KickDrum Summer Marathon d'Été

Well our loyal CJLO listeners, we have some good news for you. Montreal has a brand new music festival to feast your ears on! KickDrum Summer Marathon d'Été is a dark horse in the running looking to (pun intended) kick the more "popular" international music festivals out of our venues and fill them back up again with the brightest homegrown indie acts this city has to offer. Even better, KickDrum aims to entertain and inspire you without emptying your wallet, because all shows are 11$  or less!

Montreal Comiccon: Dizzying Games and Star Trek's 50th Anniversary

Montreal Comiccon has come and gone, but we've got more recaps right here in the CJLO Magazine for those who missed it. Philiam from Turn on the Darkness takes us through day two of the conference, with quick game reviews and funny anecdotes from the Star Trek 50th anniversary panel. Main photo by Brian 'Döc' Holidæ from Geektastiq Cypha.

Montreal Comiccon: Day 3

Final day.

No convention is complete without dressing up in cosplay for at least one of the days. Today was my day. I'm used to dressing up for all three, but due to constraints this year, I had no time to make my costumes, so I went with a quick and simple solution: Sans the skeleton from Undertale. With my make-up on and hoodie zipped, I boarded the 105 and made my way to the Palais de Congres for the last time this weekend.


The first panel I got in to see was the Z'isle conference, hosted by Lateef Martin- who readers will remember from Day 2's panel on Diversity and Sexuality- and Isabelle Duguay.

Montreal Comiccon: Day 2

There was a consensus in the apartment: the Saturday schedule was a little full.

Unfortunately, due to conflicting start/end times for the Saturday panels and events, it meant missing out on a lot of things I had wanted to see, including:

Mythes et prejuges sur le cosplay, Q and A with Kate Mulgrew, International cosplay with Yaya and Kamui, Anime You Might Have Missed, Illuminez votre costume, Q and A with John Barrowman (which was delayed/cancelled in the end), the Cosplay RPG Battle and Internet Native Horror: Creepypasta.

I still got to see some good panels, though.

Montreal Comiccon: Cosplay Confession and Indie Games!

The Montreal Comiccon pop-culture, comic, and gaming fan convention is in full swing at Palais des congrès, and the folks at CJLO - 1690AM are excited to bring our readers daily recaps and photos of this amazing three-day event! Here's a quick recap of day one, brought to you by Philiam from Turn on the Darkness. Main photo by Brian 'Döc' Holidæ from Geektastiq Cypha.

Montreal Comiccon: Day 1

Friday marked the first day of Comiccon in Montreal. The Palais de Congres gates opened at 1:30 pm and fans of sci-fi, super heroes and merch flooded in.

A Kanye West Anthology Retrospective

I am gonna let you finish but...

The release of The Life of Pablo has to be one of the most divisive albums of the year, where we question does the music separate the ego that is known as Kanye West, who goes also by the name of "Yeezus". If that is not a God complex, then maybe the track "I Am a God" might lead more insight into this strange, bigger-than-life-itself complex. The purpose of this article is to go through the anthology of an artist who introduced me to hip hop. The three things this article will be focusing on are the humility, the ego, and the music of the artist known as Kanye West.

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Father Stretch My Hands Pts 3-6: My NXNE 2016 Experience

Every year, for every city-wide festival, anywhere in the world, there is a chorus of people shouting the same thing. "It's just not the SAME this year." "It's not as good as last year." Or "[Insert event] sucks this year." Or most succinctly, "Wah!"

Port Lands Skyline/Seagull


Year after year, one of the most fascinating things that I love about the Montreal Fringe Festival is that you will never know what you will bump into, you will never know what you will discover, and you will never know what happen until you go out there and dive yourself into the excitement.

It gets crazier by the moment, and zanier by the second. And just like life itself, spontaneity is what makes this festival so exciting - whether you're a playwright, performer, or a random spectator. This is the magic of the Fringe happening, and needless to say, it goes beyond words in describing it.

Okay maybe euphoria. But that's just one of many.

FRINGE 2016: Science, Love and Revolution

Through a mixture of spoken word poetry, dialects, saxophone solos, animal grunts, and an instrumental backing track, Science, Love and Revolution was most certainly a memorable performance.

Before the event began, David Lee Morgan chit-chatted with the audience for a fair amount of time, making soft self-deprecating comments and repeating the same question to the crowd multiple times just in case someone was hesitant to speak up, or had gestured to speak but he couldn’t quite see. All this to say, from the very start he was charming as hell.

FRINGE 2016: A Thousand Kindnesses

To say that Rachel Jury’s A Thousand Kindnesses is ambitious, would be an understatement. In this one woman show, the performer weaves first-hand experience of asylum seekers, and refugees from war-ravaged nations of the past 30 years, from the Sudanese civil war to the ongoing Syrian conflict.

FRINGE 2016: Empty Rooms

Empty Rooms drags the audience through the pain, guilt, and crippling despair one experiences after the loss of a loved one. Daring to say the things one often brushes over, this play held no punches.

Pokemon Sun and Moon: A Journey into the Seventh Generation

CJLO's Lazy Sunday Series

Earlier this year, Pokémon released the English titles for the newest version of the series: Sun and Moon. Needless to say, fans went crazy. Speculations and theories about what wonders awaited players in the new titles shot up in every corner of the Internet. From concept art of possible new starters, to ideas for new types, to hopes that the map would include the ability to travel to previous regions. Whether or not some of these speculations are true is yet to be seen, but Pokémon has been dropping teasers for the release of the game coming this November.

FRINGE 2016: Se rincer l’âme au windshield washer

Sitting in the waiting area of the Mainline Theatre feels like I'm sitting in the living room of someone I've only met once - familiar yet extremely uncomfortable.

I'm sweaty, I've been walking up and down Boulevard Saint-Laurent for hours, and I'm waiting for Se rincer l’âme au windshield washer to start. Through the chatter and footsteps of the other play-goers I hear pow-wow music coming from inside the theater and I cringe internally.

FRINGE 2016: Joyce N'Sana at #CJLOFringeTunes

There’s nothing like finding a treasure in your own backyard.

Joyce N’Sana was this year’s resident World artist at CJLO and though I heard her name and praise often, I never got around to listening to her music let alone see any of her performances.

Luckily this past Friday she was performing at the Montreal Fringe Festival as a part of the "CJLO Presents" music series and I was available to go check her out.