THE REVEREND HORTON HEAT + Murder by Death @ Foufounes Éléctriques

By Jesara Sinclair - I Keep Hearing Noises in the Basement - 05/18/2007

I always forget that Foufounes Electroniques is notorious for early shows. I arrived at the Reverend Horton Heat show around 10pm, anticipating a huge line-up of dressed-up rockabilly boys and girls. They were nowhere to be found, so I made my way upstairs, where the concert room was packed and Reverend Horton Heat were spitting out the last half-hour of their set.

BLONDE REDHEAD + Fields @ Club Soda

By Jackson Macintosh - Track Marks - 05/16/2007

Blonde Redhead do not attract a particularly respectful audience at this point in their career. Their sold-out show May 12  at Club Soda was filled with pushers, shovers, in-the-crowd joint-smokers, and horse-whistlers. There was a startling lack of show-going tact.

DWARVES + Riptides @ Club Lambi

By K-Man - 05/08/2007

Tuesday night shows are usually a good excuse to have an easy going -early night. Unless you're going to see psycho-punkrock icons the Dwarves at the always intimate Lambi. It's almost impossible to describe these guys. I like to describe them through Dwarves related experiences.

RJD2 + Bus Driver @ La Tulipe

By Puffy Coates - 04/16/2007

The average fan’s mentality looks to find reliable sources of good music from artists it thinks it can trust, and builds expectations based on the assumption that the artist has a fixed style. So, seldom is the average fan pleased when a favorite artist decides to drastically change their approach.

ISIS + Jesu @ Le National

By Omar Goodness - Hooked On Sonics - 03/18/2007

Aaaaaaand chalk up another missed opener due to trying to find parking. While circling the surrounding area around Le National for like a good half-hour in an ill-fated attempt to find parking, I ended up missing Zozobra, a new noise-rock band featuring Caleb Scofield of "indefinitely hiatused" Cave-In. Apparently not much of a big loss to me, as I heard Zozobra wasn't much to write home (or you) about, and to be honest, their debut CD didn't leave too big an impression on me either.

THE BOUNCING SOULS + Strike Anywhere + Loved Ones @ Foufounes Électriques

By T-Bone - 04/22/2007

I rolled into the Foufounes around 9PM and after talking to a few friends, I went to check out Static Radio NJ. I think I would have liked them if I gave them a chance; I decided to instead go outside and smoke cigarettes, drink some beers and talk to some friends. I guess the spring weather makes unknown bands, on a full bill, hard to give a chance to.

PEEPING TOM + Pigeon John @ Spectrum

By Idle Matt - Idel Minds - 04/11/2007

In the summer of 1989, while on vacation with my family in the States, I caught the video for Faith No More's "Epic" on MTV (when they actually used to play videos). From that moment on, I was a fan of not only the band, but especially of their talented and versatile -- and possibly slightly insane -- lead singer Mike Patton. I've followed Patton throughout his career and various projects: Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Tomahawk and now his latest project entitled Peeping Tom.


By K-Man- Beyond That Graveyard! III - 04/04/2007

Well, here's one for you Fleetwood Mac fans out there: Lindsey Buckingham replaced original Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green in late '75 with his freak-ass wife Stevie Nicks and forever changed the sound of that band.