Wilson - Full Blast Fuckery

Today being the last day of 2013 is generally the time for many people who write reviews to do a retrospective of their top albums of the year... However, considering this is my sophomore article, I see no point as that list would consist of one "eh" review of a mildly forgettable band (that, knowing the genre will explode in popularity when their album hits stores... *sigh*). With that said, I'd like to take some time to sit you down and introduce you to something you probably missed. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Wilson's first studio album Full Blast Fuckery (catchy title, eh?).

Wilson combines catchy groove-rock riffs, snappy leads and break-neck breakdowns in a way I thought died with Maylene and the Sons of Disaster's musical integrity. With thrashy bangers like "Viking Pussies Fuck Off" to catchy-party jams like "College Gangbang" (approaching Skynard-level twang), these guys mean business.

And hey! Did I mention they wrote a song about Concordia University? The aforementioned track "College Gangbang" will hold a special place in my heart after hearing this during my chat with their frontman Chad Nicefield. Nicefield recanted the spectacle of our student protests resulting in a riot during their stint on Pouzza Fest, almost ending in their van being flipped with them in it. So Stingers, need a new theme song? Look no further. I'm sure if our football team could borrow some of the awesome this song has, they may not suck so much come fall. *Disclaimer, I only go by hear-say about our sports and have only seen one game ever... so go sports team!

Highlights of this album: "My Life, My Grave" for a killer intro song, "College Gangbang" for inadvertently raising my school spirit and awesome use of tambourine, and "I Can Beat Your Dad" for an amazing breakdown inspired by Mark Walberg (isn't that the best thing to base a breakdown off?). I give this album nine flipped tour vans out of ten! Here is hoping they jump on a tour that will take them back to our neighbourhood soon!

Also, happy New Year from yours truly and the Noisy Loft.


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