Music Reviews

The Sounds @ Club Soda

First of all, let me start off by saying that The Sounds are one of my favorite bands and after I saw this show, they're also in my list of top 5 live performances. This Swedish band really rocked it. I had never been to Club Soda for a show before, but I knew they had balconies and I knew that is where I wanted to write my piece. It was the perfect vantage point.

Amos Lee @ Metropolis

Walking down Sainte-Catherine towards Metropolis on a Tuesday evening in unpleasant weather doesn’t do much to psych someone up for a concert. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the venue to see a bustle of people eager to see Amos Lee. Not knowing much about Amos Lee, I was still a little skeptical and hadn't fully made my mind up yet about his music.

White Lung

With White Lung's debut, It's The Evil, it's easy to praise it to the heavens upon first listen.  In fact, it's easy to fall in love after the first song, "Viva La Rat" if you're an outsider (like me) looking for something new and fast to punch you in the face.