FRINGE 2018: Non.Sense

Contemporary dance is a language that most people don’t realize they can speak. It can be uncomfortable to watch strangers use their bodies in unfamiliar ways to communicate ideas and stories, and the result is a certain degree of reluctance to seek out contemporary dance as a form of entertainment. If this sounds familiar to you, then I encourage you to expand your horizons and attend Non.Sense. It was a powerful exploration of emotional connections and the concept of creating and understanding tension. It is an ideal piece to see whether you are only entering the sphere of movement art or if you are a seasoned dancer or choreographer.

The show was comprised of 3 works, each created by different choreographers. The first began with a powerful silence, broken only by the creak of a chair or a sharp intake of breath. It was deeply captivating, enthralling and hypnotic to watch the two dancers mirror each other’s actions in incredible synchronization. The connection between them was palpable.

The second piece was much more playful. The three dancers played games with one another, chasing each other around and taunting one another in the spirit of fun, but moments later would engage in gorgeous, powerful movements with astounding grace. The music together with their fluid gestures was entirely mesmerizing. I wanted it to go on forever.

The third piece was my favourite. It had a different flavour of creativity than the previous two; it got more laughs, but it also used the human body completely differently than the previous two performances. It explored the contrast between light and dark, noise and silence, closeness and space, and working together and competing against each other. How they were able to be so evocative with so little movement was incredibly compelling.

Non.Sense was a profound experience. The dancers were all phenomenal, and the choreographers created something truly captivating and poignant. Whether or not contemporary dance is something that you’re into, I recommend you go see it.