Chvrches - The Bones of What You Believe

Album review by CJLO Magazine contributor Chelsea Woodhouse

A slow car ride into a happier time?

Press play, and the debut album by Scottish electro-pop sensation Chvrches, mastered by Rich Costey of Sigur Rós and TV on the Radio fame, sounds like ambient candy. The Bones of What You Believe pushed my temples with its sharp, catchy rhythms. I kept saying, "I'm not sure if this is my thing, but I don't want stop listening to it." 

Unsure as how to proceed with some sort of objective evaluation, I asked my roommate, "What do you think of this Chvrches album?" to which he replied, "I hate it, turn it off."

Days later, around the 1st of December, in MacArthur Mall in Norfolk, Virginia I heard their lead single, "The Mother We Share", playing through the sound system at Forever XXI. When you give this album a chance you're surrounded with pastel and gossamer.

Final grade: B