Remi’s Streaming Recommendations for this Past Month

Welcome to Corona Confessions - a series written by CJLO community members. Join us on the journey as we recommend anything from healthy home-dweller habits to late night jams. Here’s resident movie expert Remi’s top recommendations for films and TV series that released in the month of May.

Night Lovell: The King of Canadian Underground Rap

This feature was brought to you in part of CJLO's "Hip Hop For Life" series - highlighting Canadian hip hop between June 7th - 14th.

DJ Spotlight


Hi I'm Ryan aka DJ Slurp and I co-host Mouse Party every Wednesday [3PM].

Every week we play anything from pop punk to postpunk and we try to feature as much new and local music as we can. It's a good time laugh


Mike Vo aka DJ Mister Vee

My show is called Beats From The East.... a weekly showcase featuring Urban Music from Far-East Asian communities worldwide!

Since 2009, we have been introducing the likes of the Far-East Movement, Dumbfoundead, The Juan Maclean, Epik High, Masia One, King Giddra, Nitro Microphone Underground, Drunken Tiger, and Awkwafina to Montreal's airwaves.

In doing so, we have also won CJLO Diego awards for Best Hip-Hop show, Best Niche show, and Most Professional Voice!

Causal Chain : Bringing bass music and magic to Montreal

Nela Paki, a young Montreal DJ and producer who goes by the name Laced, has recently launched Causal Chain, an online platform for original emerging talent of our city’s underground electronic music scene.


I'm a 63 old very pissed off hippie (unicorn), who never once voted for the tax cutters and the heartless assholes that have spent the last 40 years destroying the social safety net. My show highlights corporate media lies, spin, bullshit, malfeasance, whoring, and other crimes against humanity. And I play great jazz in between segments. Listen to Your Media Sucks every Monday at 8AM.