not be complete without attending at least one concert, better yet a music festival. Montreal is home to one of the biggest music and arts festivals, which is none-other than Osheaga. This year Osheaga is celebrating its 10th Anniversary at Parc Jean Drapeau starting July 31 and running until August 2nd. Most packages are sold out by now, but if you're lucky enough, you can still purchase a single day pass. Hopefully the weather will be great so that we can dance the night away.

Sarah Stupar talks Zoofest / JFL / OFF-JFL

JFL is here kiddies, or as I like to call it, comedy Christmas. Personally I find JFL (including Off-JFL and Zoofest) to be the best festival in town. Place des Arts gets transformed into some kind of crazy carnival complete with freaks and weird performance art, and the funniest of the funny descend on Montreal to bring laughter to the naughty AND nice! I'll be walking the JFL beat for the whole festival, follow my advice and laughter will ensue.

Psychic City Tribute to Rob from Crobar: RIP - Today at 5pm

Today at 5pm: A Psychic City tribute to Rob the owner of Crobar; who suddenly and sadly passed away the other night. Anyone who wants to call in and talk about their favorite Crobar and Rob memories are welcome to do so. 514 848 7471. R.I.P Rob.

---Important---If you can't call in because of work and other life happenings you can always post a message or story on the Facebook group Crobar-barians unite.R.I.P Rob! and Abby will say it on air. You can request songs for him too.