CJLO @ JFL: Hot Raw Fire: All You Can Eat

Hot Raw Fire: All You Can Eat was a smorgasbord of the sketch comedy troupe’s best skits! Paul Naimon, Jacob Greco, Lise Vigneault, Deirdre Trudeau and Danny Belair made their third and triumphant return to Off Just for Laughs this year with their exciting 'All You Can Eat' style show. Hot Raw Fire is Montreal’s most seasoned sketch comedy troupe, having performed in more than 7000 shows! Its talented members are the very heart of Montreal’s improv and sketch comedy scenes and have mentored countless performers across the city.

Hot Raw Fire’s All You Can Eat format features a 'Wheel-of-Sketch-une' full of the troupe’s favourite sketches and pleasant surprises. One of the show’s best surprises was a wonderful cameo by Rena Taylor as the sketch burglar. Taylor is an amazing performer who embodies all of the characters she plays perfectly. Another exciting surprise was the show’s use of live camera footage. The live video led to all kinds of hilariously unexpected moments over the course of the show. Hot Raw Fire: All You Can Eat is a multimedia extravaganza that bravely pushes the limits of sketch comedy!

Naimon, Greco, Vigneault, Trudeau and Belair are a comedic dream team! Their performances were passionate, sweaty and visceral. You could clearly feel the trust between the artists. Whether Greco was swinging Vigneault upside down or Belair poured real, disgusting drinks for Trudeau and Vigneault to consume - Hot Raw Fire performed with great love and care for their fellow cast members. The troupe oozed with charisma and strange liquids throughout the entire evening.

Hot Raw Fire’s skits are unlike any other sketch comedy troupe’s in North America. Their skits are cruel, yet incredibly thoughtful and caring. Their comedy is messy, yet perfectly contained. So much thought and attention to detail goes into each and every one of their performances. Hot Raw Fire always find a way to surprise audiences with everything they do. They are such a unique and exciting troupe and you really can’t miss the opportunity to watch any of its members perform! Hot Raw Fire is a Montreal staple you’ll never forget!

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