CJLO 2nd Annual Battle of the Bands

CJLO is gearing up for its 2nd Annual Battle of the Bands! The competition is open to any band with at least one member who is a currently a Concordia Student.

To submit your band send the following to battle@cjlo.com :

- 2 band photos
- a band bio (250 word max)
- 1 mp3 demo
- list of influences

The competition will take place Mar. 17th at F.C. Smith Auditorium

The Grand Prize:
- a 3 song EP recorded and produced at CJLO
- a guest spot on a CJLO show
- a CJLO website feature
- plus more TBA

CJLO Shortlisted for 2011 mtvU College Radio Woodie Nominations

CJLO has been shortlisted for 2011 mtvU College Radio Woodie Nominations. We are the sole Canadian College/University Station on the list and couldn't be more proud to represent Canada.

If you would like more information about the Woodies or a chance to vote, please visit radiowoodie.ratemyprofessors.com or http://www.mtv.com/ontv/woodieawards/2011/woodie-of-the-year/


CJLO Keeps You Warm At Loyola On Ice

Join CJLO during this year's Loyola on Ice as we keep you warm with lots of great tunes during this special event.

CJLO will be DJing outside in the Loyola Quad on Wednesday, February 2nd from 10am to 4pm. There will be a winter carnival, sugar on snow (Le Tir) courtesy of the CSU and great music and prizes by us!

On Thursday, February 3rd join us at the Hive (7141 Sherbrooke Street West above the cafeteria) for a kick ass party brought to you by CJLO and the CSU.

There will be other great events all week long including:

CJLO Raffle-O-Rama!!

CJLO is thrilled to have raised over $3800, of which over $1700 will be donated tothe NDG Food Depot! Thank you to everyone who bought and sold tickets! And of course a special thanks to all of our sponsors, Club Lambi, and everyone who donated prizes! See a full list of winners here!


Listen Now

Igloofest Ticket Giveaway

CJLO will be giving away 2 pairs of tickets. To get in on the action, send an e-mail to promo@cjlo.com to be entered into the draw. Contest ends January 12th, so act fast.

CJLO Music Pub Quiz at Le Bull Pub


Step 1: form a team with your friends and come down the Le Bull Pub Tuesday at 8:30 pm ... Answer questions about music. If you answer more right than any other team in that round you win a pitcher of beer.

Step 2: Lather, rinse, repeat Step 1 two more times ... kind of like shampoo instructions, hey you know what they say about cleanliness being next to Godliness, right? Speaking of Godliness, do you know who got in trouble in 1966 for stating that his band was, "more popular than Jesus"? See how easy it is! (apologies for the awkwardness of that force segue)

Mix By Montreal Resident d'Eon on Haze World

The second hour of Monday's Haze World will feature a mix by Montreal resident d'Eon. His music is difficult to describe, so maybe it's better to cop out and list some of its clearest influences: chanted devotionals, ebm, uk hardcore and jungle, 80s & 90s us r&b and funk, starry-eyed synthesizer jam-outs. It's tinny and plastic but in the best possible way, allowing something deeply personal to seep through the cracks in that saccharine polish.

CJLO Punk Nite @ Katacombes

The March edition of CJLO Punk Night is upon us. Prepare your eardrums for the rapidly approaching apocalypse! More DJs, more music, cheap beer and all around good vibrations! Featuring: