Concert Reviews

Tiny Habits at Studio TD: A Trio Whose Unparalleled Vocalization Has Created a Folk-Pop Music Group Like No Other

Imagine meeting your three best friends in post-secondary school, sharing and exploring mutual passions during the dawn of adult life and two years later turning friendly amusement and aimless conversation into a full-blown career and lifeline. Standing on stage, hand-in-hand in front of a venue of sardined-audience members was such a journey of the ever-growing, Tiny Habits. 

Destroyer Plays an Intimate, Sold-Out Set at Bar Le Ritz

Dan Bejar’s Destoryer is one of Western Canada’s biggest names in indie rock. Recording music for over twenty five years, Destroyer’s lush instrumentation and whimsical lyricism has seen many different genre shifts over the years, spanning from indie-folk to synth-heavy art pop, as Bejar and band navigate shifting inspirations and moods. 

Alice Phoebe Lou Blossoms at La Tulipe

Alice Phoebe Lou’s solo show at Montréal’s La Tulipe was certainly not one to miss, one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended. The sweetness and soulfulness that emanate from her raw vocals and lyrics are embodied by the person she is, a winsome presence who is tooth-achingly sweet, and oozes love and emotion.

Ciel Noir: A Packed Night of Moody Darkness with Codeine, Duster, Pelada, Model/Actriz and Snow Strippers

Not much can convince me to go out on a Sunday night, let alone out of my immediate neighbourhood, and above that, after I spent the day moving all my belongings to a new apartment. However, this particular late March Sunday promised a truly jam-packed show of slowcore legends, exhilarating DJs, and up-and-coming rock bands. So, trying to ignore my lumbar pain, I headed out for the night to witness Ciel Noir, a one-day festival produced by Blue Skies Turn Black, featuring five acts you’ll likely never see on the same bill again.

Truck Violence Signs Off An Explosive Night At Traxide

When you plan to go see a concert you probably follow the usual formula of buying your tickets in advance online, looking up the venue the same day of the event, and pulling up early to save your spot in line. Traxide, however, is not this kind of venue. 

Arlo Parks at Théâtre Beanfield: A True Scream, Cry and Dance

“It's so cruel what your mind can do,” a deep-cut lyric sung by R&B and Soul singer Arlo Parks, has been one of many phrases from the artists’ discography that has vastly resonated with Gen Z’s complex lives. In pure honesty and comfort, Park’s music crafts hardships and catastrophe in a mosaic of connection to one’s body and mind, emphasizing a message of collectivity, originality and self-empowerment.

Loving Waxes Nostalgic at Foufounes Électrique

When I heard Loving, a small Canadian band from Victoria, British Columbia, was playing Montréal's iconic Foufounes Électrique, located in the heart of the Montréal nightlife district on Ste Catherine Est, I knew I had to grab tickets. Loving’s music has been a staple in my playlists for years, with quaint, lullaby-esque melodies by producer and multi-instrumentalist, David Parry, and ever-comforting and relatable lyrics by brothers, Lucas and Jesse Henderson. Their radiantly nostalgic sound is like a taste of home, and as their name suggests, you can practically hear the love emanating from the heart of the band.

Otoboke Beaver: A Yearlong Passion

Otoboke Beaver is a Japanese Punk band from Kyoto and one of my favourite bands of all time. According to its members, the band performs a "fast-paced and aggressive style of punk-rock" with "frequent changes in rhythm and tempo" and "gang vocals". They have a plethora of personal music influences, including Japanese rock, hardcore punk, and Japanese pop music. Their music features a combination of all of them, representing musical innovation.

Laetitia Sadier, Music with Message @ Bar Le Ritz


Fourteen years since Stereolab released its last studio album, its leading lady Laetitia Sadier can still draw a crowd. Fans stood shoulder to shoulder all the way to the door on Saturday night at Bar Le Ritz PDB for the Montreal installment of Satier’s Rooting for Love Tour. With her gentle floating vocals and esoteric mid-song dances, a solo Sadier wooed audiences at the Ritz, performing songs spanning her career. 

You've been Gwar-ned: Gwar invades Montreal

Gwar with Cancer Bats and X-Cops at Théâtre Beanfield / March 9, 2024

Brkn Love Bring the Flavor, Show You How at First Montreal Headlining Gig

Brkn Love with Royal Tusk and The Sunset Drip at Bar Le Ritz PDB / March 8, 2024

"Everyboooody... rock your boooody... everybooooody... Backstreet's back, alright!"

Allison Russell at Studio TD: “This is a call and response song, but you don’t have to do anything because consent is sexy"

On the rainy eve of Friday, March 15th, soulful singer-songwriter Allison Russell graced her motherland of Montreal at Studio TD. Russell’s presence in the music industry has flourished within the last few months following the release of her second studio album The Returner on September 8th, 2023 and Grammy win for her song, “Eve Was Black” in February. Russell has since gained significant praise for the album's integrity to its “expression of black liberation,” self-love and trust in life’s journey.

Fika(s) Festival 2024: «Mello» with the Swedish Choir

You may have seen the bright pink and blue posters of the Fika(s) Festival around the city. As a Scandinavophile, I was surprised when I learned that this is a Scandinavian and Nordic cultural festival, in Montreal no less. Ta fika means to take a coffee break in Swedish, and the Fikas(s) festival proposes a series of films, talks, performances, games, and other events from March 9th to 15th. 

Squid @ Club Soda

Post-punk is a very broad genre of music. After emerging from punk in the late 70s in the United Kingdom, it saw punk rock mixed with several other elements from different genres that were unconventional within the punk context.

Ichiko Aoba: Nothing Short of a Breathtaking Performance at Théâtre Beanfield

Critically acclaimed Japanese indie folk artist Ichiko Aoba performed here in Montreal this Friday, February 23rd at Théâtre Beanfield. Known for her minimalistic pastel album covers, the singer-songwriter released her debut album entitled Kamisori Otome in 2010. Ichiko’s music is predominantly melodic, mostly guitar and piano-based, and takes heavy inspiration from the original soundtracks of classic Studio Ghibli films. You can see this influence on Ichiko’s most recently released LP, Windswept Adan.