Lots of awesome bands have recorded live sessions at CJLO over the years! Check out our latest featured sessions here or view the complete list.

Motel Raphaël Live @ CJLO

Motel Raphaël is a young Indie-pop band from Montreal, led by Clara Legault, Emily Skahan and Maya Malkin. They have just debuted their very first studio album, Cable TV, which was entirely crowd funded by a very successful Indiegogo campaign. They love Montreal and are very proud to be part of its rich cultural tapestry.

Motel Raphael stopped by The Oven at CJLO Studios to perform live on Maiden Voyage. They treated us to the following acoustic track off of their new album, and then spoke candidly with Beansie on air.


The Greenery Live @ CJLO

I can’t put my finger on why I like Long Beach, California’s The Greenery, so much. Sure they are a hardcore band, with exactly what you would expect from a hardcore band. They have the crushing rhythm, the breakdowns, the razorblade vocals, and the “I don’t give a damn attitude.” But they are somehow different.


Walrus Live @ CJLO

Walrus is a fantastic five piece band from Halifax, Nova Scotia who dropped by our studios on a very hot summer day in early June, to bring a little breeze into The Oven. They took a break from their tour, before a stop to play a great set at The Plant that night, to treat us to some psychedelic pop songs and stuck around for a short interview. Check out the 4 groovy tunes below.


The Beverleys Live @ CJLO

A few months back, while on tour with Buzz Records label-mates, HSY, The Beverleys dropped by The Oven Studio @ CJLO to play some tunes. We recorded them. They pulled off an intense, pummelling set, effortlessly. Now, here they are for you listening pleasure.


Ought Live @ CJLO

Ought are a Montreal four piece of the post-punk persuasion that have been kicking up a lot of fuss in recent weeks since the release of their brilliant debut record More Than Any Other Day which came out on Constellation at the end of April. One listen (or better, one live performance), and it's not hard to see why. 


Hashed Out Live @ CJLO

Hashed Out are a gang of miscreant man-children from the bowels of Montreal. They are a mutant child of various local acts; Barn Burner, Black Ships, Bionic, Mi Amore, Dig It Up, Prevenge, etc.

They came in 2 hours late because “Punx” and tore through eight songs. They are the current champion of “Loudest Band at CJLO.” So if you want heavy, we have you covered.


Thighs Live @ CJLO

Toronto's Thighs entered our studios on Saturday afternoon armed with a giant wall of cabs and amps that they ran their whole set up through. This made my job of recording it quite simple, when they were so in control of their sound. After setting up a few mics they proceeded to immediately rip into 3 songs off their new self-titled album. Showing as much control and power in their playing as they do with their massive sound set-up.


Solids Live @ CJLO

Since seeing them play an amazing set at the first Pouzza Fest in 2011, I had become a fast fan of local noise pop duo Solids.  We invited them in to the CJLO studios to play live on the Hooked on Sonics show where they played a set of three songs to promote their then recently released 7" for "Fog Friends" b/w "Blown Out".  Both songs from the 7" were performed, including a brand spanking new song that will eventually be on their forthcoming f


Rah Rah Live @ CJLO

Regina, SK's Rah Rah have been through Montreal numerous times but unfortunately scheduling or other things have always kept us from getting them in to do a session.  Finally, during Pop Montreal 2012, we made it happen.  While a couple of the band's members are no strangers to CJLO's studios (having recorded a session here with their other band Sylvie), the whole band felt right at home and cooked up four delicious session tracks



Following a blistering show at Pop Montreal 2012 opening for Hot Snakes (where Hot Snakes bassist Gar Wood borrowed their bass to play a cover of Drive Like Jehu's "Bullet Train to Vegas"), longtime Hooked on Sonics favourites METZ paid their first visit to the CJLO studios to record two songs from their amazing 2012 self-titled full length (that has since spent numerous weeks on top of the CJLO Top 30), and a song from a bonus 7" released with the album.