Lots of awesome bands have recorded live sessions at CJLO over the years! Check out our latest featured sessions here or view the complete list.

North America Live @ CJLO

On June 15th 2012, the dynamic twin duo known as North America blew our minds on With Gay Abandon, when they played live, in studio. Hailing from New York, via the experimental music community of Albuquerque, NM, and then back to New York, Josh and Jesse Hasko have mastered a unique, hard-to-pin-down blend of post dance, post rock, psych rave noise, to Desert-Psych-Disco-Punk.They took twin-speak to a new level, and communicated, instrumentally, through their music in a way that brought chills to our spines.


Wintermitts Live @ CJLO

On June 1st, 2012, With Gay Abandon and Let Them Eat Cake teamed up to co-present Vancouver's Wintermitts, live, in studio.

They did a special acoustic set for us, from their 2012 release Océans, revealing that their charm and charisma was still up to snuff, even as their Canadian tour drew to a close in our fair city of Montreal.

Check out their website for a detailed blog from the tour, accompanied with amazing pictures!


An Horse Live @ CJLO

Brisbane, Australia's An Horse stopped by CJLO's studios to record a stripped down acoustic session for Hooked on Sonics.  The band was on tour supporting their debut full length record Rearrange Beds and were making their first visit to Montreal. Oddly enough, singer/guitarist Kate Cooper now resides in Montreal. Maybe it was the charm of CJLO that convinced her to move? Maaaaybe...


Thrust N Thrive Live @ CJLO

August 21st , 2011, Thrust N’ Thrive enthusiastically showed up to CJLO for a lovely night of metal and for a session on my show Break It Down. This is the second time that Thrust N’ Thrive has been on my radio show (they had been on my show a few months earlier for an interview). In order for Thrust N’ Thrive to properly document the night for their fans, they brought their own cameraman and lights. This made the load in and out a little difficult but brought a unique energy to their live session.


Chuck Ragan & Dave Hause Live @ CJLO

One of my personal highlights of working at CJLO was when we welcomed modern punk legends Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music) and Dave Hause (Loved Ones, Paint it Black) into the CJLO studios to record a session for Hooked on Sonics.  


Title Fight Live @ CJLO

Pennsylvania's Title Fight have been making waves across the world for eight years, all without an LP to their name until recently. They have toured relentlessly and released numerous seven inches and EPs which has given them a large fan base across the globe. On May 3rd, 2011, Title fight released their debut studio album Shed, to widespread acclaim, and have been on the road supporting it since.


Zola Jesus Live @ CJLO

The timing behind when we were offered the possibility of a session with Zola Jesus, aka Nika Roza Danilova, was perfect.  October 15th turned out to be the birthday/anniversary of 3 years of CJLO being on the AM airwaves.  One of those moments when all the CJLO staffers came together to make something happen, we worked so hard to make sure we could nail this session down - our Production Director Lachlan coordinating with the band's sound engineer, our Program Director Brian and General Manager Stephanie coordinatin


3 Inches of Blood Live @ CJLO

Not many bands would show up anywhere before the fashionable time of noon o'clock unless it was for something huge.  That's not the case for 3 Inches of Blood, who showed up at CJLO early on a Monday morning at 9:30 to do a session at our lovely station. Not only did they come to do the session for what most bands would call an ungodly early part of the morning, but they also did it on the first day of filming for a documentary that's being made about them and their tour across Canada with the


ManyMental Mistakes Live @ CJLO

Montreal post-punk/no-wave trio ManyMental Mistakes recorded a set for Dirty Work, here's a little write up on the session by Dirty Work host Denis:


Reversing Falls Live @ CJLO

Montreal scrappy power pop trio Reversing Falls dropped by the CJLO studios to record a live-to-air session for Hooked on Sonics, proving that they're pretty darn loud to everyone in the station and impressing us all with their robo drum machine.