Episode 08041818

Air Date: 
April 8 2018 - 6:00 PM
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Burned in the Oven - Volume 2Striker - Crossroads (Live @ CJLO)
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Burned in the Oven - Volume 2 Gutser - Encyclopedia Selfdestructica (Live @ CJLO)
Burned in the Oven - Volume 2Double Experience - Gambit (Live @ CJLO)
Burned in the Oven - Volume 2Waingro - Raleigh (Live @ CJLO)
Tunguska MammothYellow Sign
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GreberGrave Plot
Rites of Thy DegringoladeThe Blade Philosophical
North HammerAvatar
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3 Inches of BloodDark Messenger
Omega CromParliament of Stone
NordheimOld Crazy Man
MerkabahDeadly Prophets of the Printed Page
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Devin TownsendSeventh Wave

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