FRINGE 2016: Checkout 606

The Plateau is full of oddities - offbeat, extraordinary, or just plain strange. To people who don't understand Montreal or have never been here before; I tell them its the french Portland in 30 or so blocks - keeping it weird. Still, nothing could have prepared me for The Fringe Festival's Checkout 606.

FRINGE 2016: Captain Aurora II: A Superhero Musical Sequel

I need to start this review off by being honest about myself in a few ways. The last thing I want to be as a journalist is biased but that's not always possible, so let's put a few cards on the table:

1. I love super hero anything and everything. I don't care how well or poorly it's been done, I'll love it because it's super heroes.

2. I generally dislike musical theatre, especially if it takes itself too seriously.

FRINGE 2016: Part I by Project X

Jess's thoughts on Part I

In the late nineteenth century in Paris, French neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot fixed his interest upon the disorder 'hysteria' - seeking to taxonomize what had been neglected for centuries as an incomprehensible jumble of symptoms, described by one historian as “a dramatic medical metaphor for everything that men found mysterious or unmanageable in the opposite sex.”1 Charcot set up shop in the Salpêtrière Hospital, a long time asylum for the most vulnerable members of the Parisian underclass.


What can you say about a show that takes your breath away? Wherever I start, I promise that this all comes from the heart.

Bizarro Obscure was a rare gem. It was exceptional. Sydney Hayduk (Janis) and Christy Taronno (Jujube) are two incredibly talented triple threats who bring us on a journey of self discovery, self confidence, and self acceptance.

FRINGE 2016: The No Bull$#!% History of Invention

I don't know about you, but I love learning new things. The world is such a vast, fascinating place that there is no end to what we can know. The No Bull$#!% History of Invention is a great chance to learn a few things about (big surprise) the history of invention that may have been gaps in your overall knowledge of strange human behaviour. What's great about this history lesson though, is how honest the teacher is. He doesn't shy away from hard truths about who was really responsible for what, and who were actually sociopaths.

FRINGE 2016: Sexpectations

Going into to SEXPECTATIONS, we'll admit to having a certain degree of SEXPECTATION. Having seen Maxine Segalowitz (aka Moxy Scallywagperform numerous times -- whether it be dancing in Festival Bouge D'Ici; her frenzied presence in Mainline Theatre's Rocky Horror Picture Show (2015); or her sassy comedic stylings in last year's fringe hit Is This Prententious? (by Team Greco), she's set her personal bar pretty high. Spoiler alert: She does not disappoint. 

FRINGE 2016: Falling Awake

I would be lying if I said that I didn't tear up at the end of Falling Awake. I would be lying if I said that I struggled not to break down crying on the walk home afterwards, as the events of the last hour sank in.

FRINGE 2016: The McSorley & Chung Magic Hour

The mark of a good magic show is wondering to yourself how on earth these tricks were done.

My uncle used to do magic tricks for my sister and I when I was younger. I remember truly believing it was magic when I was a kid. And then as I grew up, I started learning how some of them were done. I would watch really closely and try to figure out how to recreate them. I'm not claiming to be an expert by any means and I'm certainly no magician myself.

But I will say this about McSorley and Chung: I have no idea how they performed most of the tricks in their show.

FRINGE 2016: Bedrock Burlesque

Revisiting nostalgia at its finest with an all-grown-up lens 

By Danilo Bulatovic

Although The Flintstones were admittedly well before my time, there was something intangible about the “first animated prime time television series in America” that resonated with me since childhood. As a show concept it’s so wacky, that it could only be conceived with no predecessors. 

FRINGE 2016: Atomic City is The Bomb!

Directed by Sara Rodriguez and starring the talented Jeff Gandell and Mariana Vial, Atomic City is an explosive romantic dramady (that's drama and comedy, folks) set in 1944 and is performed in the intimate confines of the OFF B: Freestanding Room. 

FRINGE 2016: Caravonica

It's so easy to be turned off by the word clown. Just imagining it can carry collective emotions of childhood fears and whatnot. But there's no need to fear Caravonica.

In fact, I don't think it's possible to be afraid of someone so hilarious, creative and talented. Of all of the theatre and various other performance art I've seen, nothing I've encountered can quite compare to the weird brainchild that Caravonica crafted. Saying it was unique, captivating, and incredibly silly barely scratched the surface of how much fun this show was.

FRINGE 2016: Macumba Digita

They say that Montreal has two seasons - Winter and Construction. I disagree. There's three of them, Winter, Construction, and Festival.

Unfortunately, Construction and Festival occur in a brutal overlap that will make even the most patient traveler explode into loud and colorful expletives while sitting in a sweltering car or back of a traffic-confined bus. 

Pouzza Fest 6 >> Brave New Jams Photo Diary 2016!

Brave New Jams is back again with a brand new ocular journey across time and space, back to three wonderful days in May 2016, where a diverse group of artists performed to crowds of punk rock lovers at multiple venues across the city during the sixth edition of Pouzza Fest in downtown Montreal.


Less Than Jake at the Quartier des Spectacles

Suoni Per Il Popolo 2016 >> Rock Punk Metal Preview

 [image: Suoni Per Il Popolo]

The fine folks of "la ville aux cent clochers" are gearing up to celebrate 16 years of unexpected music with Suoni Per Il Popolo! The Montreal community-based festival starts this Thursday, June 2nd, and presents a wide variety of local and international musicians that span multiple styles including post-rock, experimental, drone, jazz, classical, and good ol' rock 'n' roll. The fest continues through until Sunday, June 19th.

Out-Machine'd >> A Review of NB2

It's always good to subject yourself to new experiences, right? Especially in the world of electronic music, "I don't like it" is a forbidden phrase. The negative opinion on close-mindedness in music is exactly what got me interested in attending NB2 - An event that carries the torch from the early 2000s heyday of industrial music. Grandbaby of the C.O.M.A Festival that took place from 2004 to 2007, the event is two nights of all different genres of music that would be considered underground, or fall under the industrial umbrella in today's electronic music culture. The other big plus?