Renee Rapp: A Woman for All Seasons

Renee Rapp, 23, star of HBO’s The Sex Lives of College Girls, demonstrated that she is not a one-trick pony at Montreal’s MTELUS on October 21, 2023. While playing Leighton on the series jumpstarted her career, Rapp used her following from the television show to promote her passion as she shared videos on social media of her singing original pop songs. Indeed, she may now be a more successful singer than actress as she went viral on numerous occasions which allowed Rapp the opportunity to travel the world on her ongoing “Snow Hard Feelings Tour” for her debut album Snow Angel

The night began with openers Towa Bird and Rapp’s co-writer on the album, Alexander 23. They both sang original songs but Alexander 23 performed some covers of popular songs to ensure engagement with the crowd such as One Direction’s “Steal My Girl” which had the audience going wild. 

The anticipation was palpable in the atmosphere after the two opening acts and a near-hour wait between Alexander 23 and Renee Rapp. As the stereo replayed songs, many people got up to use the bathroom, ordered drinks, or distracted themselves on their phones. The crowd was itching to sing along to something so when Taylor Swift’s “Cruel Summer” played, so many people in the audience sang along that it sounded like the concert had begun. At last, when the screen began to count down her appearance, the crowd was already blaring as if Rapp was present on stage. 

Rapp came on stage exuding energy. She bounced around on stage and danced to every song. When someone questioned why she did not play an instrument on stage anymore, she replied that she would rather have the freedom to jump around as she pleased than be weighed down by an instrument. In this way, it was evident that Rapp loves her job and was enjoying the show just as much as the crowd was.  

Her show was uniquely divided into four sections inspired by the seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. This animated the concert and made the audience reflect differently on her songs depending on which season they belonged to. Indeed, the shift in seasons was felt as Rapp opened with some of her happier songs such as “Colorado” in Summer and where the tone and energy of the songs became colder in songs such as “Gemini Moon” and “In the Kitchen” in Winter. The audience was moved by the culmination of Rapp’s beautiful voice, lyricism, and the added layer of meaning with the seasons. 

The show was not just characterized by the narrative of the seasons. Rapp did a great job of engaging with her audience. Between songs she stopped many times to interact with fans, commenting on their signs. “You really wrote this… Can I keep it?” she said to one person and held up a sign that read “Take my virginity pls” so everyone in the audience could see it. Her quips when faced with a new sign, or in receiving a bra that had been thrown at her were quick and had the spectators roaring with laughter. Rapp even put on a friendship bracelet from a fan and wore it for the entirety of the concert. These interactions served as a refreshing break between the serious nature of Rapp’s songs. 

Rapp even found time during her performance to collaborate with her fans. Indeed, she gave someone the microphone during “Willow” which allowed them to sing parts of the song for her. The way she included the crowd in her show is Rapp’s way of giving back to her fans who have provided her the platform to do what she loves. In addition, she brought back the openers in “Tummy Hurts” and “I Wish” which demonstrates Rapp’s bond with the other artists and her ability to share the spotlight in the way of saying “This is not just my show”.  

In sum, Renee Rapp’s debut tour is one you do not want to miss and is well worth the wait. Her creativity and personality shine throughout the show and her vocals are even more impressive to hear live.