HARD-FI + Nine Black Alps @ Le National

By Paul Lafond - 04/04/2006

I loves me those bills with all U.K. bands on them. We get so few up here in our neck of the woods that the wee little British lad in me just laps them up. On this particular April evening, we had Nine Black Alps from Manchester and much talked about buzz band of the month Hard-Fi from Staines, England.

MINUS THE BEAR + The Spill Canvas + Metal Hearts @ Club Lambi

By Omar Goodness - Hooked On Sonics - 04/24/2006

Aaaaaah, memories. Memories can be good or bad, depending how you reflect on them, and I like to remember the bad ones… it’s how I roll. But, how best to recall bad moments than to mask them with an air of humour. Y’know, mask those buried emotional wounds with “laughs” to hide the true deep dark pain. Weeeeeell, lemme tell ya a little story…

SUPERSUCKERS @ Musée Juste Pour Rire

By K-Man - "Beyond That Graveyard! III" - 04/23/2006

I gotta say right off the bat, these guys are always better the first time you see them. I saw them in '93, was it? They were a lot more punk rock, you know that whole cow-punk dealio, all guitar and even more attitude. Now it was April 23, 2006.


By Susannah Hicks - Rock the Plank - 04/15/2006

I have never been to CEPSUM before and when I arrived, I was surprised to see how big it was. It is a huge stadium, reminding me of the Sky Dome. The openers were The Cribs but sadly I didn’t get to catch their act. Throughout the whole night, both Franz Ferdinand and Death Cab mention how much they like the openers, even dedicating songs to them so if you are into both headliners, check out The Cribs.

ISIS @ Le National

By K-Man - "Beyond That Graveyard! III" - 04/26/2006

April 26th 2006 and I get to finally see a show at Le National. Opposite Beaudry metro, I'm deep, deep in the Village now. It's raining and me and my boys are hungry. We hit this cool little Vietnamese place just east of the venue; the authenticity of this place is mind-boggling, right down to the music. It turns out to be a classic sake night.


By Korgüll The Destroyer - Metal for Supper - The Afternoon Edition - 03/21/2006

The cover for this album was disappointingly tame. I mean, if it's not a picture of a maggot colony bursting out of a corpse performing cunnilingus on a dead pregnant body that has demon/mutant/alien thing tearing itself free from the womb, is it really a Cannibal Corpse album cover?

KATAKLYSM - In the Arms of Devastation

By Korgüll the Destroyer - Metal for Supper - The Afternoon Edition - 02/21/2006

ARAB STRAP @ La Tulipe

By Erin Stewart - Rock the Plank - 04/05/2006