Julian Casablancas

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz delivered an awesome performance in a filled Corona Theatre on November 22, 2014. The openers, punk metal band Cerebral Ballzy, and hip hop duo Shabazz Palaces, set a good mood for the audience. Shabazz Palaces even performed "Father Electricity" with The Voidz, which was a great mix of hip-rock! The many fans that lined up for the snow earlier that night were ecstatic when Julian took the stage around 10:15. The band opened with "Xerox" off their album Tyranny, released last September on Cult Records.

An Interview with Heathers!

Photo: Laurence Philomène

Beansie Saretsky from CJLO's Maiden Voyage (Monday 5-6 PM) caught up with local three-piece Heathers to chat about the Montreal music scene, riot grrrl, and the tunes that inspire them.


How did Heathers get started as a band?

Young Magic

Beansie, host of Maiden Voyage (Mondays 5-6 pm) spoke with Melati from the band Young Magic about their latest album, Breathing Statues.

Maiden Voyage: What was the process like in creating your sophomore album Breathing Statues? Did you find that things changed in the way that you approached recording the second time around or was it very similar to the creative process for your debut album, Melt?

Paloma Dawkins


Through the past couple of years, I've had the pleaure of meeting some inspiring creative people that I almost instantly click with. Paloma Dawkins is a bright, positive bouncing ball of a human being. She agreed to speak with me about her current projects and interests.

So, as an artist do you need a particular space to focus in on your ideas and start working?

View From The Venu - Pissed Jeans


View from the Venue interviewed Matt Korvette from Pissed Jeans during their tour stop at Il Motore in Montreal. We talk about the benefits of having a band as a hobby instead of a full time job, preventing sexism in the punk scene, and their album Honeys. Check out more from Pissed Jeans on the Sub Pop website.


BVST Meets Kvelertak: Interview with Guitarist Vidar Landa

[This is a transcription of an audio interview. To listen to the recording, please scroll to the bottom of the interview.]

View from the Venue - The Creepshow

View from the Venue sat down with two members of The Creepshow for a quick Q&A session. The Reverend McGinty and new singer/guitarist Kenda talk tour injuries, their touring plans for 2013 and putting together a new album. They also talk about the entire band joining Montreal ska band The Fundamentals (shh, don't tell them, it's a surprise).

View From the Venue - Title Fight

View from the Venue caught up with Ned and Jamie from Title Fight at La Sala Rossa. The guys talk about the importance of being a relatable band, touring plans for 2013, and of course their latest full length album, Floral Green

AJ Korkidakis & Lessons Learned

LESSONS LEARNED. Sam and Charlie are two friends who, after being apart for many years, meet again at an old teacher's funeral. They are soon guilt-stricken as they reminisce about the childish pranks they pulled on their teachers years ago. Revelations–and regrets–quickly ensue when they decide to go apologize to another former teacher.

Q&A << Richard "Bugs" Burnett

Q&A by Abby Schachter, freelance journalist and host of The Reaktor (Fridays at 2 PM EST on CJLO). Follow Abby on Tumblr.