Episode 02091519

Air Date: 
September 2 2015 - 7:00 PM
News & Community Calendar
SuperheaterAutomatic Transmission
Talk Spot: Saturn & Steph welcomes you!
Dead MeadowSleepy Silver Door
Hag FaceWorst Nighmare
Talk Spot: Uncle Acid chitter chatter
Uncle Acid & the DeadbeatsMurder Nights
Talk Spot: Bananas! Puppets on Mont-Royal
KataklysmSoul Destroyer
MoonlyghtUniversal Pain
Talk Spot: BVST-i Meat
EarthlessViolence of the Red Sea
News & Community Calendar
METZSpit You Out
Talk Spot: Late summer afternoon music
TelevisionSee No Evil
Small TeethMurder House
UltrathinSick of Living
A Place the Bury StrangersDon't Look Back (Dead Moon cover)
Dead MoonDead Moon Night
The Adam BrownCan't Sleep
Nancy PantsHalley's Comet
Talk Spot: Playin' KISS to make up for the pop
KISSPlaster Caster
Talk Spot: Talkin' about male genitalia on da AM
Mad ParishTo Build a Fire

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