Portugal. The Man: Do They Feel It Still?

It's been nearly seven years since John Gourley led his close-knit group of bandmates, Zachary Carothers, Kyle O’Quin, Eric Howk and Zoe Manville, on their embarkment into stardom. Following the release of their Grammy-worthy hit “Feel It Still”, the pop-rock band known as Portugal. The Man, found themselves in the limelight like never before. Unfavourably, with the global pandemic hitting just after the height of the bands’ success, fallout was inevitable; however, fallout does not begin to encapsulate the hardships faced by PTM. 

The Holdovers: A Poignant Picture Of Personal Growth

This year has been interesting for films in the sense that it has been “the year of the epic” – without exception, the most critically and commercially successful films in 2023 have been grand in every sense of the word. The Holdovers is different. By contrast, it’s a tightly focused and tightly cast film that’s driven by the characters and the exploration of their emotional depths.

RIDM 2023: Interview with Artistic Co-Director Marlene Edoyan

Remi interviews Artistic Co-Director of this year’s RIDM festival Marlene Edoyan. The 26th edition brings together documentary lovers from November 15th-26th through thought-provoking and socialy relevant films.

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Renee Rapp: A Woman for All Seasons

Renee Rapp, 23, star of HBO’s The Sex Lives of College Girls, demonstrated that she is not a one-trick pony at Montreal’s MTELUS on October 21, 2023. While playing Leighton on the series jumpstarted her career, Rapp used her following from the television show to promote her passion as she shared videos on social media of her singing original pop songs. Indeed, she may now be a more successful singer than actress as she went viral on numerous occasions which allowed Rapp the opportunity to travel the world on her ongoing “Snow Hard Feelings Tour” for her debut album Snow Angel

image+nation 2023: Two Films Not to Miss

The image+nation festival is celebrating its 36th anniversary from November 16th to 26th, 2023. Canada’s original LGBT2SQ+ film festival that celebrates new queer storytelling is hosting both a theatrical edition in Montreal and a hybrid edition across Canada. There will also be in-person events and panel discussions along the curated 11 days of programming. Emphasizing diversity through its 175 films, image+nation has showings from over 27 countries, representing all corners of the globe. Other spotlights include Queerment Quebec, Made Au Canada, INDIGIQUEER, and a focus on France in Focus France. 

Interview with Stolen Time Director Helene Klodawsky

Remi interviews director Helene Klodawsky about her new film Stolen Time, screening as part of this year’s RIDM film festival on November 19th at 3 PM at Cinema Du Musée. Stolen Time follows the cases of elder right lawyer Melissa Miller as she and her clients navigate the complicated legal proceedings against for-profit nursing homes. The film shines a light on the ack of accountability and transparency in the for-profit sector of nursing homes.


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Frozen to Death at Le Studio TD, and it's Only November

“The best Montreal show we’ve ever played,” gasped Frozen Soul frontman Chad Green while wiping sweat off his face after a particularly energetic show. The Texas death metal act played at Le Studio TD last Thursday as part of their Assimila-Tour with 200 Stab Wounds, Judiciary, and Tribal Gaze.

Slow Pulp’s Contemplative Shoegaze Grunge Fills Bar Le Ritz

Slow Pulp is a dreamy Chicago-based band that formed in elementary school as a trio between guitarist Henry Stoehr, bass player Alexander Leeds, and drummer Theodore Mathews, before Emily Massey joined the band as their vocalist in 2017. Yard, their second full-length LP, was just released in September 2023.

Fuming Mouth’s Mark Whelan on Touring in Canada and Last Day of Sun

“Halloween is fucking over!” screamed Fuming Mouth frontman Mark Whelan as he threw a plush Jack Skellington doll onto the stage floor. While the singer/guitarist shouldn’t need an excuse to curb-stomp Halloween decorations that overstay their welcome, the Nov. 3 concert at Foufounes Électriques marks a new era for the group with the release of their sophomore album Last Day of Sun.

Dope Lemon at L’Olympia: Pure Psychosis

What is it that is captured by the pseudonym of Dope Lemon? For one, it is a psychedelic experience orchestrated by Australian singer-songwriter, Angus Stone. Listeners might as well gear up with their bell bottoms and a tightly rolled joint, as Stone’s music very much mimics the sensations of lying in the beating sun at late-1960s Woodstock. The strong folk and indie influences from Stone’s earlier musical duo, alongside sister Julia Stone, carry through into his newest project, Dope Lemon. Dope Lemon was established as Stone’s new artistic front in 2016.