Psychemagik – Healin’ Feelin’

Psychemagik’s Healin’ Feelin’, a series of re-edits of songs, delivers a thumping four on the floor groove experience throughout its 10-track playlist. The album is heavily influenced by funk and disco music. It’s the kind of thing you would expect to hear at an after party or maybe just as easily while lounging around enjoying a few summertime cocktails. The aesthetics added to these re-interpretations are fun and playful.

The first track, “Ass Nation”, clearly sets the tone for the album. Funk elements heavily influence the groove, the drums and bass keep steady while the guitar lick and flanger-like effects orientate and steer the ship funkwards. The filtered noise, lyrics and trumpet accompaniment are the accoutrement that fills out the song. 

“Make It Mellow” follows with a punchy almost disjointed bass-line strutting its way through the void. The flowing vocals and echoing synth sounds make you feel as though you’re floating on a sonic wave.

When listening to “Runnin’ Pt. 2”, close your eyes, like me I bet you can almost see a young John Travolta strutting away to this disco track. The waves of electronic noise wet the ears, which ensure you’re showering in the shimmering light of that nu-disco ball. 

“Upskirt” is a soulfully sung blues number. The slow-paced vocals nicely juxtapose the motoring bass line, slightly distorted guitar licks and whooshing sounds that surround it. I even think there are some keytar elements present, which is gold. 

Coming near the end of the album “Aldeia De Ogum”, a Joyce Moreno number, is a nice change of pace with its vocal scat, bossa nova and lounge feel. Having the bass drum pulse pushed forwards really helps drive this song. There’s also a pleasant sax solo that’ll delight the senses, it’s a nice way to come down given the energy of the album.

There’s always room for music to be fun and for me that’s what Healin’ Feelin’ tries to deliver. And while I found elements of this album drag, it’s still a jaunt worth taking.