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October 2nd, 2015

By Patricia Petit-Liang
The owners of a mom-and-pop cupcake shop in Montreal were issued an order to redraw their chalkboard signs after receiving a letter from the Office Quebecois de la Langue Francaise to enlarge the French text on them.

According to CTV News, the owners of Cupcake Emmagination Bakery were frustrated by the demands of the OQLF, but will follow through with the changes because they don’t have the means to challenge them in court.

The bakery has until October 19th to change their signs.

By Alexa Everett

McDonald's CEO, John Betts, announced that the fast food chain will now be adding self-serve options and table service to all of its Canadian restaurants. 
According to the Montreal Gazette, the new service will create over 15,00 jobs across Canada. 
Innovations include greeters and chefs, as well as a new burger priced .60 cents more than the current patty. 
All remodelling is expected to be completed by 2017. 


By Pauline Nesbit

A gunman killed nine people and wounded seven before he was fatally shot by police at a mass shooting that took place at a community college campus in Oregon on Thursday.   Three of the wounded were listed in critical condition.

According to the Toronto Sun News, President Obama in his emotionally charged address to the nation said that people should demand greater gun controls from their politicians.

The police are continuing their investigations into the motives that triggered the 26-year-old suspect to commit this latest mass shooting.

News for October 1st, 2015

By Saturn De Los Angeles

The City of Montreal has decided to temporarily put off its plan to dump 8 million litres of untreated waste water into the Saint-Lawrence river. 

According to the Montreal Gazette, the decision comes after gaining widespread attention from the local media and concern from opposition councillors. 

In particular, Projet Montréal's Sylvain Ouellet questioned why the city didn't consider alternative options to prevent the river from being contaminated.     

The city's committee executive for water, Chantal Rouleau, reveals that the plan will be re-evaluated with due diligence in the interest of Montrealers. 
The dump would have started on October 18th and lasted for one week, as part of the Bonaventure expressway's reconstruction project. 

By Julia Bryant

A man who swam from North Dakota to Manitoba has been granted permission to stay in Canada as a "protected person". 

According to CBC, Yahya Samatar is from Somalia where he says he was threatened by the militant group al-Shabaab, who are linked to al-Qaeda. 

Samatar left Somalia in 2014 when he paid smugglers to get him to the U.S.

After spending six months in a detention centre, Samatar swam across the Red River this August and was greeted with hospitality in Canada.

After his court hearing that took place Wednesday, Samatar should receive permanent citizenship status in the next 12 to 14 months.


By Emeline Vidal

The World Health Organization is encouraging that all people with HIV be offered antiretroviral drugs after diagnosis.

According to BBC, this new policy would make 9 million more people around the world eligible for treatment.

The WHO previously recommended waiting until the disease had progressed to begin antiretroviral therapy.

The decision was widely praised, since private studies show that a quick jump to therapy prevents HIV-related deaths and complications by up to 50%.


Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Hosted by: Julia Bryant

Stories by: Saturn De Los Angeles, Julia Bryant & Emeline Vidal

Produced by: Julia Bryant

CJLO 1690AM FUNdrive 2015: Many Thanks from Us to You!

CJLO is a week in to our Annual FUNdrive, and we're already feeling the love from you, our listeners, friends and family, and the Montreal community at large. We're happy to report that we've reached 50% of our $6000 goal! A big THANK YOU to everyone who has donated and supported our station thus far. Words cannot express how excited we are to get your calls and texts while we're live on the air, and to see you at our FUNdrive events. Check out our photos on Instagram and follow us on Twitter @CJLO1690AM! We have much more in store for you as we hit the half-way point.

There are many PRIZES to be won, courtesy of our loyal sponsors, at both our Raffle draws—the Big Shiny Tunes 2 Closing Party this Saturday at Bar Le "Ritz" PDB (179 Jean Talon O.), and the CJLO Closing Brunch on Sunday at Nouveau Palais (281 Bernard O.)—so get your raffle tickets (one for $3, two for $5, and five for $10) at one of these fabulous...


FUNdrive Events

Let's start with tonight! It's Wednesday, September 30th, and CJLO 1690AM & UNLOG present a live showcase featuring this stellar lineup of performers: Culturalex + Theu + Morbin + Engone Endong, and nice beats by DJ Noyl & Famelik. The event starts at 9PM, so be sure to arrive at Bleury bar à vinyle (2109 rue de Bleury downtown) and claim your spot on the dance floor. Set times will be posted to the Facebook event.

Also at Bleury bar à vinyle, we're hosting the CJLO FUNdrive edition of Urban Science's Live Hip Hop Jam on Thursday, October 1st. D-Shade & Redd Dredd from Something for the Radio will be there spinning the best in underground hip hop and old school rap. Then at 10PM the Phantastiq Cypha takes the reins for a special live broadcast! Indie rock lovers can head on over to Théâtre Fairmount (5240 du Parc) the same night to catch the peculiar and eclectic Vancouver band Destroyer, with singer-songwriter Jennifer Castle kicking things off at 9PM. Special thanks to Blue Skies Turn Black for putting us on the bill.

Join us LIVE on the air this Friday, October 2nd starting at 9AM for CJLO's 24 HOUR BROADCAST at Loyola! The hot coffee will be flowing, and our DJs will be so jacked up on caffeine and adrenaline during this radio marathon extravaganza that things are sure to get weird. Tune in and call/text us at 514-848-7471 as we broadcast all day & night and into the wee hours of the morning.

As well, Friday night will be a special DJ night at Blue Dog Motel (3958 St Laurent) hosted by the Aloof Hipster of Aloof Future (Sundays 2-3pm). TRANSITIONS featuring tibe, jamvvis, Blasé, Hunter S. Compton, and of course, The Aloof Hipster will bring you Future Beats, R&B, Hip-hop/Rap, House, Old School, and anything that can make you bust a move. $5 at the door, with all proceeds going to CJLO's FUNdrive.

CJLO's World Music lineup is proud to welcome the illustrious Kaisha Lee to our LIVE broadcast on Saturday, October 3rd at the Caribbean Curry House (6892 Victoria in Côte-des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, metro Plamondon). The party starts at noon and ends at 6PM—that's SIX HOURS of the best music and roti you'll ever experience. This is an event not to be missed!

The complete list of sponsors and prizes are available on our FUNdrive website at & here's how you can donate to CJLO 1690AM:


And now, a little something special from the folks at CJLO 1690AM

Who is lurking behind our radio antenna in Lachine? What voices do you hear echoing from CJLO's soundboard and microphones at Concordia's Loyola campus? Who is spinning the best underground tunes on the old Technics turntables in our studio? These people, dear friends, form the CJLO 1690AM family! Over the years, our dedicated volunteers have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into the station, and there are many fabulous memories that they would like to share with you, right now...


Omar Sonics, Head Music Director & host of Hooked on Sonics: Hands down my favourite CJLO memory was getting to introduce Superchunk to stage when we brought them to Montreal. They were one of the first bands I discovered via campus/community radio as a young kid getting into music and it was a nice "full circle" moment for me.


Ellen Smallwood, Director of Promotions, Fundraising, and Sponsorship: So many wacky and fun things happen at CJLO, so it is hard to pick just one! I love it when new volunteers come in all fresh and dewey eyed, ready to jump into CJLO! Even better is when we get a chance to interview youth about their creative projects. I love the unbridled enthusiasm! My favourite instance of this was when the girls from Taking Hold (an after school program for girls 15-17 affiliated with Girls Action Fund) came in with DJ/Producer Ryan Playground- they were fresh off of recording a song they had co-wrote with Sarah MK and Ryan at Planet Studios and were going to play it for the first time on-air! I was taking photos and they were taking selfies and we were all following each other on instagram instantly! One girl asked me if I liked Bikini Kill, and followed it by telling me she wanted to have a show someday so she could play them on the radio. As my heart glowed, I said "That's awesome, you should totally do that!" and she said: "I will!"


S. De Los Angeles, aka SATYYY, host of Shibuya Crossing: With many great memories I have at CJLO, choosing one is already tough. But so far, one that stands out for me is when the Fantasia Film Festival rolls around. I don't know why, but I guess it's that sense of excitement I look forward to - whether it's deejaying at the Hall theatre, experiencing a genre film together with the audience, or being in the great company of fellow DJs, friends, and film buffs alike. Plus, it's a fun way to connect with the community too. Playing Japanese indie music to a curious crowd has been a long-time lofty dream I never thought would happen, but (excuse the pun) it has indeed been a midsummer night's dream came true, and a memory I treasure very deeply.


Amrew Weekes aka Lady Oracle, host of The Limelight: I started my radio show The Limelight in February 2003 and the last twelve years have been really great, I've made a lot of good friends and have gotten to do cool things like go to shows in Montreal to review for the magazine.  I got to go to NYC for the CMJ music marathon where I got to meet other people from campus radio stations, attend information panels and meet some of my favourite artists. I also got to see CJLO go on the AM which was such a great time for the station. One of the best things for me at CJLO is that people who join the station are given the opportunity to learn about and use the experience they got for a chosen profession.  I've seen my friends get jobs at bigger radio stations, TV, national news, journalism, studio production and in my case DJing. CJLO is a great community station for our fellow Concordia students and Montrealers.


Angelica, Art Director & host of BVST: One of my fondest memories of CJLO dates all the way back to 2005. Today, CJLO is established as a station at which bands want to record, and we've been lucky to get some amazing sessions with well-established bands. Eight years ago, CJLO studios was in its infancy, but a DJ at the time (David Don't, now in The Hypnophonics) managed to score a session and interview with a legendary punk band The Vibrators. To have a group that originally formed in London in 1976 in our humble studios was not to be believed, but they came and played and it was an incredible moment. Only three of us from CJLO were there to assist that day, so seeing such an important band in such an intimate setting was definitely a once in a lifetime event. The Vibrators rode the crest of punk, but their strong blues influence and actual ability to play the guitar set them apart from other bands at the time, and that's evident on their classic "Baby, Baby", which to this day I can't believe I saw them play, from five feet away, just for me (or at least, I like to think so).


Alexander Rabot, former Program Director: My favourite night at CJLO was a bit of a boys club moment, but is my go-to example of how fun, empowering and a great learning experience being involved at CJLO can be! Dave Caporicci-Urovitch and I were about to start our show No Sleep Til Bedtime, and Diego Ferro (at the time the Metal Director, Production Director/Engineer, and Program Director, respectively) had the brilliant insight that while we were maximizing available space, our DJs spent their shifts staring at a blank wall, with their backs to the door, and facing away from the area where our visitors would sit. We decided, then and there, that it would be better to turn the broadcast desk around, to where it is now, facing towards our guests and creating the "CJLO Environment". Without really stopping to think about it, we decided we were going to this THAT NIGHT, without ever going off-air. We spent about three and a half hours turning the DJ booth upside down, without a moment of dead air. We hadn't stopped to think about if the project was something we COULD do, let alone SHOULD do, but it drove home for me the amazing power of CJLO (and, of course, campus stations everywhere); to put a handful of college kids in charge of SOMETHING, and without asking them to, they'd build on what was there.


Katie Seline, former Station Manager: Total cheeseball fave memory, but I met Omar at CJLO so I'd have to say that's up there and a whole bunch of other great friends! Also definitely winning Station of the Year at CMJ 2010 after so much hard work by all of our great staff and volunteers definitely made everything feel worth it!


Rebecca Munroe, host of The Commonwealth Conundrum Show: I have had so many amazing memories being a DJ at CJLO, but if I had to choose my favourite it would be being a real part of the 5th Anniversary!! How, you ask? Well on Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 I was host of the Charts and Crafts show and I believe [it] was the third show that infamous day when we flipped the switch and went from streaming online to hitting the airwaves on 1690 AM!!! It was so exciting, thinking that people in their cars were tuning in. I was actually so nervous that I thought I would pee my pants!!  We were all so proud! What an amazing accomplishment for an amazing station!


Michael Cota, former DJ & former CJLO Magazine ACE: My favourite CJLO memory would have to be when Marshall Vaillancourt, Kayleigh Jordan-MacGregor, Beansie, and I went to NXNE in 2012. We saw so many amazing performances and panels, but my absolute favourite moment was chilling out on the rooftop of the Hyatt. CJLO gave me a free pass and a free place to sleep when I felt like crashing at 5:00 in the morning... doesn't get much better than that.


Alexandre Huynh, former CJLO Magazine editor & former host of Losing My Edge: It is hard to rank my favourite individual moments at CJLO, but one ultimate recurring moment would be the "Union Break" (trademarked by Program Director Jeff Penner), which was the top of hour-two of our Tuesday night show, Losing My Edge. I remember sitting on the picnic table outside, while the large speaker dangled perilously from the studio window, spitting out some 20-minute psych freak-out (but incredibly, never silence... or almost never). Hanging with friends, drinking, something-something, taking in the summer night breeze and feeling like we've got it made. As it turned out, we didn't have it made, but there was beauty in believing.


Emilie B., former Production Director: I have very fond memories of many things that happened in the production studio. There were many amazing live sessions, but also great collaboration between CJLO members to create the weirdest possible ads. I have a fondness for one of the Fantasia ads that involved multiple performances by different CJLO peeps, including Kelly Belfo screaming "My only son!" as her family was attacked by a chainsaw.


Prince Palu, host of The Go-Go Radio Magic Show: There are so many great [moments], but if I had to pick just one it would be my first CMJ trip with Ian Macpherson in 2008. I had never been to New York City before, so when we got off the bus at Port Authority we didn't stop for the next four days until we crashed out in the hotel room Sunday night with our CJLO comrade Stephanie Pastel to catch our breath, drink the rest of our booze, and watch some free HBO. 


Abby Schachter, host of Psychic City & former Volunteer Coordinator: My favourite CJLO memory would have to be Orientation 2010. I was volunteer coordinator at the time, and we were constantly throwing BBQs and DJ parties with the CSU. CJLO was asked to DJ some GSA grad orientation at 7-10 pm on a Thursday night. The turn up was zilch. Practically no one was there. We were about seven volunteers and there was no audience, so together we decide, "Impromptu dance party!" Now it's around 8PM and we're blasting music and dancing like crazy people all over Reggie's Terrace (there are photos of this by the way). We are drinking our beer and creating these really weird dance moves: the spin and kick, and the "walk like I have no kneecaps" dance, when suddenly all these grad students show up and start joining in. It turned into this ridiculous dance party. GSA students and cultural club members are making musical requests and giving us their iPods so we can play their songs. It felt like a I was at an insane wedding. We were dancing to music from Sri-Lanka and Pakistan, Israel and Spain. It was one of the most fun nights I had ever had and there was so much laughter, it was amazing! Until we were shut down by the cops for being too loud. CJLO definitely brought all kinds of people together through music that night. Total community success!


Stephanie Saretsky, host of Maiden Voyage & former Station Manager: My best memory of CJLO is the launch of the "You're Related" compilation in conjunction with our first funding drive. It was a great feeling to see the station's first-ever funding drive developed and completed, and the compilation was the cherry on the cake! It was an excellent idea and put together extremely well and something I'm very proud of (even if my contribution was merely coordination). Forgive me for being SUPER recent, but the concert with Cadence Weapon, Fucked Up, and Wintersleep was fantastic. Seeing over 800 people come out to a CJLO event was mind blowing so that was a very rewarding night for me. Also, 16-year-old Stephanie would be mad if I didn't mention interviewing Tegan and Sara in December, 2012.


Stephanie Dee, host of Yeti Dreams & former CJLO Magazine editor: The best time at CJLO was back in 2012 when Angelica (BVST), Abby (Psychic City), and I got together and collaborated on an epic CJLO Magazine feature about Toronto punk rock 'n' roll band Maximum RNR. It was serendipity that we were all covering different aspects of the band during Pouzza Fest that year. Angelica hosted their session in The Oven (for her third time!), Abby interviewed Diamond Brent Panther and Curtis Faux as they ranted about Factor grants, and I reviewed the Max show at Katacombes. CJLO is about the music, about the teamwork, and about girls who freaking ROCK.


We thank you for your support!


Special thanks to Jeneva G. for the photo.

News for September 30th 2015

by Catlin Spencer

Starting October 18th, untreated water waste will be dumped into the St. Lawrence River for seven days during a construction project on the Bonaventure Expressway.

According to the Montreal Gazette, to build a new chute to dispose of snow in the winter, construction workers need to shut down a sewer to work on it.

Shutting down the sewer means that 13, 000 litres of water a second will be redirected into the river from LaSalle, Lachine, Verdun and Notre-Dame-de-Grace.

Projet Montreal is condemning the city for allowing the redirection into the river, but City spokesperson Philippe Sabourin says there is no realistic way around it.


For the first time in National history, Canada's seniors now outnumber children in the country.

According to The Globe and Mail, there are more Canadians aged 65 and up than those aged 15 and under.

The finding was released by Statistics Canada on Tuesday and was met by researchers with both anxiety and slight optimism.

Optimistically, the numbers show that this generation of seniors are richer and fitter than any before it.

However, at the current rate, seniors will use up 62 per cent of the provincial health-budgets by 2036.


Doctors in the United Kingdom have been given the green light to carry out the country's first 10 womb transplants since the procedures success in Sweden.

According to BBC, the transplants, which will be part of a clinical trial, will start in the Spring.

The procedure will take about six hours, where the womb will be transplanted from a donor who has passed away but who's heart has been kept beating.

Once the womb is no longer needed, it will be removed by a team of surgeons.

A consultant gynaecologist in London, Dr. Richard Smith, says the technique would offer hope to couples unable to have children of their own.  

Wednesday September 30th 2015

Hosted by Julia Bryant

Stories by Catlin Spencer

Produced by Catlin Spencer

Tuesday September 29th 2015

Hosted by Danny Aubry

Stories by Danny Aubry, Julian McKenzie & Pauline Nesbitt

Produced by Patricia Petit Liang & Pauline Nesbitt


    News for September 29th 2015

    By Danny Aubry

    A new local business called Apisen will begin production in early 2016 thanks to Concordia University's Innovation Centre, District 3.

    According to the Montreal Gazette, District 3 was created two years ago with the intention of providing university students with opportunities to bring business ideas to life.

    Concordia University's President Alan Shepard stated that it's part of the University's responsibility to help students create a future for themselves.

    To date, 15 small businesses have been created since District 3 began.

    By Julian McKenzie

    The chief coroner of Nunavut offered his support on a ruling of an inquest that says suicide should be a public health crisis.   

    According to CTV News, Coroner Padma Suramala called for the inquiry in 2014 after 45 suicides occurred within the territory. 

    This is a record number for Nunavut and it brought its suicide rate to 13 and a half times above the national average.  

    Suramala believes that acknowledging Nunavut’s suicide rate could be the next step in the territory creating suicide prevention initiatives.

    By Pauline Nesbitt

    President Obama announced that he had received pledges for 30,000 peacekeepers from over 50 countries, following  a U.N. summit of world leaders that was held in New York on Monday.

    According to Reuters News, President Obama stated the pledges include helicopters, medical units and training, as well as equipment to handle roadside bombs.

    President Obama explained that these commitments will make it easier and quicker to deploy peacekeeping forces if a new mission is created.


    Today at 3pm on Beyond the Black Rainbow: CMD music performs live!

    Today on a special FUNdrive edition of Beyond the Black Rainbow, CMD music will perform a live set! Tune in at 3pm to hear from Cyan, a prolific artist/producer/ and DJ in the Montreal electronic scene and co-founder of such collectives as Women on Wax, Dark Disco, and Phoniq! Like what you hear? Feel free to call in, pledge a donation to CJLO's FUNdrive, and make this part of your Monday soundtrack- 3pm!!