Episode 05051420

Air Date: 
May 5 2014 - 8:00 PM

This episode is no longer available for online streaming because it has expired from our archive.

Talk Spot
WarsenalHit 'N' Run
Tunguska MammothThe March of the Titan
Wacken Battle - Death Toll RisingScorched Earth Policy
Talk Spot
HypocrisyOsculum Obscenum
Lord GoreLiquid Lunch
Cannibal CorpseCovered With Sores
Talk Spot
Hail of BulletsOrdered Eastward
Trap ThemSlumcult & Gather
Nuclear DeathCathedral of Sleep
Talk Spot
Begrime Exemiousperverted Decadence Churning
GoatlordBlood Monk
Talk Spot
PossessedDeath Metal

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