OVERKILL - Relixiv

By Korgüll The Destroyer - Metal for Supper - The Afternoon Edition - 03/22/2005

JO ANN DAUGHTERY - Range of Motion

By Christopher Bussmann - Bop and Beyond - 06/07/2005

Jo Ann Daugherty's debut album Range of Motion is a stunning surprise from a tiny jazz label out of Chicago called BluJazz. Chicago once was, and still is, one hell of a jazz town. The Chicago scene is one of the few old bastions of jazz still thriving in North America. From venerable elders like Von Freeman to upstarts like young Ms. Daugherty here, the jazz currently coming out of Chicago is well worth checking out.


By Trevor Kiernander - Ones and Zeroes - 05/19/05

KASABIAN @ Cabaret La Tulipe

By Lisa Weatherby - 05/18/05

While sold-out theatres around town were screening illuminated battles of the light sabre kind, another well-lit spectacle was taking place at the equally sold-out Kasabian concert last Wednesday night. Beams of purple, green and blue flooded the dark space, creating an ambiance that puts the UFO landing from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind to shame. As the shadowy figures took to the stage amid a cloudy purple haze, the crowd roared and cheered in anticipation of something grand, something of a higher power.

CEPHALIC CARNAGE + Dead to Fall + more @ El Salon

By DCU - No Sleep Til Bedtime - 04/27/2005

I am always incredibly excited to see one of my favorite and challenging grind bands Cephalic Carnage, and even though I had just seen them days before, it was my pleasure to trek out to El Salon to see them again. El Salon is certainly not the best locale for a metal show, not only is it way up on St-Laurent, where us metal kids do not like to travel, but the whole atmosphere of the venue just isn’t conducive to that kind of show. But like always you make the best of a bad situation on an ugly rainy night, and you get ready thrash out to frenzied blistering music.

OF MONTREAL + Poorfolk @ La Sala Rossa

By Dan - Rocks In Your Head - 04/24/2005

It's not often we get to experience an Athens, GA band in concert, in Montreal, in the spring time. But when it happens, rest assured that yours truly will be there, without a doubt

MWARD + Norfolk & Western @ MWARD + Norfolk & Western

By Dan - Rocks In Your Head - 04/16/2005

Having had the opportunity to see Devendra Banhart in concert recently, I was looking forward to Mward's upcoming show at La Sala Rossa. You see, these types of shows are tricky. People don't seem genuinely ready for the influx of folk artists in 'the scene'. There's almost too much going on these days. All you have to do is check out the gig-list at Esoteric or somewhere online; Montreal is a haven for live venues and shows these days, thanks in part to the lovely promoters at Blue Skies Turn Black.