News for October 22nd 2014

Possible misuse of contractors

by Marilla Streuter-Martin


Quebec's anti-corruption unit raided eight Montreal homes, Tuesday.

According to CBC News, this development may be related to an investigation regarding misuse of contractors paid by the Jewish General Hospital.

Last spring, maintenance workers from the hospital were sent to do work on the homes of several private residences, including those of two hospital managers. 

It remains to be seen how these recent raids were connected to the incident several months back.


Athlete to serve time in jail

by Marilla Streuter-Martin


After being sentenced to five years in jail for murder, Oscar Pistorius started serving his time this week.

According to the BBC, the South African athlete is serving his sentence for culpable homicide of his then-girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Pistorius will be held in Pretoria's Kgosi Mampuru prison with the possibility of early release in favour of house arrest. 

Pistorius' family have stated publicly that he does not intend to appeal the Judge's decision.

October 22nd 2014

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CJLO Investigates Normcore

In this new series, the CJLO Magazine investigates subcultures and various "cores". First up, Sarah Stupar from Best of the West discusses the origins of Normcore.

In order to understand the phenomenon of "normcore" I traced the word to its origin. Normcore is a term that was coined by a trend forecasting group in New York City called K-Hole in collaboration with Box 1824, a Brazilian group that does consumer and culture research. In October of 2013, they released a document called "Youth Mode: A Report on Freedom". In this report they outlined their theory that it is no longer possible to be special or unique, and that young consumers now realize the futility of trying to distinguish oneself based on fashion or appearance. Normcore they argue "doesn't want the freedom to become someone. Normcore wants the freedom to be with anyone." Normcore then isn't about trying to create an authentic self, but giving yourself the permission to move within different groups and enjoy a range of different experiences not limited to one subculture.

Mass media got a hold of this report and immediately appropriated the term "normcore" to mean something totally different. The authors of the report stated (through their Twitter account) that normcore was never meant to describe a fashion trend, but a state of being. The point of being normcore is that you could not be easily categorized due to your appearance. Normcore is dressing like a goth and accepting an invitation to a garden party; normcore does not sacrifice image for experience.

Style bloggers, however, took a hold of this word and used it to describe a breaking trend in the fashion world. In the lead up to "normcore", style bloggers pointed out that the trend in attire for attending a fashion show was to dress in a head to toe "look" that could sometimes be so outrageous it would take focus away from the clothing being shown on the runway (think Lady Gaga). It seems that the trend of fashion industry insiders embracing flat shoes and simple black/tan/grey nondescript ensembles happened simultaneously to K-hole's normcore report, causing the word to be appropriated by the fashion industry and mass media outlets. In fact, if one visits the K-hole Facebook page there is a post which accuses Fiona Duncan of confusing the term "Acting Basic" with normcore in a style piece she wrote for New York Magazine's fashion blog The Cut (#Acting Basic was a state of being also referenced in the Youth Mode report).

Even within the fashion world there seems to be different interpretations of normcore. GAP retailers launched a new advertising campaign with the slogan "Dress Normal" featuring GAP doing what GAP does best: over priced simple T-shirts, jeans and khakis. Yet some of the most frequently cited style icons for normcore are Jerry Seinfeld and Steve Jobs, or anyone who dresses like a "dad". The Guardian describes normcore as "a gawkiness verging on the ugly", a quality I would argue that is completely absent from the GAP dress normal ads. GAP's version of normcore still hinges on having style, while other definitions stress the complete absence of style in favour of functionality.

GAP "Dress Normal" Campaign

Normcore slideshow from The Cut

So what is normcore really? Even though the creators of the phrase never intended it to apply to fashion, it's clear that such a thing is unavoidable now. So I would like to humbly offer my own definition of normcore. I would argue that it is definitely rooted in the recycling of early '90s fashion, but true normcore can happen only by accident. Unlike earlier hipster trends of wearing ugly things ironically, true normcore kids are oblivious to the outdated styles and cheap fabrics of their outfit. They are awkward when it comes to style and strive for functionality above all else; since thrift shops are now full of early '90s clothing that is what ends up on their backs. Normcore isn't scouring a thrift shop for that amazing gem hidden amongst the worthless castaways, it is simply walking in and picking out three new shirts because you need them and you want them cheap.

So perhaps true normcore really isn't about fashion at all and it really is a state of being. Normcore is knowing that your personality is what matters when it comes to making connections, not the clothes on your back.

--Sarah Stupar hosts Best Of The West every Wednesday at 9 AM, only on CJLO 1690AM

News for October 21st 2014

US labelling laws found to be biased

by Alexa Everett


The United State’s meat labelling laws have been overturned after the World Trade Organization ruled them discriminatory against Canada’s beef and pork industries.

According to the Toronto Star, America’s labelling laws were biased against exports from Canada and Mexico, giving preferential treatment to its own meat and costing the Canadian industry over a billion dollars a year. 

The laws demanded that all meat packages state where the meat was from.

Those in favour of the stricter laws said that it allowed consumers to be more aware about where their food came from.



Mysterious naval activity near Stockholm

By Omar Megahed


The Swedish Navy is searching for signs of foreign underwater activity in its waters.

An underwater vessel, suspected to be a Russian submarine, was spotted 25km from Stockholm.

According to BBC, in 1981 there was another incident where a Russian submarine, carrying nuclear weapons, was stranded in Swedish waters.

As the search continues, the Navy is warning boats to steer clear of the area surrounding Nattaro island. 

SugarNene's CMJ Spectacular

Wondering what to do during the CMJ Music Marathon this week? Look no further! Below is DJ SugarNene's top picks for the best CMJ events happening in New York City this week complete with food for your belly, and rad DJ sets and live music for your ears! Follow @cjlo1690am on Twitter and Instagram and search for the #cmjlo2014 hashtag for pics and CMJ updates. If you're still in Montreal, CJLO 1690AM and has got you covered! Mr. Neil Lalla is in the studio to host Beat The World, so be sure to tune in on Saturday from noon to 2 PM for beats & culture from around the world. 

Co-Sign's 2014 CMJ Rooftop Bash

Tuesday, October 21st - This collective of independent business owners, and every artist, record label, and brand's one-stop shop for promotions and marketing, the good people at Co-Sign are throwing their now-legendary kick-ass rooftop party! With amazing acts and dj sets by Captain Planet, CRUISR, FaltyDL, and a massive order of Vanessa's famous dumplings, this party is NOT TO BE MISSED! 

Never Better Wednesday CMJ Party

Wednesday, October 22nd - Head over to Arlene's Grocery for the Never Better showcase and check out Doors, PAWS, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, PINS, and Tweens starting at 1 PM. Free pizza, drinks, and surprises for everyone 21+. No badge necessary. There is NO excuse not to attend! 

Pirate! 11th Annual CMJ Day Party

Wednesday, October 22nd - The friendliest pirates I know, Pirate! Promotion and Management, in collaboration with Anti and Epitaph are throwing their annual party at Fontana's from noon to 6 PM. Live music from The Hush Now, Archie Powell & The Exports, The Crookes, Son Little, and YAWN! Free drinks and fun swag for those who arrive early. Come join the fun! Rrrrrr!

Planetary, Dutch Impact, and Eurosonic Noorderslang Present CMJ 2014

Friday, October 24th - In partnership with Dutch Impact and Eurosonic Noorderslag for their annual CMJ Showcase, The Planetary Group are throwing their famous Pianos Bar take-over with 16-band spread over 2 floors for your music pleasure! Grab a drink and head upstairs to check out great music and crispy chicken tenders or head downstairs and check out the local DJ and "secret show room" in the back! Get there early 'cause it packs up fast! 

Distiller Promo 2014 CMJ Showcase

Friday, October 24th - Distiller Promo is throwing a taco party at the awesome Union Pool in Brooklyn. With over 30 years of combined experience in radio promotion, this team shows no sign of stopping! With a DJ set by Sondre Lerche, and a full line-up of live shows, grab your taco and head to the front of the stage! Show starts at 4:30 PM so get there early for free refreshments! 

Team Clermont's Official CMJ 2014 Showcase

Saturday, October 25th - Everyone's favourite Team Clermont are ending the CMJ week with a double bang! Head down to everyone's favourite afternoon video game party at Barcade for drinks, Tetris, and surprises! Follow that up at Union Pool in collaboration with Future Gods, Hometapes, and Joyful Noise Recordings for more great music with a fantastic line-up including Celestial Shore, She Keeps Bees, Stranger Cat, Yonatan Gat, and Leverage Models.


October 21. 2014

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News for October 20th 2014

Hunters allowed on Heron Island

by Julia Bryant


The Quebec government has announced that hunters will be allowed on Montreal’s Heron Island for the first time.

According to CBC news, the small island in the Saint Lawrence River has experienced a large growth in their white-tailed deer population.

Quebec’s Ministry of Wildlife says the island is overpopulated and the ecosystem is being damaged.

The government is allowing 15 bow hunters to kill some of the deer.

The hunters will be permitted on the island until Thursday.



RCMP hoping to recruit more female officers

by Emeline Vidal


The RCMP wants to recruit an equal number of men and women starting next January.

According to the National Post, 25% of sworn officers are women, but the RCMP hopes to reach 30% by 2025.

The force is releasing targeted advertisements, assistance in preparing for fitness tests, and accelerated application processes.

The Mounties stated they hoped to better represent their communities, but some, including current female officers, fear that the selection standards would be lowered for women.

While recruitment may become easier, the integration of women into the police force remains uncertain.

A proposed class-action lawsuit alleging discrimination and harassment within the RCMP currently has more than 300 complainants.



Gunfire exchanged between North and South Korea

by Catlin Spencer


There was a ten minute exchange of gunfire at the border of North and South Korea on Sunday.

According to BBC news, there were no reports of any injuries.

Officials say that South Korean soldiers began firing warning shots when North Korean soldiers approached the border, prompting the North to return fire.

There were other skirmishes between the two sides earlier this month as well.

One incident involved a North Korean patrol boat, and the other - balloons carrying anti-Kim Jong-un leaflets from the South.

The two sides have been fighting since the early 1950’s.


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BVST meets Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats!

A few days into their first North American tour, Angelica from BVST sat down with Uncle Acid himself, Kevin Starrs, to talk about the perils of the music industry, the price of fame, and 1960s girl bands. Delve into the mind of one of the (previously) most mysterious men in rock, and tune in, turn on and drop some Acid with BVST, this Wednesday, October 22nd at 7pm, only on CJLO 1690AM!

October 17, 2014

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