PS I Love You - Death Dreams

After making waves with 2010’s Meet Me at the Muster Station, PS I Love You’s sophomore release Death Dreams is a heaping slab of CanRock heaviness and the sound of an immensely talented duo hitting their proverbial stride. Like their hometown forerunners the Inbreds, Kingstonians Paul Saulnier (guitar/vocals) and Benjamin Nelson (drums) manage to mold a singular sound out of the limitations of a two-piece rock outfit. Where they diverge with their minimalist 90s predecessors is in overall approach; as Death Dreams’ 11 tracks can attest, this record is all-caps HUGE. Saulnier takes virtuosic turns in his guitar playing, from the feedback squalls of the titular instrumental tracks to the soaring, fuzzed-up riffage of album-closing “First Contact”. Where Death Dreams ends up in the pantheon of great Canadian rock remains to be seen but, apart from a clunker or two, PS I Love You have crafted an record with all the markings of a stone cold classic.