Metal Monday: Top 100 of 2015 in Loud / Metal

2015 was a banner year full of big name releases, and we at CJLO got in on all the action. Since it's the first Metal Monday of the year, we thought we'd get ready for 2016 by taking a look back at 2015 and seeing what our DJs spun the most. This list is compiled from all the chartable weeks of the year.

Some notes for you to ponder while you read this over:

R.I.P. Lemmy: BVST pays tribute tonight from 7 - 9PM

Hey, this is Angelica from BVST. Lemmy's death this past Monday night left me, along with legions of fans worldwide, stunned and sad. The silence he leaves in his wake is deafening. In his honor, tonight's episode of BVST is going to be a bit different. Tune in to hear classic Motörhead tracks, along with songs featuring Lemmy on vocals (including some surprising covers), interspersed with audio and interview clips of both Lemmy and the many people he inspired. 

Bucketlist's top of the year special - today from 2 - 4PM

When our comrades over at Bucketlist asked if they could present their top albums of the year, we were more than happy to oblige them. Their staff of writers and photographers picked out their personal top 5 as well as their top song of the year and you'll get to hear them today from 2 - 4PM. For more info on Bucketlist, to check out some of their album and show reviews, and to read their collective top of the year list, go check them out at the link above.

EDIT: Missed the original air date?  Well you're in luck.  The audio is now up on this page.  Click the play button to listen in!

The Best of 2015

Releases We Loved

There is a new and exciting year ahead of us, but we here at CJLO 1690AM want to take this chance to reminisce about the wonderful music, film, events, and FUN that 2015 bestowed upon us. The folks at the "little station that does!" give you their top picks of the year, and the lists reflect the amazing radio that broadcasts on CJLO every day, as well as the eclectic tastes of our DJs, volunteers, and staff!

And while you're here, have a look at our on-air schedule for more information on our programming, or click on a DJ's show page, all hyperlinked for your convenience below (because we care, man).

The CJLO Top 100 MMXV

Chartmania 2015!

The results are in. Below you will find the CJLO Top 100 releases compiled from our airplay in the last calendar year. Canadian releases are highlighted in red. Happy holidays, and cheers to more great underground music in the new year!

--Your friends at CJLO 1690AM in Montreal


Glam Gam Productions Interview: re New Years Show! Fatal Attraction- Sunday @ 11am

This Sunday on Fatal Attraction, Patricia is interviewing Michael J McCarthy and Super Sherri: the hosts of Glam Gam Productions' New Year’s show! Glam Gam is putting on an homage to John Waters Cabaret entitled Odorama: A Baltimore Ball Drop on New Year's Eve at Cafe Cleopatre. Just when you thought Glam Gam couldn't get any stinkier, they have saved their most rotten performances for the last hour of 2015. Put on your best polyester frock, doust your 'do with copious amounts of hairspray and join them as they pay homage to the beloved Pope of Trash, John Waters!

Champions of the Local Scene: EMAC, Smokes sessions, Reggie's launch preview w/ Nanimal! 6pm

Tonight we have a jam-packed Champions of the Local Scene! Tune in at 6pm, as we will chat with EMAC, the Electronic Music Association of Concordia! EMAC has been putting on events, meet-ups, and workshops this past year, often with dazzling projections- collaborating with eclectic local artists and festivals like Mutek.

Champions of the Local Scene Pt deux: Interview w/ filmmaker Jonathan Lemieux- re: Queerment Quebec/ Image+Nation: 6:45pm

On an extra-special edition of Champions of the Local Scene, we will chat with Cannes award winning filmmaker Jonathan Lemieux at 6:45pm! Lemieux is screening his short film Moratoire in the Image+Nation Festival edition of Queerment Quebec, happening tomorrow (Thursday) December 3 at 7pm at Never Apart (7409 St Urbain).

Tonight on Champions of the Local Scene: ELAN joins us in studio: 6pm

Tonight we are happy to have ELAN Quebec in studio with us for Champions of the Local Scene! English Language Artist Network Quebec is an organization that works to provide support, networking, and services to english speaking artists in Quebec. They both promote and advocate for their artist membership, building bridges between english and french speaking arts communities. They emphasize the arts in education as a means for social and economic development as part of their mandate.

Today on Dirty Work: L.A. Foster Interview @ 5pm

Coming up today on Dirty Work, we will chat with L.A Foster at 5pm! L.A. Foster will launch her debut EP "SAUDADE" this Saturday at The Emerald / bar sans nom (5295 Parc)- with special friends John Shape (Beaver Sheppard), dancer Sabine Lawless, and Toronto's Scott Hardware (fka KEN PARK). This show is an L.A. Foster / Beaver Sheppard/ Pop Montreal co-presentation! Admission is $10 which includes a pending postcard, coming soon to your inbox with a digital download code for the new EP!

Tonight: Hooked on Sonics: Bad Lunch Profile, Iceland Airwaves Recap, M For Montreal Giveaway/ Preview: 6-8pm

Tonight we've got at jam packed edition of Hooked on Sonics! CJLO's Volunteer Co-ordinator Christina Bell will join us in-studio to recap her recent voyage to Iceland Airwaves festival earlier this month! She will share some special coverage and behind-the-scenes CJLO sleuthing into the Reykjavik music scene. Tune in for her audio goods around 6pm!

Tomorrow at 9am: At The Movies Extra: Interview with RIDM Artistic Director Charlotte Selb

Tomorrow at 9am on a special edition of At The Movies Extra, Remi & Danny will interview Charlotte Selb, Artistic Director of RIDM International Documentary Festival! Tune in to hear what's special about this year's edition and what films you don't want to miss- 9am Tuesday, right after a jam-packed episode of At The Movies with Iconic Sounds: 8-9am!