Thank you for your support!

Update: Thursday, November 4th, 2021

Our annual Funding Drive has officially come to an end.

This year we raised... drumrolls please!

$8,270, with more funds to come!

Here's a word from Francella, our Station Manager: 

"I'm so thrilled that we were able to not only reach our goal, but hit $8,000 and raise a little bit more money than last year. CJLO has proven time and time again that we can overcome difficult and unexpected circumstances with flair and enthusiasm. I have to thank the volunteers who worked so tirelessly during our Funding Drive and our many supporters who believe in our mandate."

We would like to thank you to all of our listeners and supporters, with your donation we can continue to be your go-to station for arts and culture in the Montreal community. We can continue to bring you new and engaging content through our Sounds of Our Changing World project. We can support our DJs in more ways than one, such as giving them access to the equipment necessary to produce their pre-recorded episodes or to produce live shows.

We'd also like to thank our DJ's for all their hard work this past week and for coming up with unique incentives to encourage listeners to donate. We wouldn't be CJLO with you!