This Saturday! Anatomy of Caribbean Music interview with Reggae artist Mikey Dangerous

Do you love upbeat rhythms and traditional vibes with a taste of something fresh? Well, we've got an interview just for you: Tune in to Anatomy of Caribbean Music this Saturday, August 29th when Gee Weekes sits down to chat with award-winning artist Mikey Dangerous! With one Juno Award under his belt for the single "Don't Go Pretending" in 2008, Mr. Dangerous was nominated for a second Juno this year with his timeless recording, "Wake Up". He continues to break barriers and is fast becoming a household name in Reggae music, captivating audiences and generating new fans across the globe! Tune in, it all starts at 8PM EST.

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August 29th, 2015

Hosted by: Julian McKenzie

Stories by: Patricia Petit-Liang, Catlin Spencer, Emeline Vidal

Produced by: Emeline Vidal

News for August 29th, 2015

An outbreak of Legionnaires disease has killed two people and is the focus of a new investigation headed by Quebec’s Health Department.

According to the Montreal Gazette, more than 16 people have contracted the disease by inhaling small droplets of contaminated water.

Authorities say that the disease is most likely the result of deadly bacteria growing in inside of a cooling system at an arena in Quebec City.

Symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease include coughing, fevers and breathing problems but luckily most people have a very low chance of contracting it and it cannot be transmitted from person to person.


After five months of economic decline, Canada will find out next week whether or not it is in a recession.

According to CTV, next Tuesday Statistics Canada will release its GDP figures to show if the country has had two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth- which would qualify as a recession.

Former chief statistician Munir Shiekh says Canada has no one to blame but itself, since three quarters of it's exports go to the US, making for a weak economy

While Shiekh supports the idea of a deficit spending plan to help boost the economy, a recent poll shows that only a little over half of Canadians agree with deficit spending, 36 per cent oppose it and 10 percent remain unsure.  


Supreme Court head, Vasiliki Thanou, was sworn in as Greece's Prime Minister on Thursday, making her the first woman to hold this title.

Thanou replaces Alexis Tsirpas, who resigned due to internal disputes in his party after he agreed to income cuts and tax hikes.

Tsirpas maintained he had no choice but to accept such cuts if Greece were to remain in the European Union, in spite of the fact he had urged Greeks to vote against such measures earlier this year.

Prime Minister Thanou will appoint a cabinet on Friday, when the date of future elections will be confirmed.

The Pervert's Guide to Otakuthon

This year, I had the pleasure of covering the 10th edition of Otakuthon for CJLO. Founded in 2006 by the Otaku Anime club of Concordia University, Otakuthon has evolved into Quebec’s largest anime convention, bringing lovers of Japanese animation (a.k.a. anime), cosplay, video games and pop culture together for an awesome three-day weekend full of shopping, panels, celebrities and shows!

I’ve been attending Otakuthon for the last six years, and grows in popularity every year. This year had the most attendees to date with a total of 20,210 people attending the convention. The Palais des congrès de Montréal was a hectic rainbow of photographers, fans, and participants dressed as their favorite anime and video game characters. Many people wait all year for the convention so that they can show off the costumes they painstakingly made during the months leading up to Otakuthon. Known as cosplayers - which is basically a mix of the words costume and play, they help to make people’s favorite characters come to life with their awesome costumes.

When I was younger (and underage), I used to love to go to the convention dressed as Japanese school girls and video game characters. But I decided to focus less on cosplaying this year, and instead, decided to explore all of the adult-oriented goodies displayed at the convention because I’ve become a filthy pervert that way after endless years of loneliness and binge-watching anime!

One of the most popular things at Otakuthon is the Exhibition Hall, where artists and vendors sell all kinds of kinds of nerdy Japanese goodies! You can buy video games, comic books, action figures, soundtracks, movies and even clothes at the hall.

My favorite booth happens to be the one that sells human-sized pillows with anime girls on them. These pillows are called dakimakura (抱き枕) which roughly translates to “hug pillow” in Japanese. If there’s a character from a video game or anime that you like, you’re bound to find them on a pillow cover at this wonderfully perverted booth!

Another item that my favorite booth sells every year are visual novels, which are a cross-breed between video games and books. Playing a visual novel usually involves reading a long story and making different choices that will affect the game’s ending. It’s basically an anime choose-your-own-adventure type of story where you, the hero, can date all of the anime girls you want!

Just because the girl of your dreams is 2D, it doesn’t mean that you can’t live out your fantasy! You can also buy keychains, plastic figurines, mousepads, T-shirts and posters of your favorite anime girl and plaster your bedroom with pictures of her face!

You can also buy plenty of hentai manga (adult-oriented comics) and doujinshi a.k.a. doujins (often self-published fan-made comics) at the convention too! Some of the vendors go to Japan and buy as much porn as they can find and then try to smuggle it back to Canada to sell it at the convention. Because bringing adult literature through customs can be a bit risky, the hentai is often censored and contains less hardcore content.

I was able to find adult comic books involving cross-dressing and insect people… But I only bought them while I was doing research for this article. It was all for science! (Mom, if you’re reading this, I love you. Please don’t disown me.)

You can also buy all kinds of cute clothes and costumes in the Exhibition Hall! You can buy lingerie, if you’re feeling adventurous! One of my favorite lingerie shops at the convention was Phosphorea Clothing, where you can buy all kinds of kinky, BDSM-inspired harnesses and collars! There are other places where you can buy underwear inspired by your favorite anime and manga, but none of them were as risqué (or as stylish) as Phosphorea Clothing! Who needs a Pikachu thong when you can go all out in bondage gear?

And if your soul feels tainted after buying porn and lingerie at Otakuthon, why not buy some plush dolls to make yourself feel better? Plushies are for sale at almost every booth  and you can bring home any of your favorite anime and video game characters.

Some of the most popular plush dolls were those of My Little Pony and Pokemon characters. Alpacasso dolls (little alpaca plushies) have also taken the convention by storm, with more and more people smuggling as many of these adorable, beady-eyed dolls out of Japan to sell to the masses.

Another thing I love to do in the Exhibition Hall is commission artists to draw me! Many of the artists who come to the Otakuthon are very popular on social media communities such as like DeviantART and Tumblr, and you can ask them to draw you or your favorite characters! Sebby Confetti drew me as a cat-person, Tigerfog drew me as a Sonic the Hedgehog character and No More P-Ros drew me as a normal human being! There are also artists who will take adult requests and even draw furries for you (or me… sorry, Mom!), but it’s always important to respect an artist’s boundaries and to be reasonable when asking them to draw things for you.

Speaking of consent, cosplaying is quite possibly one of the most important things at Otakuthon, or any anime, video game or comic book convention for that matter! People put a lot of effort into sewing costumes and dressing up like their favorite characters. It’s always really special to see your favorite series come to life and to take pictures of people in different costumes, but always remember to ask before you do anything with a cosplayer, or anyone for that matter! Plenty of people run around the Otakuthon wearing “FREE HUGS” signs, but you should always ask them before going in for a hug.

The photo above is of me cosplaying as Tifa Lockhart from the Final Fantasy video game series in 2013.

After visiting the Exhibition Hall, you can also attend plenty of panels being held all over the Palais de Congres during Otakuthon! These panels cover subjects like “Zombies in Video Games,” “Tropes in Fanfiction”, and “Yaoi and Yuri.” The panels are a great way to learn more about pop culture and are a safe space to learn things. Later on at night, Otakuthon offers adult panels and hentai screenings!

One of the panels I went to was the "BDSM: Kitten Play panel." I was too distracted by the BDSM action that I forgot to take a picture… so here’s a photo I took at the “Zombies in Videogames” panel with some kind of 50 Shades of Grey stock photo plastered over the screen.

At the “BDSM: Kitten Play panel,” more than a hundred people came to learn about bondage, domination, sadomasochism and more! So many people were interested in the event that they had to switch to a bigger room in order to accommodate all of the attendees.

The panel ended up briefly explaining the basics of BDSM, but focused more on “kitten play”. Kitten play is when one person pretends to be a cat, and the other person pretends to be the cat’s owner. The panel host went on to explain the different levels of pretending to be a cat, and how you can just wear cat ears and a cute collar or put on a full, latex cat suit to impress your partner.

At some point during the panel, the host asked if anyone had ever tried BDSM. Nobody raised their hands and everyone was very shy. Nobody had any questions at the end of the panel and everyone kind of ran away at the end.

The weirdest panel I went to was the “Shibari rope play panel”. Shibari is the art of tying people up, and can be involved in BDSM.

The conference room was full of people who had always wanted to try BDSM but wanted to learn more about it. There were technical difficulties at the beginning of the panel, and they ended up playing a video of a girl getting attacked and tied up by another woman. The sound wasn’t working so we all sat uncomfortably as we watched the girl getting tortured in complete silence. It was all very surreal. They were obviously acting in the video and everyone in it was a consenting adult, but people began to quickly leave the room out of sheer awkwardness.

The picture above is from the same video. In it, the girl is lying on her back and being humiliated by her attacker as photos are being taken of her. I put a picture of puppies and kittens on top of it because it was all really upsetting. It’s good that nobody was actually hurt in the video and that everyone was actually having a good time, but they played the video at the very beginning of the panel with almost no explanation. It was a bit jarring, to say the least.

The rest of the panel was more practical, and people actually got to learn safe ways to tie each other up with different kinds of rope!

Unfortunately, I didn’t end up going to the Hentai screenings after midnight because I’m a nerd who likes to go to bed early and because the Metro closes around 1 a.m. on the weekend, and it was my only way home. Some of the Hentai screenings continue until 4 o'clock in the morning!

I bought lots of things at Otakuthon, including dirty comic books, art commissions, colored scotch tape, a cute rabbit doll and awesome t-shirts from the FANGRRLZ booth! The only thing I regret not purchasing was a giant, Ryan Gosling hug-pillow, but I’m not sure if they had that for sale.

Anime is well-loved by people of all ages! When I went to my first Otakuthon in 2009, I was a happy, 14 year old girl who wanted to take pictures with people dressed as my favorite characters and to support some of my favorite anime and manga artists! Now that I’m above the age of 18, there are so many new adult things at the convention that I can enjoy (or gawk at)!

Otakuthon is a weird and magical experience that leaves me feeling both inspired and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of creativity put into every aspect of the convention. At its very core, this is a celebration of art and human imagination that people of all walks of life can appreciate.

I can’t wait to go back and buy more porn! Until next year!


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Modest Mouse/ Operators Giveaway: Tune into Dirty Work & Hooked on Sonics to win tix to #BSTB15!

Montreal promoters Blue Skies Turn Black are turning 15 this year! Come celebrate the first day of school at #BSTB15: Modest Mouse and Operators at Metropolis- a CJLO and CSU co-presentation! Modest Mouse will be touring their first new release in over 5 years 'Strangers to Ourselves', while Operators, a new band from Wolf Parade/Handsome Furs/Divine Fits member Dan Boeckner released their debut EP August 5! 

Tune in today to Dirty Work (4-6pm) and Hooked on Sonics (6-8pm) for your chance to win tickets! Call or text CJLO (514-848-7471) with your name and favourite Modest Mouse song, or send an email titled "Modest Mouse" to! Get on this!

Can't stand the uncertainty? Get your tickets on Blue Skies Turn Black's website, or, courtesy of the CSU (for students with valid Concordia ID) you can pick some up at their office for a special discounted $20 while supplies last (1455 de Maisonneuve O. (H-711)).

SAVE THE DATE: Meyer from BSTB will join our Music Director Omar on Hooked on Sonics next Thursday (Sept 3, 6-8pm), so mark your calendars to hear the BSTB backstory and about some of their favourite shows over the years PLUS some giveaways for BSTB Pop shows!

CJLO's On Rotation Artist Residency Program: Coming Soon!

This coming year, CJLO will host four 3-month band in-residency programs thanks to the generosity of the Community Radio Fund of Canada's Radiometres grant! 

The genres will be "on-rotation" over one year, so whether it be Hip Hop, World, Alt Rock, RPM, Metal (or anything/ everything in between, just choose an umbrella genre!), artists will get their chance to submit an application and CJLO's Oven Studio will keep things fresh and tasty!

3-month “On Rotation” Residency Perks:

-Record an EP at CJLO (200 Copies pressed AND sent to College Radio Stations across Canada, with love from CJLO)

-Mentorship workshops with CJLO staff and guests from the Montreal music community/ industry

-EP Launch Show produced by CJLO and your band!

-DJ and production training to host a radio special

Application deadline, additional details and timeline will be posted this September, with the first residency targeted to start in November! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course, at to stay on top of these exciting details... and get ready for “On Rotation” 

photo: Jeneva Gatien

CJLO's 2015 Funding Drive: Get Ready!

CJLO is about to put the FUN in Funding Drive- what better way than to embody the CJLO experience in two weeks of shows and special programming (Sept 22 to Oct 4)? All proceeds will go towards our mandate of quality and diverse broadcasting, community + student workshops, and artist residencies. We hope you’ll join us for some of our Funding Drive Events- whether you like hip hop, trivia, metal, comedy, indie rock or electronic music- we’ve got something for everyone! The fun kicks off at our Opening Party Sept 23 where we’ll screen Jem Cohen’s documentary “Instrument” about Fugazi and Dischord Records. Local promoters Blue Skies Turn Black screened “Instrument” as their very first event 15 years ago, so we’re excited to collaborate on this their anniversary year! PLUS there’ll be tacos and CJLO DJs on the decks after, so it’s a no-brainer!

We’re also really stoked for Bluegrass & Bingo Sept 24th at The Wheel Club- a sacred Montreal institution of old-time country and rockabilly music! Everything about this place is vintage, so get ready to step back in time, have some tasty food, and play some bingo in-between rounds of live bluegrass and CJLO DJs! Did we mention there will be sweet prizes?

Metalheads can save Sept 25th for CJLO’s Metal Showcase 3 at Turbo Haus with Distorthead, Murtenscythe, End of Gallia & Rusted; while comedy fans can take note of our Sunday Night Improv collaboration with Theatre St Catherine, hosted by CJLO’s notorious Jacob Greco (Sept 27). Trivia nerds should start prepping for CJLO’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Trivia Night (Sept 28) at Ye Old Orchard Pub (de la Montagne) where the drink specials (and prizes!) will be flowing all night long!

We’re back at Bar Le Ritz (Sept 29) for our Live Oven Compilation Launch, featuring CTZNSHP, Traces & guests AND excited to present CJLO’s UNLOG Label Showcase (Sept 30) at Le Bleury-Bar à Vinyle featuring Famelik, DJ Noyl, Morbin, Engone Endong, & guests. Our stint at Le Bleury continues Oct 1, when we’ll be teaming up with Urban Science for a CJLO edition of #LECYPHER live hip hop/ soul jam featuring CJLO DJs D-Shade & Redd Dredd PLUS a live broadcast of Phantastiq Cypha! Hip Hop Heads represent! We’ll also be co-presenting (with Blue Skies Turn Black) Destroyer + Jennifer Castle (Oct 1) at Theatre Fairmount as well as Fidlar + Dune Rats (Sept 22).

The final weekend of the Drive will surely be special as we kick off our 24-hour Broadcast on Friday Oct 2 at 9am and go straight to 9am Saturday Oct 3- come take a tour of CJLO or stay-up with us from the comfort of your own home! The marathon does not end there however, we’ll be broadcasting our Saturday World music line-up live at The Caribbean Curry House Party (Oct 3) from noon to 6pm with a live set by one of Montreal’s top reggae artists: Kaisha Lee. Come try the best roti in town to get you ready for our grand finale that night…

CJLO’s Funding Drive Closing Party: Big Shiny Tunes 2 (Oct 3, Bar Le Ritz PDB)! 17 Montreal bands will take on the 17 tracks on Canada’s 3rd best selling album of all time- featuring Look Vibrant, Silver Dapple, and more! This evening will be steeped in 90s norm-core nostalgia and feature our grand prize raffle draw- Sennheiser earphones! Many other rad prizes will be up for grabs, so how can you get in on this? Raffle tickets will be sold at all of our events as of Sept 22, and we send special thank yous to our partners, and sponsors! Solid shout-outs for Farnham Lager and Bar Le Ritz PDB! Supporting CJLO has never been more fun, and we’re looking forward to rocking out with you all September, whether it be at Orientation, our Pop Montreal collabs, AND most of all: Funding Drive! Come help make it happen!

Love, the CJLO Team

*Stay tuned for the latest edition of our print magazine, full of all the details you need- coming to you September 1!

News for August 26th 2015

by Saturn de Los Angeles


Montrealers can finally see the next generation of metro cars during their commute. 

According to the Montreal Gazette, the bright blue-colored AZUR cars have begun testing on the Orange and Blue lines.

The STM's François Chamberland says that commuters should expect frequent delays, and that passengers will not be allowed to board the new trains. 

The new fleet will be passing by every station during daytime hours between now and December to make final adjustments before they can be used by the public. 

Once the tests are complete, the 468 new trains will go into regular service by early next year, replacing the most recent fleet in use since 1984.

by Patricia Petit Liang

The Canadian dollar plummeted below 75 American cents on Tuesday for the first time in 11 years.

According to The Star, Canadian currency began to lose its value towards the end of 2012, and fell more in 2014 due to falling oil prices, the Canadian market lacking diversity, and the country lagging behind the United States economically.

While a low dollar could be beneficial to the tourism industry, it does not fair well to those wishing to travel or study abroad.
However, the devalued loonie may start to benefit Canadians after 2016, as many hope that it will lead to booming exports and stimulate manufacturing in Canada.
by Catlin Spencer
Germany's highest court of appeal ruled Tuesday that the Apple Incorporated patent on the Slide to Unlock feature is invalid.
According to Reuters, the German Federal Court of Appeals ruling reaffirms a 2013 decision to reject the US company's claim in a lower court.
The court stated that it's decision is based on the similarity of a Swedish company's phone, Neonode Inc., that had a similar feature that was released a year before the iPhones launch in 2007. 
The Slide to Unlock screen is one of Apple's most popular features, and rival companies such as Android are developing similar versions. 

Wednesday August 26th 2015

Hosted by Catlin Spencer

Stories by Saturn de Los Angeles, Patricia Petit Liang & Catlin Spencer

Produced by Catlin Spencer

Champions of the Local Scene: Katie Moore Interview + Head & Hands J2K Fundraiser

Tune into a special edition of Champions of the Local Scene hosted by Rebecca of The Commonwealth Conundrum, Wed at 6pm! This episode will feature two interviews about two awesome events that are happening the same night (of course!)- this Thursday Aug 27! At 6pm we will hear about Head & Hands' upcoming fundraiser for J2K: Street Vibes, happening this Thurs at 7pm at The Unitarian Church (5035 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O). The evening will feature Strange Froots, Girls With Knives, Ella Grave and live painting by artists such as Omen and Produkt. All proceeds will help maintain the youth drop-in centre. 

At 6:30, we will interview beloved songstress Katie Moore about her latest album "Fooled by the Fun" and its anticipated launch show happening at The Rialto Theatre at 8pm Thurs as part of Passovah fest! Ohara will open this show! We are excited to hear more about both these events~ Tune in to get the goods and hear more Passovah fest artists sprinkled inbetween!

All of this goes down Wed at 6pm! Tune in and see you at these events?