Metal Monday: The Best Heavy Metal Compilation Album Covers of All Time

Stop. Before you read any further, reread the title of this article. Good. Now, don't flame me if you don't like that one particular Judas Priest song, or if this particular band or that particular band isn't metal enough or heavy enough or any other nonsense. This is about album COVERS, not album contents, because I like pretty pictures as well as heavy music, so this is about graphic design more than anything else. 

Top Metal Artists of 2013

Happy 2014 Everybody!

So, here's a list of the top played metal artists of 2013 because there's not enough of these lists floating around, along with a brief synopsis of what each band offered last year. To give you some background, this compiles the amount of plays for each artist during the weeks that they could be charted and adds up all the spins to make a list of the top played. If you missed any of these groups, feel free to look them up online and see what they're about. 


CJLO - The Best of 2013

There is a new and exciting year ahead of us, but we here at CJLO want to take this chance to reminisce about the wonderful music 2013 had to offer. The folks at the "little station that does!" give you their top picks of the year, and the lists reflect the different styles of music that broadcasts on CJLO every day, as well as the eclectic tastes of our DJs! Be sure to check out our TOP 100 to see what charted at CJLO in 2013!

Metal Monday: Home for the Horrordays!

All this holly jolly jingle belling got you feeling down? Is braving the hordes of seasonal shopping zombies making you wanna kick someone in the ring-ting-ting-a-lings? Let me help you find some emotional catharsis during your winter holidays by catching up on some of 2013's most essential horror film releases.

Metal Monday: Thrash Metal Needs Old Tones

Like many fans of heavy metal in the past decade or so, I was happy to see thrash metal enjoy a resurgence in popularity. There was a dark age that lasted for a number of years after the style's original decline in the early '90s, but the next decade saw a slow revival. Lots of bands reunited, new and talented thrash bands formed, and the audiences returned. However, I do have a pet peeve concerning many of the newer releases of thrash metal acts. Namely, I believe that new thrash releases all too often make use of the modern tones associated with metalcore styles when they ideally should not.

CJLO Weekly Feature: Metal Monday

Welcome to the CJLO Magazine's newest weekly feature called "Metal Monday", brought to you by the metal music team at CJLO. This week, our metal music director Andrew Wixq discusses an underappreciated modern metal band.


Image + Nation Festival 2013

The leaves have turned to compost, the wind is getting stronger, and the nights are dropping below the zero point - that must mean it is almost time for Image + Nation, Canada's longest running LGBTQ film festival. If you are like most people I know just now, you probably have a million and one things to be thinking about and doing, so I thought I would help you out by posting my top 5 festival picks! You can thank me later!!

The Montreal World Film Festival

When all of the big summer festivals are finishing their runs, there is still one more cultural festival in Montreal specifically for film lovers. The 37th edition of The Montreal World Film Festival, which ran from August 22nd to September 2nd, saw an influx of tourists enter the city just as many students and adults returned from their relaxing summer vacations. I had a privileged chance to sit down with Communication Director Henry Welsh to discuss the festival and the films that were presented.

The Walking Dead: My Day at the Montreal Zombie Walk

The Montreal Zombie Walk took place this year on October 19th. This annual event has been happening worldwide since 2005 from Toronto to Paris and even Buenos Aires! The whole point of the zombie walk is to meet up in the middle of the city in your best zombie costume and stay in character as you walk around and get your photo taken by hundreds of photographers.

Montreal 2013 ComicCon

Montreal’s ComicCon is an annual convention held this year on September 13th to the 15th, and has been running since 2006. The Montreal ComicCon (short for comic convention) is a showcase of comic books, anime, sci-fi and horror related media. One can buy all sorts of books, toys, cards and even rare collectibles at the convention. Other amazing aspects of the convention are the celebrity panels and movie screenings, leading to a fun filled weekend of ComicCon madness!

#cjlogoespop --- The Belldog does a POP Montreal top five

(The elusive belldog in her natural environment.)

POP Montreal --- it was a thing! Here are the things I did:

FIVE! -- Ukrainia

FOUR! -- Tony Visconti

THREE! -- Pierre Perpall


ONE! -- Colin Stetson Tim Hecker BOBO



#CJLOgoesPOP! POP Montreal 2013 - Day 2

CJLO Magazine's editor-at-large Stephanie Dee writes about day two of POP Montreal. Check out the hashtag #cjlogoespop, and follow @Tweegirl on Twitter and Instagram for up-to-the-minute commentary, video, and photos taken during the festival.

I begrudgingly worked all day, day-dreaming about all the art exhibits and artist talks I wanted to attend but couldn't, and when the daily grind was finally over I headed on up to Quarters POP at 5:30 pm for the Media Mixer.