Freelove Fenner - Do Not Affect A Breezy Manner

Do Not Affect A Breezy Manner is the début full-length album by Montreal three-piece band Freelove Fenner. The trio consists of Peter Woodford, Caitlin Loney, and Michael Wright, and their album offers 18 tightly-produced and restrained tracks, none venturing much beyond two minutes. The excess fat has been trimmed almost as if the band were on a diet of musical minimalism, which ensures that each track is reduced to its basic necessities. 

At first listen there seems to be a fragmented feeling to the album given the number of tracks, their many ideas and short duration. However, after listening to the album several times, I found that it actually offers a coherent venture from start to finish. This album comes at you as a sonically-produced whole, with each track melting together to create one cohesive aural experience. 

Nevertheless, there are several tracks that I found to be real highlights on this album. It begins strongly with "In The Sound", a track that combines Wright's thumping drums, a steady groove from the bass and a cry from the guitar. These elements frame the sound, which then allows Loney's voice to dance methodically around; it's hypnotic. "All Things Break Through" begins with a shimmering guitar lead and a simple and effective drumbeat charging forward. Eventually the vocals come in and echo just behind it all, which gives the track a cool and dream-like feel. There are elements of this track that remind me of early Talking Heads, especially off something like 77 or More Songs About Buildings and Food. "Lash + Brow" comes at you with a smooth feeling, the guitar and vocals strutting along. 

This album is like an 18 course meal, and each course has a distinct feeling and can be enjoyed individually, but it's best experienced as a whole. Do Not Affect A Breezy Manner is a great début and one that I recommend.  

Final rating: 4/5

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