At CJLO there has always been a proud tradition of heavy metal radio shows and support for loud, aggressive music. Our shows have focused on all kinds of metal subgenres, from the thrash and New Wave of British Heavy Metal sounds of the Almighty Riff, to the stoner and doom sounds of Turn Down the Suck, to the "all things ending in core" of Break It Down. These are just a handful of shows that are no longer with us, and doesn't even begin to highlight the sounds of such long gone shows as No Sleep 'Til Bedtime, Fluffy Rabbits of Doom, Umlauts and Powerchords, Catatonia Shall Prevail, Ravenous Medicine, Metal 4 Supper, and Countdown to Armageddon, just to name a few. Hell, even before CJLO came into existence from the melding of Concordia's previous stations, CRSG and CFLI, we had a bevy of heavy shows like Sonic Disaster, Interview with Death Metal, Bad Taste, and Industrial Noise.

Heavy music still rules our airwaves, and we have a bunch of shows currently that will fill your metal and loud music requirements. Here's a list of what you could be hearing right now on CJLO:

Burnt Offerings - Coast to coast Canadian metal.

The Noisy Loft - Metalcore, southern metal, and the things that get you groovin'.

Turn on the Darkness - Want prog and shreddy guitars?  Look no further.

Into the Coven - The home of all things blackened.

Sublime State of Doom - Wall to wall new doom and old-school sounding death metal.

Beyond That Graveyard! III - A journey into the K-Man's music collection of vintage gems and new favorites.

BVST - Southern fried and stoner sounds along with your weekly dose of rock and country to boot.

Grade A Explosives - Brand new metal and rock weekly, with a helping electronic music to meet your needs.

Sewer Spewer - Crusty punk that DOESN'T FOLLOW YOUR RULES, MAN!

Radio Fun - Traditional punk from the past, as well as future classics.

These shows have been on the front lines of metal and consistently bring you music from up and coming artists, as well as interviews with newcomers and established acts. Some of our interviews include Testament, In Flames, Clutch, Lamb of God, The Crown, Kvelertak, Amon Amarth, Between the Buried and Me, High on Fire, and Devin Townsend, just to name a few.

Over the last 10 years or so, we've also had some incredible bands come in to CJLO for live and recorded sessions. A good amount of metal acts have darkened the door of our recording studio, affectionately referred to as The Oven. From 3 Inches of Blood to The Bled, to current metal movers and shakers like Exmortus and So Hideous, all have come in and laid down tracks in our humble little studio.

That's why we decided that, with all the movement we've made it the metal scene over the years, it was time to try to consolidate all of it into one grand event that we are deeming "Metal March". We had big ambitions, but due to some logistical issues, that have nothing to do with Montreal permits relating to satanic sacrifices within city limits, our quest for total media domination was thwarted, but we still have some cool plans.

First off, we'll be releasing a compilation of tracks recorded in The Oven on our Bandcamp. It's called Burned in the Oven: Volume 1 and features local, national and international bands. If you want a taste of what's on it, you should come by Katacombes (1635 Saint-Laurent) on March 3rd where we'll be holding a showcase and launch party for the compilation, featuring some bands you'll find on it. Rusted will start the night off with an acoustic set in keeping with the track they have on the compilation, In the Name of Havoc will bring their Southern tinged blues metal, Kruhl will grace us with some tasty death metal, and Metalian will round the night out with some good old school sounding trash.

We'll also be having a full night of metal debauchery starting late on the night of March 12th, where the metal inmates will take over the asylum and play whatever their dark little hearts desire for the entire overnight period. You'll hear grindcore, death, black, doom and whatever else CJLO's metal DJs feel like playing for a solid 10 hours, so don't sleep and stay up with us all night long!

In addition, the programming at CJLO will be decisively more dark overall, with metal shows bringing in guests and playing interviews with bands all month. Even the non-metal shows are getting in on the act, with specially themed shows throughout the month from Hooked On Sonics, Slax Trax, Nozin' Around, Dirty Work, Je Suis TBA, and Beyond the Black Rainbow as a short list.

To cap it all off, we'll soon be reviving our monthly Heavy Nights, regular live DJ events for fans of heavy music. More info is to come on that, so keep checking www.cjlo.com, where you can also check in every Metal Monday for a special metal themed article.

But just because Metal March is in... well, March, doesn't mean that we or you should not try to support the metal community. So go out and support your local scene. Catch a band or two at Turbo Haus (5011 Notre-Dame O.), or have a nice night out at Katacombes. Does that feel too upscale for you? Maybe hit up Fattal for a decidedly more DYI show. Montreal's heavy music scene is alive and kicking, so do what you can to dig into it all month long!