Ashbreather Live on CJLO

Join hosts Andrew from Grade A Explosives, and Phil from Turn on the Darkness as they co-host for a special episode this Wednesday, Feb 21st from 7-9pm, in which they'll play the loudest and heaviest of music from a variety of genres.

Most importantly, special guests Ashbreather (MTL) will be performing live in our studio, The Oven, at 8pm sharp!

Album Review: "The Moonlight Club" by The Moonlight Club

The Moonlight Club’s most recent effort, the self-titled full-length album, is their most consistent and cohesive work to date. Recorded over a nine-day period at Breakglass Studios with David Smith (Patrick Watson, Elephant Stone, Leif Vollebekk), the album showcases the band’s authentic blend of folk-rock and 80’s new wave. With tight, impressive drum work and guitar tones that Johnny Marr would be proud of, the Moonlight Club have created a strong, diverse album that takes the listener on a journey from energetic rock to sweeping balladry. 

The Dead Centuries on Grade A Explosives

This Sunday on Grade A Explosives, Ottawa 3-piece The Dead Centuries will be calling in to chat with Andrew. Well... since they're an instrumental band they'll presumably be making words. Anyway, if they do talk, they'll be talking about the new record, Race Against Time, the Ottawa music scene, international politics, and, of course being an instrumental metal band.

CJLO TOP 30 (FEB 6TH - 12TH)


Above is CJLO's weekly TOP 30 from February 6th to 12th. Our charts are compiled from actual airplay on our airwaves, broadcasted on 1690 AM in Montreal and its surrounding areas, as well as live via our website at

Montreal Based: Milk & Bone, Vantablack Warship, Kristian North and Shem G

Canadian: Greber, Cadence Weapon, Alvvays, Dead Centuries, Cadence Weapon, Chad Vangaalen, Daniel Caesar, Omhouse, Miesha & The Spanks, Viledriver, Chanhays, Beliefs, METZ, Edgar Breau, Cecil Frena and No Museums

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Love for Le Cagibi

As you may have heard, local venue and alternative community hot spot Le Cagibi is having to move due to a big rent increase. Well, Josh from The Neighbourhood (Wednesdays from 5-6pm) hosted a 2-hour Love for Le Cagibi special yesterday where some good friends and talented musicians called in to share their favourite memories of of the space! 

Mappe Of - Live From The Oven

Our most recent live session at CJLO was with Mappe OfTheir debut record A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone is a sonic world unto itself, an aural landscape steeped in experience and imagination... Take a listen to three of the tunes, which they played for us on Jan 16th, the night after they performed with Bahamas in Montréal.

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Film Review: Black Panther (And Why You Should See It)

It’s finally here! Black Panther, the 18th installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) run by Marvel Studios, focuses on the events that occurred after Captain America: Civil War, released in spring of 2016. Black Panther is not your typical MCU film, but it does revert back to MCU's last battle trope—and it looks amazing.

T’Challa returns to Wakanda, a technologically advanced African nation that is hidden from the rest of the world. Upon his return he is crowned King, but not without the demons of his father’s reign lurking in the shadows waiting to be revealed.

Krystale || Live From The Oven

We are so excited to announce our first video collboaration with CUTV and Vive Media! Check out this awesome live performance at CJLO from local R&B / Electro-Soul artist Krystale, recorded live on Je Suis TBA back in November...

Also, if you want to just listen to the audio, it's up on SoundCloud below!

Concert Review: "Blue faces for a night not so blue" - Brockhampton @ Corona, Feb. 6, 2018

Once I learned that Brockhampton was coming to Montreal, I instantly started listening to all of their four albums religiously.  I now believe that all of the 16-year-old boys in Montreal did the same.

Last Tuesday, Montreal’s rap enthusiast community had the great honor of welcoming the 15 members that form the American music group Brockhampton for a show of high-intensity at Corona Theater.

The band, created in 2015, is the brainchild of Texas-raised artist Kevin Abstract who, via a website specific for fans of Kanye West, formed a band designated to redefining the title “boy band” and creating music that imperatively mandates inclusivity and diversity.



Above is CJLO's weekly TOP 30 from January 30th to February 5th. Our charts are compiled from actual airplay on our airwaves, broadcasted on 1690 AM in Montreal and its surrounding areas, as well as live via our website at

Montreal Based: Shem G, Paupière, Ora Cogan, Black Bambi, and Tshizimba

Canadian: Greber, Cadence Weapon, Faith Healer, Anvil, Chanhays, Buffy Sainte Marie, Terra Lightfoot, Vantablack Warship, Tough Age, Bonnie Doon, Death From Above, Dead Centuries, Walter TV, and Slow

Tune into Charts & Crafts every Friday at 12pm to get a tast of our charts live on CJLO!