Tonight @ 6pm on Champions of the Local Scene: Revolution They Wrote Festival

Coming up at 6pm on a special episode of Champions of the Local Scene, we are talking to Revolution They Wrote- Concordia's Short Works Feminist Theatre Festival. RTW’s second annual edition is a 4-day festival taking place March 17-20, which aims to encourage dialogue about representations of gender, race, and sexuality in the theatre; by presenting four short feminist theatrical works in a festival package. The 2016 iteration of the festival will also add a visual arts element.  

Tune in at 6pm to hear about the wide range of programming, hosted by Jess Glavina of CJLO's collective program Creators Chorus (Wednesdays @ 5pm) and author of a monologic poetic work featured in the festival (A Chorus of Unidentified Singers). Follow the festival Facebook event for more info and check out their Indiegogo event here!