CURSED + Cancer Bats + Commando + Compton @ La Sala Rossa

By Angelica - BVST - 01/06/2006

After three long months of hibernation, I decided that seeing Cursed with Cancer Bats at La Sala Rossa would be the perfect antidote to the winter blues. Maybe I should have stayed home. Cursed were brilliant, of course, but I had no doubts about that. It's just too bad that they’re a hardcore band. If they weren't, perhaps going to their shows would be less about defending the scene, and more about rocking the fuck out. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

FEIST + Paso Mino @ Metropolis

By Christie Van der Burg - Black Tongue Radio - 01/17/2006


By Antonella Fratino - The Siamese Libertines - 12/02/2005

SEPULTURA - Live in Sao Paulo

By Kyle O'Blivion - Into the Coven - 11/08/2005

NADA SURF @ La Sala Rossa

By Cara Ventura - Classified - 10/11/2005

There is something to be said for having the uncanny ability to tell a story with a song...

...and here comes the Weezer comparison (“in the second sentence?”, you may ask. Yes). Pinkerton was a painstakingly written album. The ups and downs of love and life -- dare I say high/lows -- were documented with an ingenuity and heart-on-sleeve mentality that was at once explorative and concise. The balance is devastating. As a side note, the album is so personal -- and the poor initial reception was taken so personally -- that Rivers Cuomo and company never perform tracks off of said album live.

JAMES BLUNT + Sarah Blasko @ Café Campus

By Trevor Kiernander - Ones and Zeroes - 10/31/2005

Please take this review with a grain of salt, as I am fully aware of the star power that this artist has recently garnered...


By Louis Rozza - Hooked On Sonics - 11/14/2005