CJLO Presents - SIGNAL TO NOISE 2011

Come out to support CJLO, Pakistani Flood Relief, and check out some of Montreal's best local talent @ Casa del Popolo March 22, 23, and 24th part of CJLO's first "Signal to Noise" benefit event:

Tuesday March 22, 2011
SNAILHOUSE - http://www.snailhousemusic.com
COCO et CO. - http://cocoetco.bandcamp.com
*due to unforeseen circumstances, Glass Passenger had to cancel and will be replaced by:
ELGIN SKYE - http://www.myspace.com/elginskye

Wednesday March 23, 2011
USA OUT OF VIETNAM - http://www.facebook.com/usaoutofvietnam
REVERSING FALLS - http://reversingfalls.bandcamp.com
MANY MENTAL MISTAKES - http://myspace.com/manymentalmistakes

Thursday March 24, 2011
HEXES AND OHS - http://hexesandohs.ca
PLAY GUITAR - http://www.theplayguitars.tk
DESERT OWLS - http://desertowls.bandcamp.com

ALL shows are only $10, and all proceeds go to help support CJLO and 25% goes to UNICEF to help with Pakistani Flood Relief.

For more information on how you can help UNICEF and Pakistani Flood Relief - https://secure.unicef.ca/portal/SmartDefault.aspx?at=1380