Pop d'Époque: Ohara + Hua Li @ Société des arts technologiques


OHara and Hua Li at the SATosphere for Le Pop D'époque's Party Like It's 1699, and M for Montreal, November 19th, 2014

This night was a full sensory experience. If you have never been to the dome at the SAT, that is step one in the sensory immersion. It is as it sounds, a giant domed room at the top of the SAT building. It is outfitted by teams of projectors and a top notch surround sound system. This performance utilized every inch of the space, in an almost overwhelming, yet fully-engaging feast at every level.

I wasn't really sure what I would be walking in to when reading the event description, other than seeing two awesome local babes play. When I arrived, OHARA was taking the stage. She was lovely. Her enchanting voice was beautifully accompanied by strings and guitar. I really enjoyed seeing this side of this multi-faceted shiny gem of an artist. I recommend getting to know her stuff! She was surrounded by breathtaking visuals, all part of new media artist Frances Adair McKenzie's live mixing. OHARA's set was short, but sweet, another aspect I appreciated, it made you wanting more, in a good way.

Following OHARA was Hua Li, Montreal's own Hip Hop babe, slightly reminiscent of a glammed-up Lady Sovereign meets Angel Haze. She was supported by some tasty beats, and her live piano playing added a nice touch to her full-ranging sounds. With a new single, "Luxury", out on her label Art Not Love Records, she was generous to share a free download with the audience. Check it out for a sample of this local name to watch for!

Ending the night was the fully-immersed actuality known as Le Pop D'époque, the brainchild of collective Party Like It's 1699. I definitely can't express this "piece" in a few words, since it pretty much blew me away. It transported me to another world that had experimental samples of baroque musings, sprinkled with pop sensibilities, and glittering torsos writhing amidst the dark underworld and ethereal legends of mythology and magic. Also, many cameos by some of Montreal's talented demi-gods and goddesses, including Mozart's Sister and Magical Cloudz. There were ten narrative pieces, combining dance, music and new media visual stylings. Adding to the full gustatory of feeling, the event was catered by FoodLab, completing the delivery of the audience to another moment in time/and or space.

This show is up until Friday, November 21st, and you need to go and experience it for yourself!

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What's Happening?

We Just Wanna Have Some Fun, Down at the Rock and Roll Club

For the past 10 years, Prince Palu and his trusted comrade Oncle Ian have been trying to steer people towards the shows that they thought would enrich the soul and shake the booty. Some listened, some didn't know they were talking. Then someone told Prince Palu that the pen was mightier than the sword, so he decided to write down these suggestions and voilà! 'What's Happening?' was born. Obviously these are not all of the shows happening, but hopefully it will be a solid listing that will either keep you from missing a band you love or help you discover a new band to love.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nancy Pants are launching their debut album at 185 Van Horne, a loft space on the corner of de l'Esplande. BYOB and $7 entry at 8:00 pm. For anyone who has yet to see Nancy Pants, this would be as good a time as any to check out 'em out. They will be joined by two other Montreal bands, Special Noise and Heathers.

The Letouts, who are currently recording their debut album, are playing at Alexandra Platz Bar (6731 de l'Esplande), which is a little hidden if you've never been there so you might want to Google map it. Anyway, I have only recently found out about this band and can only tell you that (a) they play rock and roll, and (b) they feature the one and only Annie Laurin on organ. Two reasons good enough to get you out of your pyjamas and up wandering through Petite-Patrie. The 10:00 pm start time will give you some extra time to find the venue.

If the cold weather has you looking for something a little more jazzy, Parisian and cozy, Gigi French returns to l'Escogriffe (4467 St-Denis), at 9:00 pm with her blend of French pop, swinging jazz and klezmer music. This is a show sure to help you forget about the frigid temperatures outside. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Operators return to Montreal to play La Sala Rossa (4848 St-Laurent) as part of the M for Montreal festival. Dan Boeckner's latest project is full of synthy goodness without being too synthy, if you know what I mean. Joining Operators will be Seoul, Moon King, and CTZNSHP, making it an electronic music fan's wet dream. Doors at 7:00 pm, first band at 8:00 pm.

Quintron & Miss Pussycat bring their New Orleans flavoured hard rocking dance party to Divan Orange (4234 St-Laurent) with the one-woman keyboard army of Lederhosen Lucil and the dream-pop psychedelia of Cocobeurre. This is a guaranteed winner. If you don't have fun at this show, you need to check your pulse or fire your shrink. Doors at 8:00 pm, first band at 9:00 pm.

Local garage heroes Les Marinellis takeover the stage at Quai des Brumes (4481 St-Denis) to show how rock and roll was intended to be played. Helping to up the ante of mayhem will be Ottawa's New Swears, El Napoleon, and Mikey Heppner's latest band, Beat Cops. $10 at the door. Show starts at 9:00 pm.

And just to make your choice a little harder on Friday, M for Montreal is presenting a free show, featuring Toronto's Weaves and Montreal's PyPy, down at RIDM (175 du Président-Kennedy). I don't know much about Weaves other than they are starting to create buzz on both sides of the Canada/US border, but I can swear that PyPy never disappoint. Starts at 10:00 pm.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thee Oh Sees, one of the leading bands of the current garage-pysch revolution, return to Montreal to play at Le National (1220 Ste-Catherine E.) with fellow So-Cal electric wizard Jack Name and Minneapolis garage-stomp punkateers The Blind Shake along for the journey. This has 'show of the year' implications and is strongly recommended not to be missed. $20 at the door. Doors at 8:00 pm.

Meanwhile up at La Vitrola (4602 St-Laurent, across the street from Aux Vivres), Heavy Trip presents the psychedelic-raga of Elephant Stone headlining another amazing line-up, including Heat, Each Other, Teenager, and UUBBUURRUU. This one is also co-presented by CJLO, so you know it is gots to be great. First band on at 9:00 pm. $10 at the door.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

After the intensity of the preceding nights, it might be time to gear down a little on Sunday. Luckily for us two members of the Montreal band Archery Guild, Huei Lin and Michael Cota, have decided to put on a stripped down, singer-songwriter showcase at Inspecteur Épingle (4051 St-Hubert) that they promise will "offer you some dulcet from the heart". $5 at the door. Show starts at 9:00 pm.

If you need something a little earlier to help you digest that delicious brunch you just devoured, head over to Phonopolis Records (207 Bernard W.), at 2:00 pm where Myriam Gendron and Panachrome (Peter Burton, Sylvain Côté & Evan Tighe) will be performing a free in-store performance. 


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November 20th, 2014

Hosted by: Celeste Lee

Sories by: Marilla Steuter-Martin, Celeste Lee

Produced by: Emeline Vidal

Mundial Montreal 2014 Top Picks

Mundial Montreal, Montreal's World Music Summit, is back and CJLO 1690 AM is on the scene! With 34 artists and eight workshops and panels to choose from, you might ask yourself, "Where do I start?" Well, look no further friends of CJLO, here are the top Mundial Montreal shows to check out this week, brought to you by Beat The World! 


Martha Redbone, singer/songwriter with a woodsy blend of funk, folk, and blues. Sister Martha proudly embraces her unique American heritage "back to a time before America was founded." With strong Native American, Appalachian, and Piedmont elements, Martha Redbone is a sure way to start your Mundial experience. Tuesday, November 18th, 9 PM @ Lion d'Or (1676 Ontario E.).

Malika Tirolien, Montreal-Guadeloupean singer/songwriter fresh from releasing her solo album, Sur La Voie Ensoleillée, is bound to fill your night with creole soul, jazz, R'n'B, and hip hop love. Tuesday, November 18th, 9 PM @ Lion d'Or.

CanadAfrica, "African Roots Meets Canadian Roots" is a collaboration between Mike Stevens and Okaidja Afroso. Listen to what happens when these fine gentlemen fuse world music with folk music. You guessed it, nothing short of a "complex interlocking" of African rhythms and the soul of the blues! Wednesday, November 19th, 4 PM @ Petit Campus (57 Prince-Arthur E.).

Samito, singer/composer from Maputo, Mozambique now living in Montreal, is what you've been waiting for! "Inspired by African aesthetics", Samito has an ear for good sound and deep texture. Expect soulful Portuguese and Chitswa melodies and a solid groove to rock your night. Thursday, November 20th, 9:50 PM @ Le Divan Orange (4234 Saint-Laurent). 

Beatrice Deer, singer/songwriter and throat singer is a force to be reckoned with! Hailing from small-town Quaqtaq, Nunavik in northern Quebec, this talented singer is also a seamstress and painter. Carrying her Inuit culture close to her heart, she not only sings to honour her tradition, she also wears her creations on stage; with a hint of contemporary style, to top this evening of pop-folk. Thursday, November 20th, 8:40 PM @ Le Divan Orange.

Romain Malagnoux & Moustafa Kouyaté are joined together as on their latest album, Les Frontières Imaginaires, to prove there are no boarders when it comes to music. A rich mixture of Malian blues and French chansons with infectious n'goni and guitar rhythms. This night will keep you dancing like in a trance. Thursday, November 20th, 11:35 PM @ Club Balattou (4372 Saint-Laurent).

Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra, with 15 artists on stage playing and dancing to Colombian percussions, fanfare horns, and gitan elements of Eastern Europe, you are bound to party! With their one mission of making you dance, you will find it hard to resist. A perfect way to end off Mundial Montreal. Free yourself of the stress and the cold and come dance up a frenzy! Friday, November 21st, 7:30 PM @ Club Soda (1225 Saint-Laurent).


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November 19, 2014

Hosted by Jocelyn Beaudet

Stories by Marilla Steuter-Martin

Produced by Marilla Steuter-Martin

Highlights of Expozine 2014

This past weekend was the 12th annual Expozine, a free event dedicated to small press. Featuring over 300 artists working in print, art and even film, the festival is a must for fans of emerging artists and alternative publishing. With each passing year Expozine seems to grow and grow, fuelled by the unending enthusiasm of both artists and patrons. Just a couple of hours after opening its doors to the public, personal space becomes limited with the room vibrating with laughter, curiosity and new discoveries. With such a wide range of styles and mediums, it’s difficult not to stumble upon something that will grab your attention and with many of the works available exclusively at expozine, it’s worth the time to pause and absorb as much as possible.

Always one of the highlights of expozine is local legend, Rick Trembles (who also designed a previous edition of the CJLO print magazine). A fixture in Montreal’s comic scene, Trembles emerged into the public consciousness through his incredible illustrated film reviews he used to do for the now defunct Montreal Mirror. The grand majority of them were assembled in a book, ‘The Motion Picture Purgatory’, which he was selling along with an updated zine addition featuring brand new reviews. If you are unfamiliar with Rick Trembles work, his drawing style is akin to Winsor McCay ('Little Nemo in Slumberland' and 'Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend') on a bad trip. Like McCay he excels at allowing the layout of the page tell a story as important as individual frames. The big picture has its own sense of rhythm and visual cohesiveness that serves to create a third meaning. In contrast to McCay though, Trembles work is infused with a punk energy; pulsing members, decapitation, and with his own comic-alterego he is unafraid to break the fourth wall.

Rick Trembles was accompanied by his father, Jack Tremblay, who was a successful comics artist during World War Two for Wow Comics and Commando Comics. Earlier this year, he was the recipient of the Doug Wright Canadian Cartoonists’ Lifetime Achievement Award at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. For Expozine, Tremblay presented his first comic since World War Two, entitled ‘ESTHETIC COMICS: IN OUR BACKYARD’ a surreal and abstract journey into the subconscious. The comic does not adopt any kind of linear notions of narrative, instead focusing on creating a nightmarish dreamscape of fantasy, memory and desire. The illustrations seem half-formed and the dialogue elusive, cryptic - they evoke the attempting to piece together a half-forgotten dream.

Another highlight of this year’s expozine was the work of Hazel Newlevant. Newlevant is originally from Portland and is now working out of Queens, NY. She was offering $5 portraits to anyone who was interested and I can’t resist such a proposition. While she was quickly sketching me, I took the time to have a look at her selection of comics and comic diaries. One in particular caught my eye, a watercolor comic called ‘If this Be Sin’. Newlevant was the recipient of the Prism Comics ‘Queer Press Grant’ in 2013 which allowed her to produce this comic about queer female musicians. Featuring 3 different stories about queer women and music, the book blends fiction with biography. Her style is soft and introspective, and even in the more historically biographical pieces such as the title story about Gladys Bentley adopt an air of phantasmagoria. Newlevant has an effortless style that feels accessible without being simplistic, her stories resonate and it’s difficult not to fall in love with her artwork.

That is just a small cross section of the wide variety of artists and works present at Expozine. A Full list of the 2014 participants is available to browse through on the website. This is a wonderful opportunity to have a look at some of the work you may have missed, or else give you something to look forward to for next year.

- Justine Smith is the CJLO Ace (Additional Content Editor), she has a passion for cinema and is addicted to Twitter @redroomrantings

November 18, 2014

Hosted by Danny Aubry

Stories by Omar Megahed, Alexa Everett & Danny Aubry

Produced by Marilla Steuter-Martin

L.A. Foster Wednesday on Champs

Tune in to Champions Of The Local Scene this Wednesday, November 19th at 6 PM EST to hear a live session with L.A. Foster, brought to you by M FOR MONTREAL! L.A. Foster is a conceptual project led by Montreal musician Lesley Ann Foster, whose soulful voice blends with delay, melodic synths, and electronic beats.

Operators Thursday on Dirty Work

San Jose, California synth pop band Operators (featuring Dan Boeckner from Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs, and Divine Fits) will be LIVE in session for a very special episode of Dirty Work this Thursday at 4 PM EST! Brought to you by M FOR MONTREAL. Your dirty work is done for you, all you have to do is listen!


Hosted by Alexa Everett

Stories by Emeline Vidal & Alexa Everett 

Produced by Sam Obrand