CJLO X SXSW 2024: Metal Music Preview

Ah yes... after a break for... some reason that I forgot that is DEFINITELY still NOT happening as you are reading this right now, CJLO is heading back down to SXSW for the first time since 2019.

Now, I've stated in the past that metal does not seem to be a priority for SX, so how is it this year?

It's actually worse than previous years.

Squid @ Club Soda

Post-punk is a very broad genre of music. After emerging from punk in the late 70s in the United Kingdom, it saw punk rock mixed with several other elements from different genres that were unconventional within the punk context.

CJLO X SXSW 2024: Festival Preview

This year, the team at CJLO is returning to SXSW in Austin, Texas for the first time since 2019! With a festival where the whole world seems to meet over the span of just 9 days, where does one even begin?

We here at CJLO want to bring the best new talent back to you here at the station! As Head Music Director, I’ve meticulously analyzed and dissected the schedule to find the most exciting performances, talks, and special events!

Ichiko Aoba: Nothing Short of a Breathtaking Performance at Théâtre Beanfield

Critically acclaimed Japanese indie folk artist Ichiko Aoba performed here in Montreal this Friday, February 23rd at Théâtre Beanfield. Known for her minimalistic pastel album covers, the singer-songwriter released her debut album entitled Kamisori Otome in 2010. Ichiko’s music is predominantly melodic, mostly guitar and piano-based, and takes heavy inspiration from the original soundtracks of classic Studio Ghibli films. You can see this influence on Ichiko’s most recently released LP, Windswept Adan.

Seum Live at CJLO

Montreal manages to produce a bunch of loud, angry, aggressive, noisy, sludgy bands, and, due to the nature of the city, sometimes those bands don't even come from the city itself. Such is the case with the French expats contained within the seedy underbelly of Seum.

Last year, on March 12th, right after the release of their latest record, Double Double, the trio came into the CJLO studios and performed a live session inside our recording studio, The Oven.

But, because they are unquestionably diligent, and love you so much that they want to provide you with as much music as is possible, they have taken this session and are releasing it on their Bandcamp so you can enjoy the delightfully disgusting sounds that they produce.

Taverne Tour 2024 Day 3: Synth Pop, Shoegaze, and Snacks Across Plateau Mont-Royal

Taverne Tour 2024 came to a close Saturday, February 10th, marking the end of the weekend’s festival which stretched all over the Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood. There were plenty of bands to see over the three-day event, and CJLO was able to see a number of the featured acts, including: Marontate, Yves Jarvis, HAWA B, R. Flex, Glowing Orb, Jetsam, and more. 

Taverne Tour 2024 Day 2: Intimate Shows Across Genres

On day two Taverne Tour 2024, Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood was packed with concerts to attend. With acts like TEKE::TEKE, Yves Jarvis, Family Man, Janette King, and more running February 9th, the city’s music fans were out and about Friday night catching a myriad of shows. 

CJLO staff were out on the town for the second day of the festival, seeing just some of the shows Taverne Tour had to offer.  


The New State of (House) Jazz: Berlioz at Le Studio TD

When U.K. DJ and producer Berlioz announced a tour earlier this year, I knew I had to cover his set at Le Studio TD. I’ve been a fan of Berlioz for just over a year, discovering his music on TikTok, as most of his fans have. Seeing that his entire discography, only going back two years, consisted of no more than eight tracks, I expected to be met with a fairly small crowd and a fairly easy night, and I couldn't have been further off. 

Taverne Tour 2024 Day 1: An Energetic Kick Off To The Festival

Taverne Tour was back last week with dozens of concerts happening across several Plateau Mont-Royal venues. From February 8th-10th, venues Casa del Popolo, L’Escogriffe, La Sala Rossa, Quai des Brumes, and more hosted a packed line-up of Canadian and international artists, including: Ducks Ltd., Janette King, Laurence-Anne, Population II, SUUNS, Safia Nolin, and many more. 

On Thursday, CJLO staff attended a few of the shows Taverne Tour had to offer.


Frost Children at La Sotterenea: An Energetic Double Header

Frost Children is a musical duo currently based in New York City. The act consists of siblings Angel and Lulu Prost, who both have solo music, but their collaborative efforts have brought them the most success. The siblings produce genre-bending music, with their newest album, Hearth Room, released in November of 2023. Hearth Room is a stark contrast to their prior work, demonstrating the duo's diversity and alternative indie sound. Their other 2023 album, SPEED RUN, features hyperpop, glitchcore, and techno tracks.