The Lives of Documents: Photography as Project at The CCA

“The photographic object has a beauty of itself, but it cannot become a sacred object,” says co-curator Bas Princen, in the video introduction to “The Lives of Documents: Photography as Project” at the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA). As its title suggests, the exhibition proposes a consideration of photography as a project, rather than an object.

Psychedelic Fractals Dance Above Heads in SAT’s Dome

Alien landscapes mutating into castles of crystals melting into the internal structures of snowflakes, all twirling and collapsing in on themselves, this is the immersive experience of Recombination, the mathematical artist Julius Horsthuis’ fractal-created VFX work.

A message from CJLO 1690AM Management and the CBSC on the CSU Elections

CJLO 1690AM is proud to support Concordia students during this uncertain time through volunteer opportunities, diverse programming, paid positions, and podcast funding. We believe that Brick by Brick, led by Eduardo Malorni, is the right team to lead the Concordia Student Union through this unprecedented period of change. It is clear that Eduardo, S Shivaane, Malcolm, Hannah, Faye, Camina, Aria, and Harrison are best-equipped to help students navigate the upcoming school year. As a media organization, we prioritize open communication, transparency, and accountability.

Antoni in Montreal's Kitchen

Antoni Porowski returned home to a final sold-out night of his book tour to promote his first ever cookbook, Antoni in the Kitchen that was released last month. Known for his role as the cooking expert on the Netflix reboot of Queer Eye,Antoni is also an actor, model and self-taught chef. Born and raised in Montreal, his family and friends came out to the show to support him; making the night special not just for the audience, but for Antoni too.

2nd Annual Peace Walk


CJLO stands in support of Student Tasty Biryani Restaurant's 2nd annual Peace Walk on Sunday, September 17th!


Gathering point: 1550 maisonneuve west

Gathering time: 12.30 pm / Walk starts: 1:00 pm

Walk route: From Guy towards Sherbrooke, down on University, back on St. Catherine till starting point


Following are the basic objectives to be achieved:

1. To avoid the wastage of food and feed the homeless

Common Deer Giveaway!

Toronto multi-instrumentalists Common Deer are playing this Friday @ Phi Centre in collaboration with POP MontrealGreenland Productionsevenko and NAC Presents/CNA Présente!

One Shalt Not - Interview on World Beat News

Tune in to World Beat News on Tuesday, July 18th from 12pm to 1pm for a special interview with Tricia Henry, the creator of "One Shalt Not", a documentary about exploring the stigma of mental health in the black community. This solo project shows the stories of 3 men and 5 women who talk about their struggles they have dealt with throughout the years. 

Main Event Radio - July 12 2017

On the July 12th episode of Main Event Radio, we covered a live press conference with Global Force Wrestling's Chief Creative Officer, Jeff Jarrett

The Collective E.P Launch *Celebrating our Abilities*

 CJLO is super pleased to announce the Collective E.P launch, July 14th at 8pm at le Cagibi.

In The Cut!

“In the Cut” is a comedic web series by Ariel Lefkowitz about overcoming the challenges of cooking healthfully at home in the city. She's just released her Introduction Video, Crowdfunding campaign, and website.
She's selling custom "In the Cut" t-shirts, aprons, stickers, and original No Waste Recipes. Ariel has 32 days to raise enough to fund the full season of her show, and it can be made possible with your help! Donate or just enjoy the content and spread the word!
Check out her Introduction Video on her Crowdfunding page at this link!