CJLO v. NXNE (Chapter 1: "Statement of Intent")

Hello hello! I'm Lucy ---  you may know me as the voice of CJLO's Community Calendar (every two hours on the odd-numbered hour!), or - more likely - you won't know me from anywhere at all. No matter, because I'll be IN YOUR FACE for the next week bringing you show recaps/updates/assorted nonsense from Team CJLO while we're in Toronto for North by Northeast, from Wednesday June 12th to Sunday the 16th.

La Black Fashion Week Montreal, une edition hors norme !

Après Prague en Novembre 2011 et Paris en Decembre 2012, c’est au tour de Montréal d’abriter pour la Black Fashion Week- l’événement de mode organisée par la designer Sénégalaise, Adama N’diaye. Cette cérémonie se déroulera du 16 au 17 Mai à l’église Jean Baptiste. C’est donc dans un décor religieux que la presse a été conviée pour une conférence hier- le 15 Mai 2013. Cette première conférence de presse a commencé avec une cinquante de minutes de retard. Toutefois, sa tenue nous a permis d’éclairer nos lanternes. 

Black Fashion Week, analogie certaine entre Musique et Mode !

Photographe Mathieu Charrois 

Comme promis, la Black Fashion Week a eu lieu à l’eglise Jean-Baptiste, dans un décor religieux. Pour cette première journée de la BFW, nous avons pu apprécier tout les tons de noir, c'est-à-dire  du noir d’ébène au noir décoloré-albinos. Cette entreprise est donc à saluer car !

SXSW 2013 << Tour Diary << Kestrels

Montreal-Toronto-Halifax trio Kestrels kicked off their second US tour last week, and are now heading down to Austin, Texas for SXSW. In this CJLO exclusive tour diary, guitarist/vocalist Chad Peck gives CJLO Magazine readers a sneaky peek into the daily grind as the band tours from one city to another, and the people, places, and things they encounter along the way. Check back often for new updates and photos!

CJLO Photo Diary << Safe In Sound Showcase << M for Montreal

What do you get when you mix CJLO and M for Montreal? Safe In Sound!

CJLO Top 100 of 2012

Looking over this compilation of all our charts over the year, being a numbers guy, I gave a quick look at some stats:

CJLO - The Best of 2012

There is a new and exciting year ahead of us, but we here at CJLO want to take this chance to reminisce about the wonderful music 2012 had to offer. CJLO DJs and staff give you their top picks of the year, and the lists reflect the different styles of music that broadcasts on CJLO every day, as well as the eclectic tastes of our DJs! Check them out and you might find something new and interesting.

Tegan and Sara


Interview: Tegan and Sara

By Beansie Saretsky from CJLO's Maiden Voyage (Fridays, 12-1pm) and Julie Matson from CJLO's With Gay Abandon (Fridays, 1-2pm)

CJLO - The Ones to Watch Series

CJLO - The Ones to Watch


The music geeks at CJLO 1690 AM pick who they think are going to make a significant impact on music in 2013.

Part 1 by CJLO Magazine Editor and Twee Time DJ Stephanie Dee

The Adam Brown (Montreal)

Rush - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2013 Induction

One likes to believe in the freedom of music, but glittering prizes and endless compromises shatter the illusion of integrity. –Rush "The Spirit of Radio"