Top 10 Films of 2017

The new year has just begun, and so I am planning a schedule of films to watch and re-watch in the new year. 2017 was packed with a wide range of films, from pulse-quickening horror to comedies with poignant social critiques. Christopher Nolan proved with his film Dunkirk that a natural filmic quality is still possible in a big budget film.

Black Panther - Ticket Contest

Did you hear that Kendrick is running the Soundtrack for Marvel's Black Panther?! Just another big reason to be excited about this film!

Annnndddd.... CJLO has got tickets up for grabs to an advance screening!!

To win, all you have to do is shoot us a quick e-mail to with the title "BP" The screening will be taking place on the evening of Thursday, February 8th in Montréal.

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CJLO TOP 30 (Jan 16th - 22nd)


Above is CJLO's weekly TOP 30 from January 16th to 22nd. Our charts are compiled from actual airplay on our airwaves, broadcasted on 1690 AM in Montreal and its surrounding areas, as well as live via our website at

Montreal Locals: Ritual Master, Tshizimba, Shem G, Ora Cogan, Joni Void, and Big Brave

Canadian: METZ, Tough Age, Beliefs, Mauno, Chad VanGaalen, Teenanger, Terra Lightfoot, Vantablack Warship, Chanhays, Bonnie Doon, and Moka Only

Tune into Charts & Crafts every Friday at 12pm to get a tast of our charts live on CJLO!

CJLO presents: The Link Magazine's February Launch Party

Events that combine music and a meaningful dialogue are our favourite!

Community Event - Upscale

One of our DJ's family members is hosting a fundraiser & formal party, UPSCALE, on Valentine's Day Weekend (Feb 10th)!!

Dress you best and enjoy killer music from 9 local DJs. Also, proceeds from this event will be going to The Strong Hinkson Organization as well as the St Lucia Cultural Association of Montreal

You can find all the details regarding the location, timing and music on the Facebook Event

Contest - Matt Holubowski

If you enjoy beautiful singer-songwriter music, look no further than local Montréal treasure Matt Holubowski!

You can catch him live alongside Mappe Of on Jan 27th at Église Sainte-Thérèse-d'Avila, a beautiful church just outside of Montréal in Sainte-Thérèse - EVENT HERE

To win a pair of tickets, just send us an e-mail to with the title "Holubowski". We got several to give away!

New Nostalgia: An Interview With Majid Jordan (With Full Audio!)

It’s always a nice surprise to hear that one of your favorite groups is coming to town. What can be even better? How about a phone conversation with them a day before they go on stage? This week, I had the privilege to speak with Majid Jordan, who were on their way to Montreal to perform the first show of their 2018 North American Tour. Here are the highlights from our 20 minute conversation.

Akeem: Welcome to Montreal. You guys have been here in the past, what do you look forward to when you get to Montreal?

Jordan: Just energy. Singing. Dancing. The crowd is incredible here. I always say one of the best crowds in the world

Top Metal Bands of 2017

At CJLO we realize it's always good to look forward rather than backwards, but we also realize that if we don't learn from the things we do, we are doomed to repeat them over and over. In light of these dueling facts, we want to shed light on the scope of music played at the station in 2017, so the Metal department compiled their tops of the year.

Concert Review: Majid Jordan @ MTELUS, Jan. 16, 2018

When I watch a Majid Jordan music video, I feel cozy—not the type of cozy that makes you want to crawl into bed, but the type that makes you want to crack open your finest bottle of wine, put on a mink coat, and snuggle with your significant other. I had the opportunity to speak with Majid Jordan before they hit the stage in Montreal, and even though they told me what to expect from the show and that their audio visual experience has been enhanced, I could not foresee the Blade Runner-esque dream state the duo would be able to create, and keep everyone in attendance drawn to.

Above & Beyond Ticket Contest

English EDM group Above & Beyond are coming to town on Feb 3rd, touring their new album Common Ground, and we want to send you to the show!!

If you want a free pair of tickets just send us an e-mail to with the subject title "A&B". We'll be announce the winners in the coming week.

Special thanks to Evenko for the tickets.

For more details on the show and how to buy tickets, CLICK HERE