Episode 08041612

Air Date: 
April 8 2016 - 12:00 PM

This episode is no longer available for online streaming because it has expired from our archive.

Talk Spot: Charts Opening
Violent FemmesBlister In The Sun
Guerilla TossColor Picture
TacocatDana Katherine Scully
Damien JuradoPrisms
The Besnard LakesGolden Lion
Emmy The GreatLess Than Three
La SeraNineties
Thao & The Get Down Stay DownMillionaire
Ra Ra RiotEverytime I'm Ready To Hug
Mirror TravelAasim
Eric BachmannModern Drugs
Explosions In The SkyTangle Formations
Le MatosHighway 64
TEENFree Time
News & Community Calendar
The Dirty NilNo Weaknesses
WintersleepFreak Out
Fullee LoveSurfboard Cali
Junior BoysNo One's Business
KaskadeC-3PO's Plight
Kooley HighMiddle East Coastin
Nap EyesDon't Be Right
Bob MouldHold On
Moka OnlyEmcee Mode
CauldronSanta Mira
VoivodSilver Machine
Anderson PaakCome Down
StrikerPhoenix Lights
Essaie PasDemain Est Une Autre Nuit
Black MountainFlorian Saucer Attack
3 Inches ofBloodCall of the Hammer (live @ CJLO)

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