#CJLOgoesPOP! POP Montreal 2013 - Day 1

After five days of music, film, symposia, and crazy parties, CJLO Magazine's editor-at-large Stephanie Dee reports back on day one of POP Montreal. Check out the hashtag #cjlogoespop, and follow @Tweegirl on Twitter and Instagram for up-to-the-minute commentary, video, and photos taken during the festival. 

#cjlogoespop --- Tony Visconti Sez What?

Tony Visconti did a Q&A at the SAT on Saturday and said a bunch of stuff about people*. Here are some pullquotes; it's up to you to figure out who he's talking about!

(*also useful advice derived from a long career in music production and within the recording industry, but w/e)


1. "The first thing ______ said to me was 'I thought you were dead.'"

2. "But, he's a nice boy [despite not acknowledging Visconti's producer credit for 25 years]."

Polaris Music Prize 2013 <<< Winner


Congratulations to Godspeed You! Black Emperor, winner of the 2013 Polaris Music Prize for their album 'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!


The short list of nominees:


Godspeed You! Black Emperor'Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! (music review)

CJLO Photo Diary <<< Hillside Music Festival 2013

Hillside Music Festival 2013 - "Memories from an all too short summer"

A CJLO photo diary by Robert Portnoff. Tune in to Brave New Jams every Saturday at 10:00 PM EST to hear music for people who like to kick back and Not Fade Away. 


Tattoos - Philosophy for Everyone: I Ink, Therefore I Am

Tattoos - Philosophy for Everyone: I Ink, Therefore I Am.
Robert Arp (Editor), Fritz Allhoff (Series Editor)
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2012.
Philosophy for Everyone Series , #50
266 pp. $24.95

Book review by Chelsea Woodhouse

Are people with tattoos different from people without tattoos? 

Suoni Per Il Popolo 2013

Iceage, Milk Music, Grouper, highlights and lowlights from Suoni Per Il Popolo


So I've decided to write about the highlights of my Suoni Per Il Popolo festival this year, where I got to witness some memorable moments alongside boring experiences.

Polaris Music Prize 2013 Short List Announcement


Today was the 2013 Polaris Music Prize short-list announcement at the Drake Hotel in Toronto. "This moody and exciting list is proof that the 'Canadian sound' has no stylistic boundaries. In equal measure we welcome the seven rookies and three repeat nominees to this year's Short List,” said Founder and Executive Director Steve Jordan.


CJLO v. NXNE (Chapter 3: "Thursday [but not this Thursday]")

So, it turns out that my original goal of blogging North by Northeast while Team CJLO was situated in Toronto was maybe a wee bit overambitious.

CJLO Photo Diary << Pouzza Fest 2013

This diary takes you on an ocular journey across time and space, back to three wonderful days in mid May 2013, where a diverse group of artists performed to crowds of punk rock lovers at Pouzza Fest in Montreal. 

Amnesia Rockfest 2013

NOTICE: CJLO 1690 AM is aware of the impending controversy regarding Rockfest, and new articles are in the works to report on the issues with the conditions at the festival. In the meantime, the following article reports on the Rockfest showcases and not the festival's overall experience. 

Polaris Music Prize 2013 Long List Announcement


Today was the 2013 Polaris Music Prize long-list announcement at the PHI Centre in Old Montreal. Members of Radio Radio, Laurel Sprengelmeyer (Little Scream), Ruby Kato Attwood (Yamantaka // Sonic Titan), and Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy) were on hand to quickly read the list. The press conference included a live performance by 2013 long-listers Les Soeurs Boulay.