FUNDrive Starts on Friday!

CJLO's annual FUNDrive begins with a BANG! 
Join us this Friday, September 22nd at Casa del Popolo for a stellar hip-hop show, featuring Hua Li, Adhoc and TshizimbaOr if you're predisposed to something a bit heavier, join us at Piranha Bar on Saturday, September 23rd for CJLO's Metal Showcase, featuring Special OpsCRNKSHFT and more!
Also, this week on a special Funding Drive edition of Grade A Explosives (4 - 6PM Sunday), Andrew will be "community radioing" at a peak level showcasing local Montreal and Quebec content. As such, he'll be talking to Montreal based The Great Russian Empire about being a two piece, their latest album, Low Ends, Montreal's scene, and how they rigged the US election... allegedly.
Tune in from 4 - 6PM.
For more information on our Raffle with over $10,000 in prizes, our many events between September 22nd and 30th, and how to get your hands on our new merch, visit our Funding Drive website located HERE