Concert Reviews

Boris Performing Pink @ Bar Le Ritz PDB

Presented by Blue Skies Turn Black

On a muggy Wednesday night in August, C H R I S T and Boris played a sold out show at Bar Le Ritz PDB to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Boris' classic album, Pink.

Sturgill Simpson @ Theatre Corona - August 4, 2016

Presented by Greenland and Evenko

The first time the name Sturgill Simpson crossed my radar was when the Good Doctor Stephen Weeds began championing him as the new honky tonk hero, and if there is one sure bet I've learned over the years it's that when the Good Doctor starts preaching about some new artist, it's best that you take the time and have a listen. Once again he was bang on and I was hooked immediately.

Inna Modja @ Theatre Fairmount

Festival International Nuits d'Afrique de Montréal

Tashi Wada, Yoshi Wada & Julia Holter + Tashi Dorji & Mette Rasmussen Duo @ La Sala Rossa


REVIEW >> Suoni Per Il Popolo, CKUT, CHOQ, Blue Skies Turn Black, Scène 1425 et CJLO - 1690AM present: Tashi Wada, Yoshi Wada & Julia Holter + Tashi Dorji & Mette Rasmussen Duo >> Friday, June 17, 2016 @ La Sala Rossa

For the experimental and avant-garde music festival Suoni Per Il Popolo, the duo Tashi Dorji & Mette Rasmussen and the father and son pair Yoshi Wada & Tashi Wada, featuring Julia Holter, played a concert at La Sala Rossa full of ambitious and contrasting sounds.

FLUCT + Ylang Ylang & Cosi e Cosi + Nothinge + Ssurfacing + Kazuki Koga @ La Vitrola


REVIEW: CJLO - 1690AM,, No Exist, Suoni Per Il Popolo, and CKUT 90.3FM present: FLUCT + Ylang Ylang & Così e Così + Nothinge + Ssurfacing + Kazuki Koga - Friday, June 10, 2016 @ La Vitrola

Magrudergrind + Yautja + AHNA + Profane Order @ La Vitrola

Magrudergrind + Yautja + AHNA + Profane Order >> La Vitrola >> May 25, 2016

Grinders and crusties all clad in black celebrated hump day by riding their fixed-gear bikes to La Vitrola to see grindcore masters Magrudergrind play their last Canadian date before returning to the States. Back in February, Magrudergrind released their second full-length II through Relapse Records (have I mentioned yet that Relapse is my favourite record label?) after an almost six-year hiatus. 

Ra Ra Riot @ Bar Le Ritz PDB

Presented by Blue Skies Turn Black

"Oh just a melody, yeah that's how to please me" is a line from "Suckers" off Ra Ra Riot's new album Need Your Light, and well, they gave us much more than just a melody performing at Montréal's Bar Le Ritz PDB on Friday, April 15th. Filling the venue with their distinct synth-pop, string-infused sound, Ra Ra Riot had Le Ritz bursting with energy right from the opening song, "Too Too Too Fast", never letting the dance party stop throughout their hour-long set. Even bass player Mathieu Santos showed off his moves with some of the craziest leg manoeuvres I have ever seen.

Nap Eyes @ Casa del Popolo

Presented by Blue Skies Turn Black

East-coast band Nap Eyes finished off their off their North American tour for their second full length album, Thought Rock Fish Scale, on Friday, April 8th at Casa del Popolo.

Archgoat + Valkyrja + Hellfire Deathcult + Blackscorn @ Piranha Bar

This was one of those shows that separated the true from the false, the poseurs from the authentic headbanging stalwarts of the metal scene. This was the closest approximation of the hall of which Manowar spoke, the same hall that Sarcofago said falses must not entry because they would consequently be burned and died. This shit was serious. It was also another instance of Piranha Bar picking up the slack with the metal shows in this city. It is becoming a real nexus point in Montreal's metal scene, as the improved space in the bar's upstairs area is able to take on more and bigger shows. I find this to be a welcome change, as we can use all of the friendly venues for heavy metal music that we can get.

Beach House @ The Rialto Theatre

Presented by Blue Skies Turn Black

Alternative music has become a distant pleasure of mine since I have taken on my weekly radio show. I am constantly looking for new hip hop and electronic music and do not have much time left to enjoy my high school pleasures, which consisted of mainly soft rock. I was overjoyed when I was given the opportunity to go see Beach House, a group I have been listening to for a few years now.

Daughter @ Théâtre Corona

Presented by Evenko

The indie folk band Daughter was in town on Saturday, March 5th, returning for a second time to a sold out Corona Theatre. They met an enthusiastic crowd as they took the stage; filling the intimate setting provided by this unique venue with their slow, melodic make you feel things kinda music. Lead by the stunning vocals of lead singer Elena Tonra, fans were immediately captivated by every sound the London, England based trio produced. Elena could barely get a word in between the cheers of adoring fans after their opening song "How" letting out a nervous giggle and thanking everyone for being there. 

A look back at Iceland Airwaves 2015

Reykjavik, Iceland - November 4-8, 2015

Participating in Iceland Airwaves as a Canadian is sort of like stumbling into a house party full of someone else's tight social circle—except everyone is excited and glad you came and there are one thousand other people who accidentally stumbled into the party too and now you're all friends. It is the kind of festival were almost every shop, café and hostel along the main downtown strip doubles as a venue throughout the week creating space for the "off-venue" no wrist-band-required shows—hugely accessible to people officially participating in the festival as well as people who do not purchase passes.

Kamelot + Dragonforce @ The Imperial Bell

Presented by KMI Entertainment and First Row Talent

I had the pleasure of attending a concert featuring Kamelot and Dragonforce at the Imperial Bell in Quebec City on Sunday, November 22.