Today @ Noon: Spotlight on KickDrum Winter Marathon

Montreal, city of festivals, has a brand new one to help get us through the humdrums of January and escape the winterblues! KickDrum Winter Marathon began yesterday and features scores of local talent like CTZNSHP, No Aloha, Fleece, Smokes, Technical Kidman, and many more! For the next few nights, KickDrum will be presenting shows all over our fair city, including Friday night at Reggie's with Fleece, Clay and Friends, and Raveen; which CJLO is stoked to co-present!

As Montréalers, and active musicians & artists, we’ve been disappointed by the lack of cultural events in the winter months, which only exacerbates the isolation and seasonal depression many of us can grapple with! So, to fight this isolation, we want to give an opportunity for artists and musicians to showcase their work in the winter, and provide great spaces for people to come together, have a warm drink, socialize, and enjoy the amazing creativity this city has to offer." - Josh Spencer, founding member of KickDrum Winter Marathon

Tune in today (Thurs) at noon for a special episode of Champions of the Local Scene, when we will be going full throttle KickDrum, speaking with founder Josh Spencer, and hearing tons of the bands playing the fest! In the meantime, check out their sweet promo video, their soundcloud full of local talent and the complete festival line-up!